Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Introducing the 2014 Readers Choice Awards.

Hello and welcome to the newly updated Central PA Racing Scene. New and exciting things are going to start popping up here on the site as we end the 2014 racing season and move on to 2015. With only 3 local races left for this year I thought now would be a good time to start looking back and not only giving my opinions on the racing season that was, but also let you the fans of Central PA Sprint Car Racing share your thoughts and opinions on different subjects. I'm hoping to make this a yearly event on the site and maybe if I can find a willing person or business to help out give awards to the winners of the awards. Hopefully in 2015 I can make that a reality.

As for 2014 here are the different categories I want you the fans to vote on and tell me what you thought where....

The 2014 Central PA 410 Sprint Car Rookie of the Year.
The 2014 Central PA 358 Sprint Car Rookie of the Year.
The 2014 Central PA 410  Driver of the Year.
The 2014 Central PA 358 Driver of the Year.
The 2014 Central PA 360 Driver of the Year.
The Best racing facility in Central PA.
The Best racing Event in Central PA for 2014.

There you go folks the categories for the 2014 Central PA Racing Scene Readers Choice Awards. I wll be posting 1 poll every day the site and will let you, the Fans, choose who you think was the best of this racing season. I will post each poll in the morning and will let them open for 24 hrs, so make sure you come back each and every day to see which poll is posted and vote for who you think deserves to be recognized.

I will be posting the 1st poll tomorrow so make sure you check back and vote.

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