Saturday, June 06, 2015

Kreitz And Michael Score Exciting Williams Grove Sprint Wins

Buckwalter leads both mains, comes up with second and third


Mechanicsburg – Don Kreitz Jr. scored the 61st sprint car win of his Williams Grove Speedway career on Friday night and the 200th overall of his life by taking an exciting victory over Steve Buckwalter after allowing Buckwalter to take the lead away mid-race.

In the companion 25-lap URC Sprint main an amazing battle at the front between four cars as the race finished thrilled the fans with Curt Michael coming out on top for his second club win of the season.

Kreitz started on the pole of the 410 sprint feature with Austin Hogue racing second.

Hogue challenged Kreitz briefly early before falling backward as Buckwalter charged into contention.

Kreitz entered the backmarkers on the 10th tour with Buckwalter chasing furiously and as Kreitz struggled with lapped cars, Buckwalter made repeated attempts to snare the top spot.

Buckwalter zipped around the cushion on the 20th lap to drive into control and bring the field back to the stripe just before the races only caution flag unfurled for Hogue, who shredded a tire. 

Kreitz lined up second for the restart with Aaron Ott in third and when action resumed Buckwalter went low to protect the bottom.

But Buckwalter’s attempts at low-slung lines didn’t hold up for long as Kreitz pounded on his rear bumper and retook the lead for the win with three laps to go. 

After reclaiming control, Kreitz streaked away from Buckwalter to take the victory worth over $3,600. 

Lucas Wolfe charged into third during the final circuits with Ott finishing fourth and Lance Dewease finishing fifth.

Sixth through 10th went to Danny Dietrich, Greg Hodnett, Brent Marks, Brian Montieth and Ryan Smith.

Heats for the 28-car field went to Smith, Kreitz and Dewease.  There was no consolation. 

ESS invader Jason Barney took the lead from the pole in the URC Sprint feature, chased by Larry Kelleher and Steve Buckwalter.

Kelleher muscled by Barney for the lead on the eighth lap with Buckwalter following him into second on the 11th tour. 

At the same time, Mark Smith and Curt Michael started making noise inside the top five.

Buckwalter dogged Kelleher until the 17th circuit when he took over the lead. 

Mark Smith pushed his mount into second with six laps to go but just then Michael charged into third using the low line and soon pounced on Smith for second with a pair of laps to go. 

A caution flag shortly after the two-to-go sign slowed the hectic pace and change of positions and placed Michael on Buckwalter’s bumper for a final dash to the checkers.

Just like he had done in the previous main, Buckwalter tried defense when action resumed and he was able to hold off Michael back to the white flag but Michael shot his No. 5G under Buckwalter as the pair set their cars into the first corner.

Michael came out of the fracas with the lead and win while Mark Smith got by Buckwalter to steal second.

It was the Ocean View, Delaware, driver’s third victory in Williams Grove URC competition, worth $2,000.

Buckwalter was relegated to third followed by Aaron Ott and Kelleher. 

Sixth through 10th went to Greg Hodnett, Barney, Tyler Ross, Glenndon Forsythe and Robbie Stillwaggon. 

Heats for the 42-car field went to Ott, Hodnett, Chuck Hebing and Mark Smith.

Josh Weller scored the consolation race. 

June 5, 2015 Feature Finishes:

410 sprints, 25 laps: 1. Don Kreitz Jr., 2. Steve Buckwalter, 3. Lucas Wolfe, 4. Aaron Ott, 5. Lance Dewease, 6. Danny Dietrich, 7. Greg Hodnett, 8. Brent Marks, 9. Brian Montieth, 10. Ryan Smith, 11. Mark Smith, 12. Curt Stroup, 13. Freddie Rahmer, 14. Pat Cannon, 15. Cory Haas, 16. Kyle Reinhardt, 17. Frankie Herr, 18. Daryl Stimeling, 19. Troy Fraker, 20. Austin Hogue, 21. Tim Glatfelter, 22. Glenndon Forsythe, 23. Ryan Wilson, 24. Rodney Westhafer
DNQ: Jim Shuster, Jay Reichard, Jay Galloway, Alan Krimes

URC sprints, 25 laps: 1. Curt Michael, 2. Mark Smith, 3. Steve Buckwalter, 4. Aaron Ott, 5. Larry Kelleher, 6. Greg Hodnett, 7. Jason Barney, 8. Tyler Ross, 9. Glenndon Forsythe, 10. Robbie Stillwaggon, 11. Ryan Kissinger, 12. Chuck Hebing, 13. Tim Wagaman, 14. Cody Lehman, 15. Davie Franek, 16. Eric Tomecek, 17. Josh Weller, 18. Troy Betts, 19. Derek Locke, 20. Mark Bitner, 21. Bryn Gohn, 22. Justin Hoffman, 23. Keith Prutzman, 24. Mallie Shuster, 25. David Swanson
DNQ: Jonathan Swanson, Eric Riggins, Art Leidl, PJ Williams, Chris Arnold, Danny Dietrich, Mike Walter, Scott Lutz, Jason Cherry, JR Berry, Jason Schultz, Adam Lyman, Brad Franks, Leah Starner, Kevin Albert, Jason Clauss, Jimmy Stitzel
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