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My thoughts on a 2016 racing season to come....The 2016 racing schedule edition!!!!

Hello folks, 2016 is about to get started in Central PA as Lincoln Speedway is less than a month away from kicking off the racing season. Finally all the race tracks have released their schedules (still have no idea what takes them so darn long) so I wanted to take a look at them and give my thoughts and opinions on that is getting ready to begin. I'm going to take a look at the number of races we have in Central PA for the top 4 sprint car classes that I am going to try and keep up with the 410's, 358's, 360's and the Super Sportsman. I'm also going to make a fantasy schedule out of all the local race tracks schedules and let you all know what I think are the best races to attend each week from start to finish, and for that matter where I would be if I was rich and didn't have to worry about a racing budget and a family.

First off lets look at the number of races we have in Central PA. Williams Grove Speedway tops all the local race tracks with 33 scheduled 410 races in 2016. They have 1 mid week show on June 22nd which is a Super DIRT car Series race along with the 360 sprinters. Speaking of 360's they will see action at the track 5 times in 2016 along with 11 358 races and 2 sportsman shows.

Port Royal has 29 410 races on their 2016 schedule along with 2 360 races.

Lincoln Speedway host the 410's 27 times in 2016 the 358 sprinters 20 times and 4 Super Sportsman shows. They host 3 mid week races 1 being the World Of Outlaws and then USAC and midget series as well.

Susquehanna Speedway will host the Super Sportsman 19 times in 2016 along with 6 410 shows, 4 358 races and 1 358/360 challenge race.

Selinsgrove Speedway will have the 360 division for 17 races in 2016 along with 5 410 races and 4 special Sunday night races.  The big thing that stood out to me when looking at their schedule is they have 7 off weeks. I'll get to that in a few minutes.

Trail Way Speedway will host the 358's 16 times in 2016 along with a special 410 race on a Sunday night.

Now looking at the numbers that means the 410's have 101 total races between the 6 tracks. That's not including Speedweek or other special races that are scheduled at other race tracks around Central PA. The 358 division will run 51 times, the 360's will race 25 times as do the Super Sportsman (if my math is correct). 

Now I might be in the minority here but I think that's way to many races for the top 2 divisions here in Central PA. Yeah I know Central PA is known for giving race teams over a 100 races a season for race teams to run, and that is what made Central PA what it is today. I believe that should be a thing of the past. Sprint car racing is not like it was 20 or 30 years ago. It cost way to much money to race a sprint car in 2016 and my opinion is the tracks should give the teams more opportunities to stop, relax, catch their breath, and try and re group as the season goes along. Yeah I can hear you all right now saying "Nobody makes the race teams run every week" and I agree and wish more race teams would stay home once in a while and re charge their batteries, but then if they do we have race fans complaining because some tracks get "screwed" by never getting full fields and drivers who are scared to run at certain race tracks. If race tracks wouldn't try and schedule a race every night then maybe race teams could run more "special" shows at different race tracks. 

The second thing I know I'm in the minority with is I think the season is way to long. Why do we have to start the racing season in the middle of winter? Do we really need to kick off the season in February? Lincoln Speedway starts on Feb 27th and the last race of the season is on November 5th. Guess what folks that's 37 straight weeks of racing. 37 out of 52 weeks. Do we really need that much? I tend to get burned out and I know some track people who get the shits of going all the time as well.  Some people and race teams could use a week off now and again, to take their family's on vacation or to just hangout at home. Yes I know we get rain outs here and their and trust me some race teams absolutely love seeing rain in the forecast. Gives them a chance to chill out and relax for a night. Maybe catch a movie or actually spend a Friday or Saturday night with their kids at home. Something some drivers just don't get to do all that often. Remember folks some of our heroes are parents to. I think the season shouldn't kick off till the end of March beginning of April and run till November maybe the last race being on Thanksgiving weekend. The day races we sit through at the beginning of the season when the temps barely get to 45 degrees could be moved to November when It's still warm out during the day. The average temperature in November is 49 degrees while in February it's 41 degrees. Thats a big difference when it's freezing and windy. Extra added benefit of changing the schedule would be less wear and tear on equipment. The freezing cold temps do not help the motors out a whole lot. I think less races equals better car counts. Seems to be working for the 358 division for which I am glad to see less races on the schedule again in 2016.

Fantasy schedule time....

Going over the schedules for all 6 local race tracks I have decided to share my idea on where I think the best or biggest race of the night will be, and where if I had no job and unlimited funds I would be every week. Now keep in mind I like to go to every track in Central PA, and don't care if it's 410's, 358's, 360's or Super Sportsman headlining the show. If it's a special show or a bigger paying show or just a darn good promotion I would be there. So without further ado here is my fantasy schedule for 2016...

 Feb 27th Lincoln Speedway Opening Day
March 5th Lincoln Speedway
March 12th Lincoln Speedway then off to Port Royal for their Opening Day
March 18th Opening night at Williams Grove Speedway
March 19th Selinsgrove Speedway
March 25th Williams Grove 
March 26th Lincoln Speedway
April 1st Williams Grove Speedway
April 2nd Susquehanna Speedway
April 8th  Trail Way Speedway 358 opener
April 9th Port Royal $1 Hot Dog Night
April 10th Susquehanna Speedway 410/358 double header
April 15th Williams Grove Speedway 
April 16th Selinsgrove Speedway Spring Showdown for 360's
April 22nd Trail Way Speedway
April 23rd Port Royal Keith Kauffman Classic
April 29th Williams Grove Speedway 410's and 360's
April 30th Selinsgrove Speedway Jack Gunn Memorial 
May 6th Williams Grove Speedway 410/358 double header
May 7th Lincoln Speedway
May 8th Susquehanna Speedway Kevin Gobrecht Classic
May 13th Williams Grove Speedway
May 14th Port Royal
May 20th Trail Way Speedway 358 spring championship
May 21st Williams Grove Speedway World of Outlaws
May 27th Trail Way Speedway Armed Forces Appreciation Night
May 28th Susquehanna Speedway $2,000 to win
May 29th Port Royal Speedway 410/360 YCRC night
June 3rd Williams Grove Speedway 410/360 YCRC night
June 4th Lincoln Speedway 410/358 YCRC Night
June 8th USAC 
June 10th Williams Grove Speedway USAC Silver Crown 100
June 11th Lincoln Speedway Dirt Classic Showcase
June 12th Susquehanna Speedway USAC
June 17th Williams Grove Speedway 410's/ 358 Nouse Summer Shootout race
June 18th Selinsgrove Speedway Joe Whitcomb Memorial
June 24th Williams Grove Speedway Speedweek
June 25th Lincoln Speedway Speedweek
July 1st Trail Way Speedway
July 2nd Lincoln Speedway 358 Nouse Summer Shootout
July 3rd Selinsgrove Speedway Speedweek
July 8th Williams Grove Speedway
July 9th Port Royal Speedway
July 10th Trail Way Speedway 410's
July 15th Williams Grove Speedway
July 16th Port Royal Speedway
July 22nd Trail Way Speedway
July 23rd Williams Grove Speedway
July 29th Trail Way Speedway Kids race car rides
July 30th Selinsgrove Speedway Mach 1 Chassis National Open
Aug 5th Williams Grove Speedway 
Aug 6th Port Royal Speedway 
Aug 12th Williams Grove Speedway
Aug 13th Lincoln Speedway National Fallen Firefighters Night
Aug 14th Susquehanna Speedway USAC Midgets
Aug 19th Trail Way Speedway Trone Outdoor Championship
Aug 20th Lincoln Speedway ASCoc
Aug 21st Susquehanna Speedway
Aug 26th Williams Grove Speedway
Aug 27th Lincoln Speedway
Sept 2nd Williams Grove 
Sept 3rd Lincoln Speedway
Sept 4th Selinsgrove Speedway Outlaw Late Models
Sept 5th Port Royal Speedway
Sept 9th Port Royal Speedway
Sept 10th Susquehanna Speedway Sportsman 100
Sept 16th Williams Grove Speedway
Sept 17th Selinsgrove Speedway Jim Nace Memorial
Sept 23rd Williams Grove Speedway
Sept 24th Lincoln Speedway Dirt Classic
Sept 29th 30th and Oct 1st Williams Grove Speedway Natty Open
Oct 7th Williams Grove Speedway
Oct 8th Susquehanna Speedway $2,000 to win Super Sportsman event
Oct 15th Port Royal Speedway Outlaws
Oct 22nd Port Royal Speedway twin 30's fo4 410's and 350's
Oct 29th Susquehanna Speedway Candy Bowl
Nov 5th Susquehanna Speedway 

Thats 78 freaking races folks. Just looking at that list makes me wonder how many people could actually pull off a schedule like that? I know I could never do it. I would hate racing by June if I ever tried that. But hey sounds like a great experiment that if I hit the powerball I might just try, only because it would make for an interesting article lol.

Well thats it for today. Hope you all have a great week and I will see everyone Saturday in York for the Racing Extravaganza that is this coming weekend.

©Bill McIntyre and Central PA Racing Scene 2016

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