Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Central PA Racing Scene Power Rankings 4/28/15

Welcome folks to the first unofficial Power Rankings here on Central PA Racing Scene. I have attempted to put together a ranking of the top 10 410, 358 AND combined sprint car drivers in our area. Using nothing but stats as my guide I have listed who I feel are the top drivers.

410 Power Rankings....

1.Greg Hodnett -Kind of an easy choice for the top stop. Greg has the most wins in the area with 3 but also has 5 top 5s to match those 3 wins.
2.Danny Dietrich - 2 wins at 2 different tracks puts DD in 2nd place in the rankings.
3.Brian Montieth - 2 wins for "The Edge" and has the same identical stats as DD but both os his wins came in back to back weeks at Lincoln. Has been a little inconsistent so far in 2015.
4.Brent Marks - 7 top 5's is the most of any driver without a win. Almost had 1 at Williams Grove 2 weeks ago. Also has the most heat wins of any driver in 2015.
5.Aaron Ott - 1 win at Port Royal to go along with 4 top 5's and 3 top 10's
6.Lucas Wolf - 1 win at Port Royal Speedway. Only thing keeping him out of the 4th spot is 1 less top 10 the Ott.
7.Lance Dewease - 1 win at Lincoln Speedway, a tad bit inconsistent as he only has 1 top 5 but 5 top 10's.
8.Cory Haas - 3 top 5's and 6 top 10's for Cory. With stats like that a win is not far behind.
9.Alan Krimes - 4 top 5's and 2 top 10's
10.Austin Hogue - 4 top 5's and 1 top 10 for the 2014 National Sprint Car Rookie of the Year

358 Power Rankings....

 1.Isaac Sneeringer - 2 wins and 2 top 5's for the point leader at Trail Way Speedway.
2.Doug Hammaker - 1 win , 3 top 5's and 1 top 10 for the Central PA 358 Point Series Leader
3.Adrian Shaffer - 2 wins at 2 different tracks, both with last lap passes to win them.
4.Brad McClelland - 1 win at Susquehanna Speedway to go along with 3 top 10 finishes.
5.Cody Fletcher - 3 top 5's and 2 top 10's. Sitting a surprising 4th in the Central PA 358 Point Series.
6.Chandler Leiby - 2 top 5's and 2 top 10's for the youngster. Sits in 7th place in the 358 Series standings.
7.Todd Rittenhouse jr. - Winner opening night at Lincoln Speedway. 1 top 5 and 1 top 10 so far.
8.JB Cunningham - 1 win and a 2nd place finish at Trail Way Speedway in 2 starts.
9.Kevin Nouse - 3 top 5's in 3 starts for the 2013,2014 Williams Grove Speedway Champion.
10.Jeff Rohrbaugh - 2 top 5's and 1 top 10 for the former champion.

Combined Sprint Car Power Rankings....

1.Greg Hodnett
2.Danny Dietrich
3.Brian Montieth
4.Isaac Sneeringer
5.Mark Smith - Best 360 Driver but also has scored 2 top 5's and 2 top 10's in 410 action.
6.Brent Marks
7.Doug Hammaker
8.Adrian Shaffer
9.Aaron Ott
10.Lucas Wolf

There you are folks the 1st Central PA Racing Scene Power Rankings. I hope to update these every week and have them posted here on Tuesday Mornings. Let me know what you all think. Did I get them right? Am I way off with my thinking? Hit me up on Twitter  and share your feelings. Tomorrow I will be posting the Central PA Racing Scene Sprint Car Point Standings that I have been keeping track of, so check back and let me know what you all think. Till tomorrow have a great Tuesday.

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