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By Brad Vores for Susquehanna Speedway
YORK HAVEN, PA 4/23/16
After sitting out much of the 2015 racing season after suffering a broken arm and elbow at another speedway, Wellsville racer Scott Geesey returned to winning form Saturday night at Susquehanna Speedway.

Geesey came from his ninth starting spot to earn his first win of the year in the 25-lap Credit Connection Auto Sales Super Sportsman feature. Geesey became the third different winner in four events this season at the speedway.

The 25 lap Sportsman event was marred by two separate multi-car crashes on the first lap. Seven cars were involved.

Troy Rhome led lap one before yielding to Chad Smith, who led the next two laps. Paul Miller became the next race leader, also leading two laps before Chad Smith took control and led for two more laps before Geesey arrived on the scene to make what turned out to be  the race-winning pass on lap seven.

Geesey then held the point to take the checkered flag aboard his Credit Connection Auto Sales/Silver Lake Bistro and Tavern/Kreitzer Excavating/Thomans LLC/Shetron Equipment #41.

One -time season winner Rich Eichelberger, of Dillsburg came from 16th to finish in the runner-up spot with current point leader Russ Mitten of Newville earning the Hard Charger award after starting back in the 20th position and finishing third. Rounding out the top five were early racer leaders Smith and Miller as Scott Dellinger, Steve Wilbur, two-time winner Gregg Foster, Teddy Thomas and Rick Barr completed the top 10 finishers.

Doug Dodson, Chad Smith and Steve Wilbur won heats for the 29 Super Sportsman. Foster won the consolation. Dodson scratched from the feature event after his machine suffered mechanical woes.

Jimmy Combs grabbed the lead on the first lap of the 20-lap Street Stock feature and led the entire distance to post his first win of the season over Scott Thunberg, Eric Tripp, Bob Scott, Jr., and 11th starter Dalton Frye.

Walt Lemmon, Combs, Doug Hoffman and Craig Morgan were heat race winners for the 32-car field as Dustin Hollinger topped the consolation.

After scratching from his heat race, going home to retrieve a back-up car, Tim O’Sheehan started 17th and last in Road Warrior feature and blasted through the field, taking the lead with five laps complete and driving to the win over Daryl Sipe, Travis Brown, John Shorb, Jr. and Lee Redman.

Dennis Dorosz and Travis Brown were heat winners for the 17 Road Warriors pitside.

Susquehanna Speedway returns to action Saturday, April 30 for KIDS NIGHT. The Credit Connection Auto Sales will once again headline the four-division show which also includes the ARDC Midgets, Xtreme Stocks and Road Warriors. Pits open at 4PM, Grandstands open at 5PM with Racing beginning at 7PM.

There will also be another Test and Tune on Wednesday night, April 27 beginning at 6PM.

Fans are reminded to check out for the latest news and results.

25 LAPS: 1. 41-Scott Geesey, 2. 8-Rich Eichelberger, 3. 77-Russ Mitten, 4. 99-Chad Smith, 5. 58-Paul Miller, 6. 30-Scott Dellinger, 7. 6-Steve Wilbur, 8. 32-Gregg Foster, 9. 318-Teddy Thomas, 10. 00-Rick Barr, 11. 17J-Tony Jackson, 12. 7B-Timmie Barrick, 13. 75-Kenny Edkin, 14. 222-Jay Fannasy, 15. 3B-Mike Enders, 16. 83-Bruce Buckwalter, 17. 10-Troy Rhome, 18. 19-Devin Beidel, 19. 44-Russ Lebo, 20. 32J-Justin Foster, 21. 55C-Chad Criswell, 22. 20W-Davey Walsh, 23. 1J-Kevin Nouse, 24. 14-Nate Young.
Did Not Qualify:  54-Doug Dodson, (scratched after winning heat), 91-Lanny Hake, 15-Brian Boughter, 11S-John Stoll, Jr., 29-Adam Wrey.

20 LAPS: 1. 54J-Jimmy Combs, 2. 12-Scott Thunberg, 3. 43-Eric Tripp, 4. 47-Bob Scott, Jr., 5. F5-Dalton Frye, 6. FOUR-Eddie Richards, 7. 17-Bobby Kulp, 8. 72-Jason Townsend, 9. 01-Kyle Saylor, 10. 55-Matt Adams, 11. 16-Walt Lemmon, 12. 64-Brandon Wanner, 13. 71-Richnie Dobson,  14. 25H-Joe Hower, 15. 11-Craig Morgan, 16. 41W-Doug Hoffman, 17. 59-Ryan Smith, 18. 00-Josh Bloom, 19. 5-Dustin Hollinger, 20. 20-Jesse Hitz, 21. X99-Chris Heller, 22. 14-Ed Halter, 23. 41-Curt McDade, 24. 94-Mike Buckley.
Did Not Qualify: 37-Mark Hutchison, 39-Wayne Dutterer, 99K-Dave Bowermaster, 28S-Kelly Seal III, 19-Chad Stine, 101-Dave Goode, M1-Mike Potts, 86-Scott Strickler.

15 LAPS: 1. 51-Tim O’Sheehan, 2. 20S-Daryl Sipe, 3. 47-Travis Brown, 4. 13S-John Shorb, Jr., 5. 98-Lee Redman, 6. 7-Brandon Hedstrom, 7. 17A-Ryan Underkoffler, 8. 14E-Don Fortini, 9. 32-Justin Cardasso, 10. 13T-Thomas Thompson, 11. 1C-Ken Boose, 12. 88-Mike Hedstrom, 13. 143-Dominic Dorosz, 14. 69-Robbie Carroll, 15. 07-Sam Barge, 16. 99-Creedan Sponseller.
Did Not Start: 36W-Robert Wellman.

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