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Dietrich Starts Ninth And Wins Again, Gets Back To Back Williams Grove Wins Hodnett Claims $4,000 URC Cash


Mechanicsburg – Last week at Williams Grove Speedway Danny Dietrich drove from ninth to the win over the World of Outlaws drivers and this week, he started ninth again and drove to the 410 sprint car victory, for the second week in a row. 

In the URC sprint nationals, regular 410 sprint driver Greg Hodnett took the win, worth $4,000. 

Only two laps of the 25-lap 410 sprint main were recorded before a caution flag bunched the field with Rick Lafferty leading followed by Brent Marks, Pat Cannon and Dietrich.

Marks challenged a cushion-running Lafferty for several laps before finally taking the lead on the seventh tour as Dietrich got by Lafferty on the same lap.

Dietrich then quickly served notice to Marks that he was in the hunt, briefly taking the lead with a third turn swoop on the ninth lap only to see Marks reclaim control back to the line.

After that, Marks settled into the lead a bit before a final yellow unfurled with 12 laps to go. 

Dietrich kept Marks withing striking distance on the restart and drew close on some laps and surrendered some ground on others before really beginning to hone in with six laps to go. 

As the pair raced through the backmarkers, Dietrich put on his final drive to get the lead with three laps to go, trying Marks first on the inside in turns three and four before going to the outside of Marks in the second turn to get command.

Marks put up a good fight as the pair ran down the backchute but Dietrich would become the leader to take his third Williams Grove win of the season, worth over $4,100.

Marks faded in the final mile and a half to finish second by 2.099 seconds followed by Pat Cannon, Brian Montieth and Lance Dewease.

Sixth through 10th went to Greg Hodnett, Adam Wilt, Aaron Ott, Austin Hogue and Lucas Wolfe.

Heats went to Marks, Cannon and Alan Krimes.

The 25-lap URC sprint feature got off to a rough start with two aborted starts caused by multi-car tangles.

Once the first lap could be recorded, Robbie Stillwaggon was in the lead over Kevin Nouse and Hodnett with Hodnett getting around Nouse for second on the fifth tour. 

Stillwaggon was trying to keep Hodnett at bay on the 10th tour when the yellow flag again unfurled, slowing the pace.

And the restart was all that Hodnett needed to cleanly pass Stillwaggon for the lead and win, driving by on the low side in the first turn to get control and begin driving away.

Mark Smith, who was involved in both of the initial start crashes, restarted at the rear twice in the early going and came through the field to garner fifth at the finish.

Curt Michael took second from Stillwaggon with 10 laps go go but failed to close on leader Hodnett. 

Nouse was third and Stillwaggon was fourth at the finish.

Sixth through 10th went to Chuck Hebing, Justin Barger, Aaron Ott, Davie Franek and Josh Weller. 

Heats for the 36-car field went to Smith, Barger, Nouse and Stillwaggon with Josh Weller taking the consolation race.

July 31, 2015 Feature Finishes:

410 sprints, 25 laps: 1. Danny Dietrich, 2. Brent Marks, 3. Pat Cannon, 4. Brian Montieth, 5. Lance Dewease, 6. Greg Hodnett, 7. Adam Wilt, 8. Aaron Ott, 9. Austin Hogue, 10. Lucas Wolfe, 11. Kyle Pruitt, 12. Cory Haas, 13. Kyle Reinhardt, 14. Darren Mollenoyux, 15. Daryl Stimeling, 16. Jim Shuster, 17. Troy Fraker, 18. Rick Lafferty, 19. Brock Zearfoss, 20. Nicole Bower, 21. Alan Krimes, 22. Jay Reichart,
DNS: Rodney Westhafer, 24. Scott Wilson

URC sprints, 25 laps: 1. Greg Hodnett, 2. Curt Michael, 3. Kevin Nouse, 4. Robbie Stillwaggon, 5. Mark Smith, 6. Chuck Hebing, 7. Justin Barger, 8. Aaron Ott, 9. Davie Franek, 10. Josh Weller, 11. Eric Tomecek, 12. Jason Clauss, 13. Derek Locke, 14. Troy Betts, 15. Larry Kelleher, 16. Art Leidl, 17. Kevin Albert, 18. Justin Hoffman, 19. Randy West, 20. Keith Prutzman, 21. Jordan Thomas, 22. TJ Stutts, 23. Jason Shultz, 24. Matt Campbell
DNQ: Rob Deitrick, Bill Unglert, Brad Franks, Will Eggimann, Jonathan Swanson, Dennis Garl, Kody Lehman, Doug Dodson, Todd Berkheimer, Bryn Gohn, David Swanson, Mark Bitner
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