Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Just my opinion....On Tyler Walker

The Tyler Walker fiasco has finally come to a close. For those that don't know the story Tyler was arrested for leading the police on a high speed car chase through 3 states at speeds that reached 150 MPH. This past Monday Walker was sentenced to up to five years in the Utah State Prison on two third-degree felony counts, two terms of 180 days on two Class B misdemeanor counts and 90 days for a third-degree felony and Class C misdemeanor.

Ludlow then suspended all but 90 days of Walker’s term.

Ludlow also fined Walker $5,000 for the two third-degree felonies, a $1,000 fine for both Class B misdemeanors and $750 for the Class C misdemeanor.

The judge then suspended all but $1,665 that Walker must pay.
Once he’s released from prison, Walker – whose legal name is Timothy Tyler Andrew Walker – must serve 36 months of supervised probation, according to The Spectrum’s report. He’ll also have to undergo substance abuse testing while on probation.

3 months is all Tyler will receive after everything is said and done.  Now I'm not going to sit here and lambaste Tyler any more then what has already happened. Most people who know me knows my feelings on the subject. I want to take a few minutes and look at this from a different point of view.

I was reading fans comments on Face Book yesterday and some of Tyler's fans hope he gets another chance to come to Central PA and race again. My question for all of you is....Would this really be a good thing for Tyler? Tyler started racing sprint cars when he turned 16. I remember being all excited about this hot young kid coming to Williams Grove Speedway with the Outlaws and couldn't wait to see how much  was hype and how much was real when it came to his talent. Well let me tell ya, this kid had talent in spades. He would go on to win races everywhere before heading off to NASCAR. While in stock car land he got popped for drugs. Hey it happens, people of all walks of life make bad choices. He was kicked out of NASCAR and returned to sprint cars. He showed his brilliance on dirt by picking right back up where he was in Victory Lane. He was invited to drive for a few different car owners in Central PA, notably Mike Heffner and Jess Keen. Tyler won his share of races and looked great while doing it, but the rumors of his drug use coming back into his life would never be to far away from him.

I interviewed Tyler on Central PA Live on and Tyler was very open and was one of the most fun interviews I had done up to that point. Hell it would still be in my top 5 all time interviews. I had asked him before the show if we could talk about his past drug use and Tyler told me that he didn't think it needed to be talked about because he was clean and sober and the past is in the past. I was cool with that, and never once thought about bringing it up again. Had the opportunity to introduce him to my 2 children a few weeks later in the pits after a race at Williams Grove and he was so great with my children. The picture of them still sits in my sons bedroom. But then the wheels started to fall off . After winning the Kings Royal  in the Keen 17, Tyler was sent home at the Knoxville Nationals for a reported case of Vertigo stemming from inner ear issues. The following year Walker would come back to Central PA the 35 car only to have a run in with Grove officials, which thanks to Jason and the guys at was taped and put on you tube for all to see. The video went viral and everyone saw it.He would miss the next nights race but win win that Saturday night at Port Royal which I believe was his last win.

Now this brings us back to the hear and now. Tyler has had numerous chances to show he was clean and sober and he has blown those chances. I understand addiction trust me. I have watched friends throw their lives away with drugs, and its not an easy thing to overcome. Lucky for Tyler he is still alive, because I have lost friends who where addicted to drugs. Now its never been proven but what are the chances that Tyler was racing sprint cars under the influence? People have speculated since he came to PA that they have seen him doing some very strange things while in the pits. If he was that's very scary. Thank god he was never hurt in an accident or even worse hurt someone else, and have it found out he was under the influence of something at the time. He has been given numerous chances and I think at this point they should STOP!!!! But not for the reason you all are thinking right now.

I think car owners need to take a step back and let Tyler get his life in order and let Tyler prove he can stay clean and sober. He is a California surfer kid from LA baby. Not the most normal lifestyle for people in Central PA or in the mid west. He is used to living in the fast lane of LA and life is just a little slower around here. Let Tyler go back and get himself cleaned up and learn how to live sober, show everyone he can stay out of trouble, and learn how to be Tyler Walker, Not Tyler Walker the superstar race car driver. You get so pumped driving a race car that some people just need to continue to have that feeling of adrenaline even after the races are over. Why put him in that situation if he is trying to get and stay clean? The guy is still young as far as race car driving is concerned. Tyler will be 36 this year, so he has plenty of racing left in him once he gets his life straightened  out, IF he can get his life pointed in the right direction. Car owners should stop letting him live like this, and facilitating this lifestyle to a degree, and take a wait and see approach to how well he comes out of all of this in a few years. A clean and sober Tyler Walker will be fun to watch and lets be honest America LOVES a comeback story. This would be one for the ages if Tyler can get himself clean and make it back to sprint car racing as a winner and champion. I know I for one am praying it happens and would love to be sitting in the stands the night a clean and sober Tyler Walker comes full circle from young prodigy, to drug addict and criminal, to a sober winner and champion. Good luck Tyler all of us fans here in Central PA and sprint car racing are praying and pulling for you.


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