Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Chase Dietz to run Roger McKeehan R&R 4r in 2015

                             Chase Dietz in his family owned 2d at Lincoln Speedway in 2014.
Roger McKeehan of R & R Motorsports has hired Chase Dietz, 2014 Lincoln Speedway 358 Sprint Car Champion, to pilot the #4R  in 2015.
R & R Motorsports has been a partner with Chase Dietz Racing since 2013, which was Chase’s rookie season. Chase is excited about this partnership and the opportunity to bring his championship crew along with him. 2014 was an amazing year for both R & R Motorsports and Chase Dietz Racing and we know that 2015 will see continued success and the partnership is destined to do very great things.
               The car Chase will be driving in 2015. Pictured is 2014 driver Kevin Nouse 

The team will release their full racing schedule as well as their sponsors in early 2015. But, the early onlook shows that the team will race at Williams Grove, Lincoln and Susquehanna Speedway. Stay tuned for all the news and follow the race team’s action on facebook and twitter as well!

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