Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 season in review part 1.

Well just got the new Thunder in the PA Mountains DVD from Lynn Shaffer and once again he has out done himself. Being someone who has bought every one of his season in review tapes/DVDs since 1986 it has always been something I look forward to watching once Christmas comes. I have since transferred all the older tapes to DVD and since I just got the new one figured I would keep track of my thoughts and let you guys know what I am thinking while watching the year that was. Here is is the first half thoughts of 2013.

-Are we the only area in the country that races in the snow? If we are are we just that die hard, or are we just that retarded?
-First 2 races of the season at Lincoln Speedway and we have 4 bad flips. Early rust or just driver stupidity?
-Only in Pennsylvania can we go to a race 1 week in the snow and the next week be standing around in T Shirts.
-How is it Cole Duncan invades our area and pulls of the win at Lincoln and nobody remembers it at the end of the season?
-Fred Rahmer wins a feature event 24 yrs in a row at Williams Grove Speedway. One of many records Fred owns that will never be beat.
-Mark Coldren's flip at Port Royal opening night....#WOW
-Why are opening day/night races always a wreck fest?
-Holy glass surface Port Royal.
-Why have the 358's not been running the top at Lincoln Speedway like the old days? Was it the tires? -Was it lack of track prep? Combination of both? How bout lack of balls by the drivers? Hmm
-Miss seeing Doug Eash run at Lincoln Speedway.
-Robbie Kendell will win a 410 race in 2014. #firstprediction
-How has Pat Cannon been so much faster then everyone else in a 358>
-Holy Blocking "Bad" Chad
-If Logan Wagner starts on the pole (and good chances are he will since everyone does) he WILL win a race in a 410 in 2014 #secondprediction
-Austin "Thin Man" Hogue. #Loveit
-Some people whether driver/car owner/ or track should not let some people race sprint cars.
-Holy Dry Slick Williams Grove
-If the 360's always race like the do when I see them in person or on this tape, I will skip every race they are at in 2014. #wreckfest
-Holy Dust storm Big Diamond
-Anyone remember why Doug Esh got the nickname "The Hammer"?
-Brian Montieth will win double digit feature events at Lincoln Speedway in 2014. #3rdprediction
Was there any bigger upset then Jason Shultz beating Pat Cannon for Championship at Selinsgrove Speedway?
-Wish the 358's could race at Williams Grove #choochoo
-Glad to see Scott Geasy winning races in the Sportsman division #gooddude
-1 hr into the DVD and I'm still waiting to see anything other then the front row wins and wrecks at Port Royal.
-Wow just saw a hell of a feature from Port....Oh Wait....that was from the midget feature
-Going to miss seeing the Trone 39 at our local tracks in 2014.
-Still think it was a racing deal between JB & Jeff at Lincoln Speedway.
-Eric Tomecek always runs better and wins races AFTER he cuts his afro. Coincidence? #dontthinkso
-Roaring Nob looks like a neat track to see a race at.
-Still dont see how YOU drive over a guys front end going into turn 1 and then blame the other driver. Oh wait Some drivers do no wrong in their or their fans eyes. #thatswhatIhear
-Chase Dietz is going to be a good one as he gets older
-Only way to beat Cannon? #Blowup
-Bruce Ellis sucks
-Holy Dust storm Trail Way
-Hi Grandma Kendell
-Another 360 race and more flips
-Love me some cute red heads. Thanks Lynn.
-Was there any 2 drivers this past year that raced more 1/2 for the win the Jeff Rohrbaugh and Brad McClelland? #doubtit
-Holy Tin Fence Port Royal!!!!
-"The Dude" Should not have gotten the ride in the Zemco car in 2013.
-And for the record Danny...YOUR NOT POSSE!!!!
-The Danny Dietrich/Jimmy Seigel race at Lincoln Speedway was the most exciting WINGED race of the 1st half of 2013.
-How many people remember that neither of them won that race?
-Still waiting for that free Sweatshirt I was offered that night after the race when a certain race team saw me wearing my Danny Dietrich sweatshirt?
-Has anyone ever had a worse VL Interview then Chandler Leiby?
-Going to miss seeing Brent Marks running here locally every week in 2014.
-2 wins = 2 YCRC Plates. #YouGoGirl
-How has "The Godfather" NOT won a race in almost 3 year?
-Another 360 race and another 6 flips.
-WOW USAC at Grandview kicks ass.
-WOW USAC at Susquehanna Speedway kicked even more ASS and was the most exciting sprint car race of the 1st half of 2013.
-I'm sorry but sprint cars should not be racing at Bridgeport Speedway. Track is way to fast. #NotTheOnlyOneWhoThinksThat
-Still waiting to see that Awesome race at Port. #JustSayin
-Holy Demolition Derby 305's
-Kevin Nouse telling Williams Grove Speedway to #SaveTheCushion

Well there we go folks my thoughts of the first half of the 2013 racing season. Will be watching the 2nd part of Thunder In the PA Mountains shortly and I will post all of my thoughts on the second half of the racing season.

As always feel free to post your comments here on the site (Dont be a puss and sign your real name to your comment) Tweet we @BillMcIntyreIII or email me your thoughts at Would love to hear from you to hear your thoughts on the 2013 racing season. Till then have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Folks.