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Tomecek's Misfortune Hands Smith Kramer Cup Victory Knaub & Rine Victorious In Late Model Main Events

SELINSGROVE, Pa. --  Selinsgrove Speedway presented the Third Annual Selinsgrove Ford/ United Racing Club Kramer Cup Saturday, May 28, to honor the memory of sprint car racing legend Kramer Williamson of Palmyra, who succumbed to injuries he sustained in a sprint car racing accident at the Lincoln Speedway in Abbottstown in 2013. The  tribute race marked the second event of the season at Selinsgrove sanctioned by the United Racing Club 360 sprint cars.

There is an old saying that sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. Saturday night's Newville Family of Companies/United Racing Club 360 Sprint Car Kramer Cup feature played out in a way similar to that saying. It was the misfortune of race-long leader Eric Tomecek,  who hit the third turn wall with two to go, that handed the lead to  Mark Smith. Smith had just finished a multi-lap side by side battle with TJ Stutts for the runner up spot when Tomecek wrecked.

Smith got a good start over Stutts on lap 28 and left Jason Shultz and Stutts in battle for second on his way to his second Kramer Cup win and his 17th career Selinsgrove Speedway win. Smith has won eight URC events at the track since 2012.  Saturday night’s $2,573 victory was Smith’s second of the season at Selinsgrove driving the Mach 1 Chassis No. 1 entry.

Smith, Stutts, Shultz, Josh Weller, and Curt Michael were the top five finishers. URC point leader Davie Franek finished in sixth with Troy Betts seventh. Robbie Stillwaggon, Ed Aikin, and Adam Carberry rounded out the top ten finishers.

Josh Weller, Robbie Stillwagon, TJ Stutts, and Mark Smith won heat races for the 34 360 Sprint Car field with the B-Main being won by Nate Snyder. Selinsgrove Ford sponsored $73 to win all heat races in memory of Williamson.  Jordan Thomas was the IBEW Local Electrical Union 1319 Hard Charger by advancing nine positions in the A-main.

Gene Knaub looked like a lock to win the feature that was being made up from April 30th for the Jeff's Auto Body & Recycling Late Models to kick off the night’s racing. Knaub began to have mechanical failure with three laps to go. A two-second lead vanished and Steve Campbell and Coleby Frye were on the leader's tail when the field saw two to go. Knaub withstood the late-race challenges to hang on and win his second career Selinsgrove feature and become the second different winner in the class this season.

Campbell settled for second and held off Frye who finished third. Jeff Rine finished in fourth with Chad Hollenbeck following in fifth. Tony Adams, Jim Yoder, Dave Zona, Matt Cochran, and Austin Berry rounded out the top ten finishers.

Jeff Rine started from the front row of the second Late Model feature of the night looking for his 98th career Selinsgrove Speedway feature  win. By lap nine Rine was in lapped traffic while Steve Campbell worked his way to the front. Rine looked to have the field covered when a late race restart gave Campbell a shot at the leader. Campbell was unable to make the move around Rine on the restart and Rine drifted out of Campbell’s reach to the win.

Campbell was able to hold off polesitter Chris Casner for second. The second place finish was Campbell’s third runner-up finish in the three Late Model races this year at the track. Casner had to settle for third. Tony Adams and Bryan Bernheisel finished out the top five finishers. Jim Yoder came across the line in sixth followed by Chad Hollenback, Shawn Jones, Coleby Frye, and Hayes Mattern. Bryan Bernheisel, Chad Hollenbeck, and Shawn Jones won the heat races with Gene Knaub winning the consolation.

AJ Hoffman led the early stages of the A&A Auto Stores Pro Stock main event while Curtis Lawton hounded him for the race lead. Brandon Moser soon joined the duel at the front for the lead. As Lawton and Moser ran side-by-side Hoffman began to pull away. Opening night winner  Andrew Shoop soon joined the race for second. On lap 7, just before halfway, Shoop slid into second. Shoop closed a little bit on Hoffman, but could not reel in the race leader before the 15-lap feature ended.

Hoffman secured his first win at the track since 2012 saying he didn’t know if he would ever get back to victory lane. Shoop was second just ahead of Moser, Lawton, and Nate Stroup. John Troxell was sixth followed by Jim Payne, Dan Condo, Tommy Slanker, and Bill Conrad. Hoffman and Moser were heat race winners.

Next Saturday night, June 4, at Selinsgrove Speedway the United Racing Club 360 Sprint Cars will return to compete along with the 305 Sprints in an open wheel doubleheader. The rescheduled A&A Auto Stores Pro Stock 20 will also be on the racing card along with two roadrunner features. Gates will open at 5 pm with racing at 7pm.

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360 Sprints – 34 Entries
30-Lap Kramer Cup A-Main:  1) Mark Smith  2) 23 TJ Stutts  3) 29 Jason Shultz  4) 63 Josh Weller   5) 5G Curt Michael  6) 28F Davie Franek  7) 22 Troy Betts  8) 89 Robbie Stillwaggon  9) 21 Ed Aikin  10) 47 Adam Carberry  11) 67 Steve Collins  12) 66 Ryan Kissinger  13) 39 Nate Snyder  14) 79 Jordan Thomas  15) 23A Chris Arnold  16)10K Rob Dietrick  17) 1W Eric Tomecek   18) 39 Eric Parker  19) C4 Jim Shuster  20) 33 Michael Walter II  21) 77 Derek Locke  22) 5W Phil Walter 23) 49S Mallie Shuster  24) 8C Brian Carber  25) 56 Randy West  26) 706 Mark Sasso
Heat Winners:  Josh Weller, Robbie Stillwaggon, TJ Stutts, Mark Smith
B-Main Winner:  Nate Snyder

Late Models – 29 Entries
Make-Up 25-Lap A-Main from April 30:  1) 1 Gene Knaub  2) 2 Steve Campbell   3) 0 Coleby Frye  4) 2J Jeff Rine  5) 4D Chad Hollenbeck  6) 88 Tony Adams  7) 27 Jim Yoder  8) 99Z Dave Zona  9) 16 Matt Cochran  10) 86 Austin Berry  11) 10 Dave Stamm  12) 33C Chris Casner  13) 0B Larry Baer  14) 4S Danny Snyder  15) 28 Jason Smith  16) 9 Hayes Mattern  17) 99 Steve Stitt  18) 15 Shaun Miller  19) 77 Dick Houtz  20) 119B Bryan Bernheisel  21) 24J Jon Rohacevich  22) 79 Jason Nace  23) 33 Chris Casner  24) 88T Ernie Millon  25) 000Shawn Jones
25-Lap A-Main:  1) 2J Jeff Rine  2) 2 Steve Campbell  3) 33C Chris Casner  4) 88 Tony Adams  5) 119B bryan Bernheisel  6) 27 Jim Yoder  7) 4D Chad Hollenbeck  8) 000 Shaun Jones  9) 0 Coleby Frye  10) 9 Hayes Mattern  11) 16 Matt Cochran  12) 2 Andrew Yoder  13) 86 Austin Berry  14) 10 Dave Stamm  15) 7M Meade Hahn  16) 90 Kyle Rhoads  17) 99 Steve Stitt  18) 28 Jason Smith  19) 99Z Dave Zona  20) 63 Nathan Long  21) 79 Jason Nace  22) 1 Gene Knaub  23) 33 Derrick Casner  24) 24J Jon Rohacevich
Heat Winners:  Bryan Bernheisel, Chad Hollenbeck, Shaun Jones

B-Main Winner:  Gene Knaub
Pro Stocks – 18 Entries
15-Lap A-Main:  1)6C AJ Hoffman  2) 8S Andrew Shoop  3) 8M Brandon Moser 4) 33 Curtis Lawton  5) 26 Nate Stroup  6) 55T John Troxell  7) 28 Dan Condo  8) 40 Tommy Slanker  9) 14C Bill Conrad  10) 19 Brandon Auman  11) 83 Matt Wilson  12) 28J Jeff Ceballo  13) 99H Peanut Heintzelman  14) 88Matt Hornberger  15) 4 Jim Payne  16) 8K Jeremy Kline
Heat Winners:  AJ Hoffman, Brandon Moser

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