Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Central PA Racing Scene 410 Power Rankings 4/19/16

Here are the brand new Central PA 410 Power Rankings after this weeks racing action at Williams Grove, Lincoln, and Port Royal Speedways.

1. Greg Hodnett - (1st) 74 pts. - Winner at Port Royal Speedway Saturday night for his 5th win of 2016. Backed up his strong 5th place finish on Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway.

2. Brian Montieth - (2nd) 45 Pts - Weekend best of 4th at Williams Grove on Friday night. Finished 8th on Saturday night at Lincoln.

3. Doug Esh -(6th) 41 Pts.- Huge jump this week in the 410 rankings thanks to his  Big Win Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway for his 1st of the year. Backed up his win with a 5th at Port Royal Speedway on Saturday night.

4. Danny Dietrich -  (4th) 35 Pts. - Still looking for his 1st win of 2016. Weekend best of 3rd at Williams Grove Speedway. Finished 10th at Lincoln after bringing out a caution early in the feature and racing his way back to the top 10.

5. Freddie Rahmer - (3rd) 30 Pts. - 8th at Williams Grove Speedway Friday night is all he had to show for the weekend. Was involved in a lap 1 altercation with Adam Wilt that stopped his night before it got started.

6. Brent Marks - (5th) 26 Pts. - Only local finish of the weekend was 13th at Williams Grove Speedway.

7. Alan Krimes - (8th) 24 Pts. - Finished a fast 2nd Saturday night at Lincoln. Finished out of the top 10 Friday night at Williams Grove. Still looking for his 1st win of 2016.

8. Adam Wilt / Aaron Ott - (NR)/(10) 20 Pts. - Wilt had a rough weekend for Wilt being in Rahmer wreck for a 23rd place finish. Ott did not race again this weekend.

9. Steve Buckwalter / Dylan Cisney - (7th)/(NR) 19 Pts. - Buckwalter had a bad weekend with only a 14th place finish at Williams Grove Speedway Friday night and a DNS at Port. Cisney had a 4th place finish at Port Royal to give him his 3rd top 5 of the season. 

10.Lucas Wolfe - (HM) 18 Pts. - Lucas had an 11th at Williams Grove and a 13th at Port Royal on Saturday.

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