Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2013 season review pt 2

Well folks finally got to watch the 2nd half of the 2013 Thunder in the PA Mountains DVD. What a season we had here in Central PA. I know I can be a cynic when it comes to racing here in the area, but I am glad that I live right here and get to see some of the best sprint car drivers , as well as the best weekly sprint car action in the country. I could not imagine what my life would be like if I had to move to another part of the country and not get my weekly dose of racing action. Whether its short track action at Trail Way or Lincoln Speedways, or the big half mile action at Williams Grove, Port Royal, or Selinsgrove Speedway's. We truly are the luckiest race fans in the world to have that many tracks racing sprint cars within a 2 hr driver from my house.

Now that that is out of the way, lets get to reviewing the 2nd half of the racing season. Here are my thoughts as I was watching the 2nd part of the Thunder in the PA Mountains.

-Really wish I could make it to Big Diamond one time to catch a sprint car show.
-Hagerstown Speedway should get dropped from the Speedweek schedule if they cant give the race teams a surface to actually race on. Maybe the new blood running the track in 2014 will be able to do that this year.
-Holy pass for the lead during Speedweek at Lincoln.
-Why is it when the "Big" stars of sprint car racing come to our area they are just mid pack fillers but can win anywhere else in the country? I'm looking at you Brady Bacon and Kyle Larson.
-Think Doug Esh missing the 30 car?
-Randy Whisler gets the prettiest car award at Trail Way in 2013.
-As bad as the 360/URC races can be the 305's at Lincoln are just as bad.
-358's at Lincoln Speedway are the reason I love that division. Go look for the July 6th highlights if you need an idea on what I'm talking about.
-3 car race for the lead between 3 of our future stars running 3 grooves in an action packed race.
-Is there any driver in our area nicer the Chad Criswell?
-Shame he is from West Virginia though.....#justkiddingChad #Maybenot
-Glad Ryan Slothower will be back after his flip .
 -Wish Trail Way would host a wingless Micro race in 2014
-If Steve Owings ever gets comfortable in a 410 everybody better watch out. That man can run the cushion just as good as Montieth and will give him a run for his money. 
-Holy I Stepped on my Wee Wee Mike Bittinger
-Dougie Hammaker will win a race in 2014. #prediction1
-Did anyone in Central PA pass more cars while winning races then Donny Shatz?
-Holy 3 wide race for the lead at a WOO race.
-Wow can Sammy block Lance any worse?
Think I heard Lance just say in his car "Get the fuck out of my way you old fart" #maybenot
-Was there a better story in 2013 in the 358 division then Brock Zearfoss breaking his leg opening night at Selinsgrove only to win 2 races?
-Is there a "BIGGER" crew then the combined waistline of the 6r team? #slimfast
-Alan Krimes must have watched a lot of Donnie Krietz videos as a child.
-Is there a better track to see a 410 race then Grandview Speedway? #Ifyoucanseeit
-Mcfaddon should have punted Heimbach
-Is there a worse announcer then the guy who calls the action for the 410's at Grandview and Susky?
-Well Bruce is still at the grove. #closecall
-Hope Brian Leppo gets a full time ride for 2014.
-Arron Ott needs to change the color of his sprinter, Red has been nothing but bad luck.
-Why do former 358 drivers do so well in the Super Sportsman division?
-Going to miss the Pink Panther
-A quote coming from Ryan Wilson while racing at Trail Way "When do we plant the corn"
-Wonder if Doug Esh will be able to put the 8h in victory lane in 2014?
-Kevin Nouse not only won a race at "Stinkin" Lincoln, but did it running the top. #imaginethat
-Wonder if Stacy Cannon slapped Pat for the mis step in Victory Lane? #Itsyourwife
-I'm going to miss the 1s and 1a next year as they go on the Woo tour.
-Holy air time Matt Bolland
-Lucas Wolf sighting
-Steve Wilber is my hero
-Why do people say "Ya Know" No dummy if I knew I wouldn't have asked ya the question.
-Holy fireball Shane Hoff
-I'm going to miss watching Fred Rahmer race. #neverthoughtiwouldsaythat
-Wow Joey Hershey got lucky
-Nice shot at Port Wayne
-Was there a bigger mess then the last lap of the Kimmel Memorial?
-Has any track EVER done the right thing like the Grove did that night?
-Could have sworn Trail Way is a demolition derby every week. #Nonstopfeature
-Going to miss Cris Eash and the 17e at the track.
-Holy air time Pat Cannon.
-Why is the racing better at Selinsgrove then at Port Royal?
-10 heat races? REALLY? #overkill #moneysworth
-Damn I just got hungry #Portfairfood
-Would the Tuscarora 50 been considered a good race if not for Montieth flying through the field? #1carshow
-Looks like the support divisions is where its at at Port Royal every week. #justsayin
-Why cant sprint cars run 100 laps like the Super Sporstman do?
-Why cant the 358 division get a manufacturers night like the 410's do? #costthesametorace
-I got a shout out from Wayne on the dvd. #BigBill
-How can a 40 lap race start so damn exciting and end up being such a snoozer? #Montieth
-Think its fitting a future star like Logan Schuchart won Fred's Last Call race.
-Tyler Ross is going to be a good one.
-Was anyone faster then Steve Buckwalter the last month of the season at Williams Grove?
-Is there a better announcer the Johnny Gibson in the USA? I could listen to him read the phone book and I'm pretty sure he could make it exciting.
-What a race the Night before the Natty Open. Holy Cow
-Why does Adam Wilt ALWAYS get wrecked at the National Open? #badluck


Congratulations to "Fast" Freddy Rahmer on capping of an incredible career by finally winning the National Open. What a way to cap off your career. Enjoy your retirement from driving.

Well folks thats it, my 2013 season in review. As always please let me know what you think. You can leave your thoughts here in the comment section, email them to me at or even hit me up on twitter @BillMcIntyreIII. Love hearing your thoughts on the local racing scene.

With that I wish you all a Happy New Year and just remember folks opening day is only 52 days a way.