Monday, December 31, 2007

my wish list for 2008

We'll folks 2008 is about to begin. In honor of the new racing season getting ready to begin here is what i wish would happen in 2008.

I wish... that the promoters would change the schedule of the racing season. starting at the end of February and racing until the end of October does not make sense. Why can't we start the racing season at the end of march, and run all the way until thanksgiving. You could take all those cold and windy day races at the beginning of the season and have them at the end of October and November. The days are a lot nicer in the late fall then they are in the winter.

I wish... we have another season with racing parody. there was nothing better than seeing bob Bennett, or Sean Micheal in victory lane this past season. It's a lot more fun seeing all the different teams in victory lane through out the season, instead of the big 3 there every week.

I wish.... for a season with great racing surfaces. Last year was a very bad year all around for the track's. Nothing is worse than seeing rubber down on the track right after hot laps. Hopefully with the tracks going back to the old tires, we will see better racing surfaces through out central pa this coming season.

I wish.... for standing room only crowds when USAC makes their way through central pa in June.Maybe some of the other local tracks (Lincoln and Trail Ways) will see this being a very good money maker and decide that the 2 best tracks in the area should have USAC to showcase these wingless beast.

I wish... for a successful and controversy free year at Susquehanna speedway. Todd Fisher has finally found a card that works for the track. Let's hope for a year where the only news that we read (or hear about) is who wins at the track on Saturday nights.

I wish... for another close race for the points championship at Trail Way speedway for the 358's. There was nothing more exciting than going into the last race of the year and seeing what was going to happen between Danny Dietrich and Jeff Rourbaugh.

I wish... for a top ride for Kevin Nouse. how can it be that Kevin wins 5 races in 2007 and can't get a ride for 2008. what's up wit that?

I wish....for a safe year for all the drivers in central pa. The one thing i will never forget is receiving the phone call telling me that Billy Kimmel had died at Williams Grove. It's not some thing that i ever have happen again. Let's all pray for a a safe racing season.

I wish... for an answer of the 2 time defending WOO champion Donny Schatz. No other driver dominates the grove like Donny. let's hope that in 2008 our locals have an answer for the 15 car.

I wish... for 2 or 3 first time winners this coming season. What was better than seeing Jeff Busby or Bob Bennett winning their first race of their carriers ? Let's hope for a few more feel good stories like that this coming season.

I wish.... for more chances to watch "The Edge" at the grove this season.

I wish... for more chance to hang with the greatest race fans in the country this coming season. Nothing is better than sitting (or standing) at the track on a Friday or Saturday night, drinking a few cold ones with your friends. As the saying goes... beers,friends,and 410's.

I wish... for continued points handicapping. It's not broke, so don't fix it.

I wish.... for the dream race extreme to have another great crowd and another great finish.

I wish... for continued growth for the ARDC midgets.

I wish... an even bigger crowed at the Williams Grove National Open Chili Cook Off. $10,000 is hard to top, but with the fans we have here in central pa, i know we can top it this coming season.

I wish... for a big paying event for the most exciting class at Lincoln speedway, the 358's. There is no other class that runs like the 358's do. Starting 12th in your heat and having to finish in the top 2 to make the invert. Let's see the 410 drivers try that for a season with out crying.

and last but not least.....

I wish... for all of you to have a safe and wonderful 2008. see you all at the track in February.

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