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HANOVER, PA (9/9/2016) – After two unsuccessful attempts to start the race, Abbottstown’s Mike Bittinger outran polesitter Wyatt Hinkle to the first turn and led every lap of the non-stop 25-lap feature for 358 sprint cars at Trail-Way Speedway Friday night.

“I’m an old man,” said Bittinger upon exiting his Apple Automotive/Boulder Pools #12 in victory lane, “They really made me feel old in the heat and knocked me all around.”

“Starting position helped tonight,” added Bittinger, “I’ve been down on myself that past few months, and tonight was a great way to end the year.  I started paying attention to the scoreboard there toward the end.  I wasn’t going full-bore until the 77 stuck his nose under me, and decided I’d step it up and give it everything I had.”

Bittinger’s second win of the year came one week after picking up the hard luck bonus in the Lincoln/Trail-Way two night “Shootout.”  The non-stop 25-lap time was six minutes, 10.06 seconds.  

David Holbrook’s second-place finish was good enough to lock up the 2016 Trail-Way track title.

“We came up short tonight, and that was driver error,” said Holbrook during a brief interview in victory lane, “I want to thank (car owner) Mike Parris and the crew for a great job this season.  We’ll be back next year and be better than ever.”

Holbrook started third and drove around Hinkle for the runner-up spot on lap 14.  Fourth-starting caught Hinkle for third on lap 14 and finished there, with TW rookie of-the-year Tyler Walton and Hinkle rounding out the top five.
Sixth through ninth were Zach Euculano, Dave Thrush, Cody Fletcher, and hard charger Shane Yost, who started 14th.  Dan Richcreek was a DNF but credited with tenth.

One of the two unsuccessful attempts to start the race was marred by a five-car crash that involved heat winners Cody Fletcher and Dwight Leppo, Seth Kearchner, Randy Whisler, and Brody Treaster.  The cars of Kearchner and Leppo flipped, and both driver were uninjured but done for the night.  The other three were able to continue.

2015 track champ Cory Myers raced to his first win of the year in the 20-lap Mason-Dixon 270cc  micro-sprint feature. He held of the race-long challenges of Bill Laughman for the win, with Chad Myers, Brian Marriott, and Jim Still rounding out the top five.

Chad’s third-place finish secured the 2016 track title.

Heats for the 21 micros were won by the Myers brothers and Steven Cox.

Mike Goodwin claimed the 2016 TW street stock title with his third win of the year in the 20-lap street stock feature.  Travis Leh, Jeremy Stremmel, Marshall McMullen, and Zach Myers rounded out the top five.

Stremmel and McMullen finished in a dead tie for second in the season point series, seven points behind Goodwin.
Heats for the 12 street stocks were won by Dalton Myers and Goodwin.

The limited stock feature was wiped out by rain, with Justin Wagaman claiming the season point title by 15 points over Robbie Carroll.

Qualifiers for the 18 limited stocks were won by rookie of-the-year Charles Millender and Matt Chronister.
Drivers from the limited stock division were paid for the night based on their heat race finishes.

Tomorrow, Saturday, September 10th, Trail-Way hosts the final AMA Motorcycle Flat Track races of the 2016 season. Gates open at 3:00 p.m., with racing scheduled to begin at 6:00 p.m.

Trail-Way Speedway will be dark next weekend, September 16-17, but will return on Saturday September 24th, with the 27th Annual Kevin Gobrecht Memorial. The 270 & 600 Micro Sprints will join the Central PA Legends. Gates open at 4:00 p.m., with heats beginning at 6:00 p.m.

The 18th Annual “Thunder on the Farm” will be held Saturday, October 1st. The Precise Racing Products 358 Late Models will highlight the three-division event with their final series point race of 2016. Joining the Late Models will be the Street Stocks and the Limited Stocks. Gates open at 4:00 p.m. with heats beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Pre-registration and additional information regarding the Kevin Gobrecht Memorial and Thunder on the Farm, will be made available on our website,, in the coming days.

For all the latest news and related information from Trail-Way Speedway, fans are reminded to visit the speedway website at The complete story and agate from each race night is posted shortly after the final checkered flag.

Friday September 9, 2016
Trail-Way Speedway
Hanover, PA
For Immediate Release


FEATURE (25 Laps) – 1. 12-Mike Bittinger; 2. 77-David Holbrook; 3. 41-Jeff Halligan; 4. 4R-Tyler Walton; 5. 19D-Wyatt Hinkle; 6. 10-Zach Euculano; 7. 22T-Dave Thrush; 8. 66A-Cody Fletcher; 9. 99Y-Shane Yost; 10. 80M-Dan Richcreek (DNF); 11. 64-Randy Whisler (DNF); 12. 10T-Brody Treaster (DNF); 13. 30-Seth Kearchner (DNF); 14. 4-Dwight Leppo (DNF); 15. 00-Chris Frank (DNS); 16. 39-JB Cunningham, Jr. (DNS). Time – 6:10.06

Lap Leaders: Mike Bittinger (1-25)

358 Sprint Heat 1 Finish (10 Laps/All Qualify) – 1. 66A-Cody Fletcher; 2. 4R-Tyler Walton; 3. 30-Seth Kearchner; 4. 41-Jeff Halligan; 5. 12-Mike Bittinger; 6. 10T-Brody Treaster; 7. 64-Randy Whisler (DNF); 8. 00-Chris Frank (DNF). Time – 2:26.9410

358 Sprint Heat 2 Finish (10 Laps/All Qualify) – 1. 4-Dwight Leppo; 2. 10-Zach Euculano; 3. 22T-Dave Thrush; 4. 77-David Holbrook; 5. 19D-Wyatt Hinkle; 6. 80M-Dan Richcreek; 7. 99Y-Shane Yost; 8. 39-JB Cunningham, Jr. (DNS). Time – 2:21.18


FEATURE (20 Laps) – 1. 20-Cory Myers; 2. 2-Bill Laughman; 3. 32-Chad Myers; 4. 18-Brian Marriott; 5. 8-Jim Still; 6. 44-Mike Boer; 7. 64-Levi Peck; 8. 58-Steven Cox; 9. 6-Tim McClelland; 10. 1B-Brent Bull; 11. 1D-Todd Martin; 12. 20H-Eric Heath; 13. 29C-Jeff Arigo; 14. 16-Keera Dupler; 15. 5-Shannon Weaver (1 lap down); 16. 09-John Horton (1 lap down); 17. 12-Duane Trone (DNF); 18. 99-Joe Trone, Jr. (DNF); 19. 4T4-Joe Long, Jr. (DNF); 20. 84-Zachary Glass (DNF); 21. 32M-Shaun McIntyre (DNF).

Lap Leaders: Cory Myers (1-20)

270 Micro Heat 1 Finish (8 Laps/All Qualify) – 1. 20-Cory Myers; 2. 8-Jim Still; 3. 18-Brian Marriott; 4. 6-Tim McClelland; 5. 84-Zachary Glass; 6. 20H-Eric Heath; 7.12-Duane Trone. Time – 2:15.16

270 Micro Heat 2 Finish (8 Laps/All Qualify) – 1. 32-Chad Myers; 2. 4T4-Joe Long, Jr.; 3. 44-Mike Boer; 4. 1D-Todd Martin; 5. 16-Keera Dupler; 6. 32M-Shaun McIntyre; 7. 5-Shannon Weaver (DNF). No time.

270 Micro Heat 3 Finish (8 Laps/All Qualify) – 1. 58-Steven Cox; 2. 2-Bill Laughman; 3. 64-Levi Peck; 4. 29C-Jeff Arigo; 5. 99-Joe Trone, Jr.; 6. 1B-Brent Bull; 7. 09-John Horton. Time – 2:17.81


FEATURE (20 Laps) – 1. 33-Michael Goodwin; 2. 25-Travis Leh; 3. 51-Jeremy Stremmel; 4. 81F-Marshall McMullen; 5. 94M-Zach Myers; 6. 60-Aaron Beard; 7. 94-Dalton Myers; 8. 27H-Dan Furman; 9. 1J-Eric Johnson (DNF); 10. 100-Matt Wampler (DNF); 11. 9-Joseph Racine (DNF); 12. 1W-Brian Walls (DNS). No time.

Lap Leaders: Michael Goodwin (1-20)

Street Stock Heat 1 Finish (8 Laps – Shortened To 3 Laps/All Qualify) – 1. 94-Dalton Myers; 2. 1J-Eric Johnson; 3. 25-Travis Leh (DNF); 4. 100-Matt Wampler (DNF); 5. 51-Jeremy Stremmel (DNF); 6. 1W-Brian Walls (DNF). No time.

Street Stock Heat 2 Finish (8 Laps/All Qualify) – 1. 33-Michael Goodwin; 2. 94M-Zach Myers; 3. 81F-Marshall McMullen; 4. 27H-Dan Furman; 5. 9-Joseph Racine; 6. 60-Aaron Beard (DNS). Time – 2:42.75


FEATURE (15 Laps) – Race cancelled due to rain.

Lap Leaders: N/A

Limited Stock Heat 1 Finish (6 Laps/All Qualify) – 1. 81-Matt Chronister; 2. 16-Julio Perez; 3. 32-Jeff Foster; 4. 12-Kyle Rohrbaugh; 5. 39-Shane Miller; 6. 30-Justin Wagaman; 7. 89-Wes Miller; 8. 8-Roger Rhodes III; 9. 36-Bobby Wellman (DNF). Time – 2:06.75

Limited Stock Heat 2 Finish (6 Laps/All Qualify) – 1. 64-Charles Millender; 2. 38-Jason Chornister; 3. 88-Justin Oberlin; 4. 69-Robbie Carroll; 5. 2-Chad Weaver; 6. 77-Matt Worley; 7. 51-Zach Rock; 8. 42-Cliff Szczepanski; 9. 28-Ryan Davis. Time – 2:09.28

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