Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Future is NOW! Time To Pave the Way

The future of social media interaction in the sport of sprint car racing is NOW, not next year or a few years from now but today. I can't stress enough on how much this sport thrives on the fans and the driver/fan interaction. And earlier today on twitter, Bill McIntyre teased as to what exactly is going to happen with our major league plans! What could we be possibly doing?

The Boss and Boss Lady from Central Pa Racing Scene and Slicks and Sticks have become the dynamic duo in sprint car racing media in Central Pa. Yes, we can say that considering all the great things that have been accomplished in only a few short months into the racing season! Now, they are taking the fan experience up a notch!

Ever wonder what the drivers are doing before the races, during the races and so forth? Want some live racing action while you may be stuck at work? Want to get your favorite driver's thoughts on the heats or an on-track incident?

Well, if you said Yes! to any of these questions, we will have all this for you! The time is now to download Periscope and follow Bill McIntyre and Kristina Chambers as they embark on the future of interaction in the sport! Bill and Kristina are going to be using Periscope throughout the race night in different ways and perspectives to give the fans all the live interaction the sport needs!

Here is what Bill and Kristina both had to say about the innovation:

Bill- We are going to show every racing media and race track how to move ahead in 2015 using social media to interact with not only the fans but race teams as well. Were not settling for the status quo, Slicks & Sticks and Central PA Racing Scene are going to lead the charge the rest of the way. So either jump on board or get out of the way because we are coming through and we're not slowing down for anyone or anything

Kristina- The time is now to seize the moment with the social media front in racing. We have utilized social media throughout the season with our radio shows and it's paid off for us big time and I love the fan interaction that is in front of us begging to be heightened. Bill and I talked about this for a good while and decided it was time for us to be a leader and bring this into the sport. We are being innovators and paving the path for future that needs to be utilized.

Thursday's Slingin Dirt show will provide the fans and teams more information on what exactly is going to be happening and we suggest you get on Periscope and Twitter and follow us! Tune in HERE Thursday.

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