Monday, March 28, 2016


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Sunday March 27th

Hodnett, Ott and Invader Kahne Are Winners

   The Speedway Motors/Champion Racing Oil Central PA Sprint Cars started the weekend off Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway. Greg Hodnett lost the sprint car season opener last week due to mechanical difficulty but was not to be denied this time.  Greg took the win over Brent Marks and Brian Montieth. It was Greg's 3rd series win of the season. Kasey Kahne ventured in to Central PA on an off weekend from NASCAR action and won the feature at Lincoln Speedway Saturday night. Brian Montieth finished 2nd with Lucas Wolfe in 3rd. The same night up at Port Royal Speedway Aaron Ott won his first series feature of the year with Doug Esh 2nd and Logan Wagner 3rd.
  The series continues this weekend with Williams Grove Speedway on Friday night April 1st. Lincoln Speedway and Port Royal Speedway are both back with shows on Saturday night April 2nd.

Greg Hodnett leads the points over Brian Montieth with Danny Dietrich up to 3rd.

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listing; position, car number driver, point total, series wins

AFTER; 3/26/16

1. 27 Greg Hodnett  240 3
2. 21 Brian Montieth 175 1
3. 48 Danny Dietrich 115
4. 25 Aaron Ott  100 1
5. 19M Brent Marks  99 1
6. 51 Freddie Rahmer 92
7. 15 Adam Wilt  87
8. 07 Doug Esh  86
9. 11c Cory Haas  76
10. 0 Rick Lafferty  60 1
10. 5c Dylan Cisney  60
10. 55 Mike Wagner  60
10. M1 Mark Smith  60
14. 87 Alan Krimes  56
15. 23 T J Stutts  55
16. 4 Kasey Kahne  50 1
16. 8 Billy Dietrich  50 1
16. 59 Jim Siegel  50
19. 17B Steve Buckwalter 46
20. 1 Lucas Wolfe  42
21. 94 Ryan Smith  40
21. 7W Logan Wagner 40
23. 16 Gerard McIntyre Jr 39
24. 3z Brock Zearfoss 36
25. 2W Glenndon Forsythe 35

Coming Up
  4/1 Williams Grove Speedway
  4/2 Lincoln Speedway
  4/2 Port Royal Speedway
  4/8 Williams Grove Speedway
  4/9 Lincoln Speedway
  4/9 Port Royal Speedway
  4/10 Susquehanna Speedway
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