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Satterlee Wins Clash Of Late Model Titans In Talent-Laden Port Royal UFO Launch, Aaron Ott Wires For Sprints, Garlock Claims UFO Semi-Lates

PORT ROYAL, Pa. ? Some 102 race cars jammed the Port Royal Speedway on Saturday night as the UFO Super Late Models kicked off their 2016 series in a clash of the late model titans that saw Rochester Mills? Gregg Satterlee prevail in an action packed event for the $3,000 payday.

In the UFO Semi-Late Model main, Rance Garlock took the lead from Eric Irvin and then held off Kyle Lee for the $1,000 victory.

And East Berlin?s Aaron Ott wired the field for the victory going away in the 25-lap 410 sprint car main, leaving the rest of the field to fight for second place.

A star-laden field of 42 UFO Super Late Models entered action for the series kickoff with amazing drives to the front by the likes of Mason Zeigler, Jason Covert and Kyle Hardy turned in during the four heat races.

Dylan Yoder set a new 12-lap track record in the third heat only to have that mark eclipsed in the fourth qualifier by Gregg Satterlee.

And that set up the 35-lap UFO main event with Mike Altobelli and Satterlee drawing the front row for the start.

With Satterlee on the front row, the event could have threatened to be a run away but drivers like Zeigler, Covert, Andy Haus and Austin Hubbard had other ideas.

Satterlee took the lead at the beginning over Altobelli and saw his pace slowed for the first time on the eighth lap for debris with Covert and Zeigler in fourth and fifth.

Covert jumped to third on the restart and took second on the 10th tour and Zeigler followed into third on the 13th tour.

Zeigler got the better of Covert at the new green and was chasing Satterlee for the lead when Dylan Yoder came up with a flat tire with 18 laps recorded.

Satterlee was chased by Zeigler, Covert, Austin Hubbard and Haus for the return to action.

And it was action that ensued as Zeigler muscled into the lead over Satterlee as racing continued however once getting the lead Satterlee remained within striking distance and with 12 laps to go, Zeigler?s lead was just a scant .086 seconds as the fans rose to their feet.

On the ensuing lap, Satterlee dug himself into the lead again over Zeigler, having control at the line by a miniscule .026 seconds and shortly after regaining control, a two-car tangle at the end of the backchute between Matt Sponaugle and Tom Decker Jr. stopped the race with 11 laps to go.

Covert pounced on the restart, driving back around Zeigler for second as Hubbard, Zeigler and Haus raced hard for third.

And that race for third was so contentious that the pair of Zeigler and Haus made contact in the third corner with eight laps to go, ending with Zeigler withdrawing and Haus continuing as Hubbard took the spot.

That final restart yielded no changes as Satterlee pulled away to the finish to pick up his hard-fought third career win at the oval by 1.658 seconds ahead of Covert, Hubbard, 18th starter Dan Stone and 19th starter Jim Yoder.

Sixth through 10th went to Kyle Hardy, Don Lingo Jr., Chad Hollenbeck, Matt Parks and Mike Lupfer.

All three podium finishers praised the speedway surface for its top to bottom lanes producing an outstanding event with Covert proclaiming the speedway as the best on the East Coast while also noting that fans got the chance to see four or five of the best late model racers in the country all in the same race at the front during the exciting main event.

Four heats went to Covert, Haus, Dylan Yoder and Satterlee with twin B Mains going to Tim Wilson and Hollenbeck.

Aaron Ott led all 25 laps of the 410 sprint car main, entering the rear of the field on just the fourth circuit, chased by Logan Wagner and Ryan Taylor.

At the halfway point, Ott has a 2.004 second lead over Wagner and Doug Esh who was up to third.

With 10 to go Ott?s lead was 4.5 seconds and at the finish he had stretched his advantage to 7.426 seconds, having lapped up to seventh place by the finish.

Esh got by Wagner for second with six laps to go but was more than a half lap behind at the finish.

Wagner was third followed by Greg Hodnett and Taylor.

Sixth through 10th went to Brock Zearfoss, Mark Smith, Mike Wagner, Wayne Dadetto and Curt Stroup.

Heats went to Mike Wagner, Logan Wagner and Taylor.

Rance Garlock took the lead from Eric Irvin on the seventh lap of the 25-lap UFO semi late model main after losing control from the pole at the beginning.

Garlock saw the machine of eighth starter Kyle Lee drive into second with 11 laps to go and close in for the lead but Garlock was able to hold on for the win by .332 seconds.

Irvin settled for third followed by Ralph Morgan and Dillan Stake.

Sixth through 10th went to Todd Snook, Andy Friese, Tim Krape, Grant Adams and Nathan Lasalle.

Four heats were taken by Stake, Garlock, Lee and Morgan. Tom Krape took the consolation race.

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Feature finishes:

410 sprints, 25 laps: 1. Aaron Ott, 2. Doug Esh, 3. Logan Wagner, 4. Greg Hodnett, 5. Ryan Taylor, 6. Brock Zearfoss, 7. Mark Smith, 8. Mike Wagner, 9. Wayne Dadetto, 10. Curt Stroup, 11. Davie Franek, 12. Daryl Stimeling, 13. Cory Thornton, 14. Kevin Albert, 15. Dylan Cisney, 16. Kody Lehman, 17. Tyler Bear, 18. Joey Hershey, 19. Jevon Ahner, 20. Dave Jones, 21. Mike Wagner II., 22. Phil Walter

DNS: TJ Stutts, Steve Buckwalter, Cale Grubb

Late models, 35 laps: 1. Gregg Satterlee, 2. Jason Covert, 3. Austin Hubbard, 4. Dan Stone, 5. Jim Yoder, 6. Kyle Hardy, 7. Don Lingo Jr., 8. Chad Hollenbeck, 9. Matt Parks, 10. Mike Lupfer, 11. Andrew Yoder, 12. Andy Haus, 13. Nick Dickson, 14. Tim Wilson, 15. Chad Myers, 16. Coleby Frye, 17. Trent Brenneman, 18. Mason Zeigler, 19. Matt Sponaugle, 20. Tom Decker Jr., 21. Mike Altobelli, 22. Dylan Yoder, 23. Tim Smith Jr., 24. Rick Singleton, 25. Billy Wampler, 26. Waylon Wagner

DNS: Devin Friese

DNQ: Dave Brouse Jr., Chris Casner, Charles Powell Jr., Michael Lake, Tom Decker III., Mike Mort, Patrick Bryner, Hayes Mattern, Austin Berry, Bryan Bernheisel, Justin Kann, Scott Flickinger, Vern Zerby, Jason Davis, Tim Gray

Limited late models, 25 laps: 1. Rance Garlock, 2. Kyle Lee, 3. Eric Irvin, 4. Ralph Morgan, 5. Dillan Stake, 6. Todd Snook, 7. Andy Friese, 8. Tim Krape, 9. Grant Adams, 10. Nathan Lasalle, 11. Tim Fedder, 12. Cam Zeigler, 13. Sam Gallagher, 14. Eric Summey, 15. Curtis Teats, 16. Tom Krape, 17. Kevin Palmer, 18. Dwayne Brooks, 19. Robbie Black, 20. Brad Kling, 21. Devin Hart, 22. Shaun Miller, 23. Kenny Yoder, 24. AJ Stroup

DNQ: John Myers, Taylor Farling, Garrett Gray, Chase Bowsman, Jason  Peachey, Dalton Bigler, Kadden Smith, Cameron Benyou, Jared Fulkroad, Bobby Beard, Troy Miller, JR Toner

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