Monday, March 30, 2015

Introducing a new way of looking at sprint car points.

Hello and welcome to the new Central PA Racing Scene yeah I know it looks just like to old one) but it now has 1 major difference, and that's the web address. Starting from here on out Central PA Racing Scene actually has it's own actual web name. Instead of that horrible name boogermac.blogspot.whatever the hell it was, I have now created Easier for everyone to keep track of and hopefully gives the site a little bit more legitimacy.

First things first I want to say Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my article last week An Interesting Conversation. Lots of great feedback from the fans, as well as from other drivers, car owners, and crew members on the thoughts of 1 driver after the opener at Lincoln Speedway. It was also one of the most read articles I have posted since starting this site back in 2009, and re-launching it in late 2013.

 I also hope you all enjoyed the trip back in time with some of the old pictures I posted Saturday. I spent two weeks going through old programs and scanning some great pictures from the old days, to post on here. I tried to keep the captions on each picture, as well as the names of who took the pictures so the photographers could be recognized for their hard work. I hope to post a few each week just to give an idea what we as fans might have forgotten all those years ago. I really hope you all enjoy them. Make sure you leave comments if you have any stories to share about drivers you see in them.

Now onto this weeks topic....

The Central PA Racing area has a shit ton of sprint car drivers, whether it's in the 410, 360, or 358 division. The 410's have the SPEEDWAY MOTORS/CHAMPION RACING OIL CENTRAL PA SPRINT CARS Presented by HOSEHEADS series, the 358's have the Central PA 358 Point Series presented by Capitol Renegade, and with Selinsgrove running 360's along with special shows, that gives us a lot of drivers to keep track of. I look at each point series every week (yeah I know I run 1 of them so I have to right?). The 410 division keeps points for every single race they run in our area, and pays big money to the drivers who run most if not all the races. The 358 series started out as a carbon copy of the 410 series but changed last season to a more "fair" system where the race teams that only race 1 time a weekend where not penalized for not racing 50 times a season. That got me thinking How fair is the 410 series? Yeah I know Greg Hodnett was the most dominate driver in Central PA last season, as he killed everyone in the 410 series points. But is that because he was that much better then everyone else, or was it because he just raced more races then everyone else? I tend to think it's because he ran more races. I wanted to know what kind of a season long points chase  we could have if we had the same rules as the 358 series. To make it more interesting I also didn't want to have a separate series for each division. That's to much to follow even for a fan like myself.

So I'm here to introduce the Central PA Racing Scene Sprint Car Standings.(Yeah I know just what we need another point series to keep track of.). Well don't worry my fellow race fans, this one is not only different, its also not real or official in any way. It's just something for me to keep track of and just see who is the best drivers at each race track, in all 3 divisions, and see how each of them stack up. Now I know the 410 drivers will have the advantage since they race 2 or 3 times every weekend, where the 358's and 360's don't. That where this will be different!!! I am going to follow the model I started last season with the 358 point series, and each driver will only get their best finish of the weekend. The points will be scored just like the 410 and 358 series. You can check out the point breakdown at I will only be keeping points for our Central PA weekly race tracks, Williams Grove, Trail Way, Port Royal, Selinsgrove, Lincoln, and Susquehanna Speedway's. I wont be counting Speedweek races except for their normal weekly race. Helps keep every driver involved in this. 

To explain this a little more, if say Brian Montieth wins Friday night at Williams Grove, and finishes 5th at Lincoln, Brian will get 50 points. I sweetened the pot a little and gave the heat winners 5 points for each heat win, so a driver could score a maximum of 60 points every weekend, 65 on the weekends the race at Susky. I want to see guys at Port who only run at Port, or some of the guys at Lincoln get some recognition for how well they do all season. I added the 358's and 360's just to make it a little bit more fun, and a whole lot more challenging for myself.

After the first 3 races here is how the points look in the UNOFFICIAL Central PA Racing Scene Sprint Car Standings....

 1. Greg Hodnett - 85 Pts. (1 win)
2. Danny Dietrich - 67 Pts.
3. Brian Montieth - 66 Pts. (1 win)
4. Brent Marks - 50 Pts.
5. Gerard McIntyre - 44 Pts.
6. Kyle Moody - 35 Pts.
7. Robbie Kendall - 35 Pts.
8. Steve Buckwalter - 35 Pts.
9. Austin Hogue - 30 Pts.
10.Mark Smith - 25 Pts.
11.Alan Krimes - 23 Pts.
12.Cory Haas - 20 Pts.
13.Lance Dewease - 18 Pts.
14.Freddie Rahmer - 18 Pts.
15.Lucas Wolf - 17 Pts.
16.Jim Siegel - 16 Pts.
17.Cory Haas - 15 Pts.
18.Niki Young - 14 Pts.
19.Cole Duncan - 10 Pts.
20.Mike Bittinger - 5 Pts.
21.Chris Knopp - 5 Pts.
22.Bill Dietrich - 5 Pts.

I will be keeping track of each race weekend and hope to post updates every so often since this is not real, and I dont have to keep everyone updated as soon as the races are completed. This is all for fun, and just a way to spur conversation between different divisions and race fans. Lets just see at the end of 2015 who really was the best SPRINT CAR DRIVER in Central PA.

Let me know what you all think, good or bad. You can hit me up on twitter @BillMcIntyreIII or send me an email at You can also leave a message here in the comment section but leave your real name, dont hide because I sure don't. Stand behind how you feel. Thanks for reading and I will see you all next week at the races, if it doesn't snow.

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