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Aug 1, 2015, 23:32

Kody Lehman claims first career Lincoln win in 358 sprints; Joe Ehrisman celebrates 19th birthday with first career Central PA Legends win

ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 8/1/2015 – Danny Dietrich is on fire.

Dietrich came from 12th starting spot to claim his second straight Lincoln Speedway win, third win of the week, and sixth win over the past three weeks in Saturday night’s Pepsi Night 25-lap feature event in the Pigeon Hills. It was Dietrich’s 12th overall win of 2015.

After a spin by polesitter Darren Mollenoyux on the initial start, Glenndon Forsythe assumed the pole and led the first 14 laps, with fifth-starting Robbie Kendall on his tail for 13 of those laps. Meanwhile, Dietrich was charging to the front. He broke the top five by lap seven, advanced to third by lap 11, and made his race winning move around Kendall in turn three and under Forsythe in turn four of lap 15.

“I drove around Robbie and that was close, but I had a full head of steam coming and was hoping he would hear me and see me quick enough.” said Dietrich upon exiting his Sandoe’s Fruit Market/Hickory Run Orchards/Weikert’s Livestock #48 in victory lane, “Just a sequence of events. I got to sit back and watch what they were doing, and I made a last minute move to go to the bottom and I’m glad I did.”

From there, Dietrich checked out on the field, opening up a six-second lead with five laps to go.

Kendall caught Forsythe for the runner-up spot on lap 17, and ran there the rest of the way, finishing 6.31 second behind Dietrich, who won his 28th career Lincoln feature, pulling him into an 11th-place tie with Van May on the all-time Lincoln win list.

“This one of the best tracks we’ve had all year long, so I want to thank Fred Putney for that. This is one of the best tracks we’ve had all year long, The track surface has been getting way better here lately, and it’s allowing you to race. That’s the highest we’ve been up on the fence all year long,” said Dietrich, “These guys behind me did a heck-of-a job. By now everybody’s probably getting sick and tired of it, but we don’t get tired of it. These guys do what they gotta do, they work their butts off, and it’s paying off right now. They got this car rolling.”

Third through fifth were Cory Haas, Tyler Ross, and Alan Krimes. Forsythe settled for sixth, with Jim Siegel, Tim Glatfelter, Kyle Moody, and Gerard McIntyre, Jr. completing the top ten.

Heats for the 27 410’s on hand were won by Glatfelter, Krimes, and Austin Hogue, with Billy Dietrich winning the consolation.

Kody Lehman started on the pole, survived a rash of red flags over the first five laps, and led every lap in scoring his first career Lincoln win in t6he 20-lap 358 sprint car feature. Seventh-stating Adrian Shaffer and ninth-starting Matt Campbell advanced to second and third by lap eight and ran there the rest of the way. Lehman held off the closing Shaffer and Campbell as the three approached lapped traffic in the waning laps, with Lehman’s final margin of victory .66 seconds.

Fourth and fifth were Nike Young (in the 4R car) and Phil Walter.

There were no injuries in the three red flags over the first five laps. Flippers included Jake Eldreth, Chandler Leiby, C.J. Tracy, and Tyler Esh. Esh was actually able to continue after rolling onto his side, and finished 14th.

Heats for the 30 358’s on hand were won by Cole Young, Walter, and Doug Hammaker, with Bill Stine winning the consolation.

Newport’s Joe Ehrisman celebrated his 19th birthday by claiming his first career Central PA Legends feature win. Ehrisman came from 12th starting spot to pass several big guns, including Chad Glatfelter with two laps to go. Ehrisman assumed second for a restart when close racing resulted in a spin by leader Bob Stough on turn four of lap 13. Ehrisman snatched the lead from Glatfelter on the restart, and then held off Glatfelter and Chad Earnst in a one-lap shootout at the end.

Heats for the 24 Central PA Legends on hand were won by Bill Diehl, Scott Haudeshell, and Chad Glatfelter.

Next Saturday night, August 8, 2015, the 358 Sprints become the headline division with another 358 Sprint “Nouse Signs & Graphics Summer Series” event along with the Central PA Legends & 4-Cylinder Stocks. Gates open at 5:30 PM, with racing action getting underway at 7:30 PM.

To get all the latest news, results, schedule changes and rule changes, visit Lincoln Speedway's website at to stay up-to-date on all the action or pending weather conditions at Central Pennsylvania's "Premier" Saturday night race track - The Fabulous Lincoln Speedway.
Saturday, August 1, 2015
Abbottstown, PA
410 SPRINT FEATURE FINISH (25 Laps) – 1. 48-Danny Dietrich ($3,200); 2. 55K-Robbie Kendall; 3. 11C-Cory Haas; 4. 5-Tyler Ross; 5. 87-Alan Krimes; 6. 2W-Glenndon Forsythe; 7. 59-Jim Siegel; 8. 39-Tim Glatfelter; 9. 99M-Kyle Moody; 10. 16-Gerard McIntyre, Jr.; 11. 51-Freddie Rahmer; 12. 52-Austin Hogue; 13. 15-Adam Wilt; 14. 44-Chase Dietz; 15. 21-Brian Montieth; 16. 77AU-Darren Mollenoyux; 17. 8-Billy Dietrich; 18. 35-Steve Owings; 19. 21T-Scott Fisher; 20. 1*-Tim Wagaman (DNF); 21. 95-Hunter Mackison (DNF); 22. 10-Zach Euculano (DNF); 23. 88-Brandon Rahmer (DNF); 24. 3B-Randy Baughman (DNF). TIME – 6:50.408

Lap Leaders – Glenndon Forsythe (1-14), Danny Dietrich (15-25)

410 Sprint Heat One Finish (10 laps) - 1. 39-Tim Glatfelter; 2. 48-Danny Dietrich; 3. 59-Jim Siegel; 4. 55K-Robbie Kendall; 5. 15-Adam Wilt; 6. 21T-Scott Fisher; 7. 3B-Randy Baughman; 8. 95-Hunter Mackison (DNF); DNS – 69-Shane Hoff. No Time

410 Sprint Heat Two Finish (10 laps) - 1. 87-Alan Krimes; 2. 5-Tyler Ross; 3. 21-Brian Montieth; 4. 2W-Glenndon Forsythe; 5. 1*-Tim Wagaman; 6. 44-Chase Dietz; 7. 8-Billy Dietrich; 8. 1080-Jordon Mackison; 9. 10-Zach Euculano. Time – 2:27.058

410 Sprint Heat Three Finish (10 laps) - 1. 52-Austin Hogue; 2. 11C-Cory Haas; 3. 99M-Kyle Moody; 4. 77AU-Darren Mollenoyux; 5. 16-Gerard McIntyre, Jr.; 6. 51-Freddie Rahmer; 7. 35-Steve Owings; 8. 91-David Quackenbush (DNF). Time – 2:29.178

410 Sprint Consolation Finish (10-laps/6 qualify) - 1. 8-Billy Dietrich; 2. 35-Steve Owings; 3. 88-Brandon Rahmer; 4. 95-Hunter Mackison; 5. 10-Zach Euculano; 6. 3B-Randy Baughman (DNF); 7. 91-David Quackenbush (DNF); 8. 1080-Jordon Mackison (DNF). No Time

358 SPRINT FEATURE FINISH (20 laps) – 1. 47K-Kody Lehman; 2. 27S-Adrian Shaffer; 3. 16-Matt Campbell; 4. 4R-Niki Young; 5. 5-Phil Walter; 6. 45H-Jeff Halligan; 7. 97-Brie Hershey; 8. 66A-Cody Fletcher; 9. 23A-Chris Arnold; 10. 5A-Brian Allman; 11. 28-Matt Findley; 12. 71M-Bill Stine; 13. 00-Chris Frank; 14. 35-Tyler Esh; 15. 21-Kyle Abrahims; 16. 38D-Kyle Denmyer; 17. 45-Jeff Rohrbaugh (DNF); 18. 89-Ashley Cappetta (DNF); 19. 17-Cole Young (DNF); 20. 66-Doug Hammaker (DNF); 21. 119-Chandler Leiby (DNF); 22. 15-Lucas Montgomery (DNF); 23. 21-CJ Tracey (DNF); 24. 23J-Jake Eldreth (DNF). No Time

Lap Leaders – Kody Lehman (1-20)

358 Sprint Heat One Finish (10 laps/6 qualify) - 1. 17-Cole Young, 2. 119-Chandler Leiby; 3. 15-Lucas Montgomery; 4. 47K-Kody Lehman; 5. 4R-Niki Young; 6. 97-Brie Hershey; 7. 71M-Bill Stine; 8. 22-Nathan Prezenica; 9. 9-Ryan Hansen (DNF); 10. 98-Sammy Sabedra (DNF). Time – 2:32.50

358 Sprint Heat Two Finish (10 laps/6 qualify) - 1. 5-Phil Walter; 2. 66A-Cody Fletcher; 3. 45H-Jeff Halligan; 4. 16-Matt Campbell; 5. 38D-Kyle Denmyer; 6. 28-Matt Findley; 7. 19-Wyatt Hinkle; 8. 23J-Jake Eldreth; 9. 89-Ashley Cappetta; 10. 00-Chris Frank. No Time

358 Sprint Heat Three Finish (10 laps/6 qualify) - 1. 66-Doug Hammaker; 2. 35-Tyler Esh; 3. 45-Jeff Rohrbaugh; 4. 27S-Adrian Shaffer; 5. 21-CJ Tracey; 6. 23A-Chris Arnold; 7. 13-Ryan Higgins; 8. 5A-Brian Allman; 9. 47-Michael Hamer; 10. 21X-Kyle Abrahims. Time – 2:36.72

358 Sprint Consolation Finish (10- laps/6 qualify) - 1. 71M-Bill Stine; 2. 23J-Jake Eldreth; 3. 5A-Brian Allman; 4. 89-Ashley Cappetta; 5. 00-Chris Frank; 6. 21X-Kyle Abrahims; 7. 19D-Wyatt Hinkle; 8. 22-Nathan Prozenica; 9. 47-Michael Hamer; 10. 9-Ryan Hansen; 11. 13-Ryan Higgins (DNFG); DNS – 98-Sammy Sabedra. Time – 2:49.19

Feature (15 laps) – 1. 14-Joe Ehrisman; 2. 27-Chad Glatfelter; 3. 85-Chad Earnst; 4. 8CR-Mason Cheney; 5. X-Justice Forbes; 6. 91-Justin Mitchell; 7. 12M-Brent Marquis; 8. 56-Mike Gable; 9. 70-Bob Stough; 10. 3M-Chris McKinney; 11. 41-Matt Miller; 12. 8-Robert Shaw; 13. 19-Travis Perry; 14. 15H-Harlon Leppo; 15. 18-Chris Transeau; 16. 82-Brian Hayberger; 17. 7MD-Nate Renfro; 18. 521-Scott Deaner, Sr. (DNF); 19. 43-Tony Mrakovich (DNF); 20. 5-Scott Haudeshell (DNF); 21. 53-Bill Diehl (DNF); 22. 12J-Clint Pentkaukas (DNF); 23. 9-Rick Hartwig (DNF); 24. 93-Travis McClelland (DNF). No Time

Lap Leaders – Scott Haudeshell (1-6), Bob Stough (7-11), Chad Earnst (12), Joe Ehrisman (13-15)

Legends Heat One Finish (6 laps) - 1. 53-Bill Diehl; 2. 9-Rick Hartwig; 3. 85-Chad Earnst; 4. X-Justice Forbes; 5. 12M-Brent Marquis; 6. 8CR-Mason Cheney; 7. 12J-Clint Pentkaukas; 8. 15H-Harlon Leppo (DNF). No Time

Legends Heat Two Finish (6 laps) - 1. 5-Scott Haudeshell; 2. 93-Travis McClelland; 3. 70-Bob Stough; 4. 3-Chris McKinney; 5. 56-Mike Gable; 6. 7MD-Nate Renfro; 7. 82-Bryan Hayberger; 8. 8-Robert Shaw. No Time

Legends Heat Three Finish (6 laps) - 1. 27-Chad Glatfelter; 2. 19-Travis Perry; 3. 18-Chris Transeau; 4. 14-Joe Ehrisman; 5. 91-Justin Mitchell; 6. 43-Tony Mrakovich; 7. 521-Scott Deaner, Sr.; 8. 41-Matt Baker. No Time

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