Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Thank You To All!

There is always a reason to say Thank You to someone and today I am reaching out to all the fans, guests, my friends and family, sponsors, and everyone who has helped in any way, shape or form that
continue to make Slingin Dirt a hit over the airwaves!

Earlier we found out that last Thursday's show made a huge impact in the network we are under as well as over an entire platform. Our fan presence and support has shown greatly throughout the last month and we can safely say that we know we are bringing a show that is being recognized. We are not on a nationally known network and sometimes that will hinder progression but I have always been a firm believer that hard work, dedication and resilience will pay off in the long run.

I have been doing this for some time now and I never expected to be going like we are today and I have partnered up with some amazing people who believe in me which make the process easier and helps keep the dreams alive. I love bringing the spotlight to the sprint car series and sometimes our shows only feature 358 and 305 sprint car drivers and those shows thrive and goes to show that there is more than just 410 racing in Central Pa!

Here is a quote from Bill McIntyre :
"I want to  say THANK YOU to everyone who tuned in Thursday night to catch my interview's with Bob Miller and 410 driver Tim Wagaman. Because of you we set a new record for the most listened to show of all time not only on Slingin Dirt but for all time on Blog Talk Radio. The people at Slicks and Sticks have some pretty cool things coming for all the fans, so keep an eye out for some major announcements coming in the very near future. 1 thing I can let you all in on is, Slicks and Sticks will be using Periscope to bring you even more racing action. I will be jumping on the app about 15 min or so after the checkered flag drops to give you a live update on how the nights racing action was from my perspective. I will be jumping on after the sprint features from Trail Way, Williams Grove, Lincoln or any other speedway I get to the rest of 2015 to engage with the fans and give them just a little bit more of my feelings and thoughts on the local racing action. We are going to try and work with race tracks in our area to bring you some behind the scenes action, and just maybe some live racing (for a lap or 2 only) and possibly  some victory lane celebrations from all the local race tracks. It will be just another way Slicks and Sticks along with Central PA Racing Scene will lead the charge in local racing coverage for you the fans here in Central PA."

THANK YOU to all the fans whom have made the last month and a half the best ever for Slicks and Sticks, Slingin Dirt! I am so grateful and blessed to know that you all enjoy the shows and continue to support us! There is much more coming and I love doing this and being a part of the Central Pa 358 Points Series and working with all these drivers!

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