Monday, October 17, 2016

Central PA Racing Scene 2016 Awards Winners

Well the 2016 racing season is almost over and the past 2 weeks you the fans have cast your votes for who you think were the best drivers in Central PA. Well your votes have been counted as have the voted from the 6 racing insiders who helped pick the winners in each category. After all the votes were counted here are the winners of the Central PA Racing Scene 2016 Awards.

2016 410 driver of the year - Lance Dewease

2016 358 Driver of the Year - Doug Hammaker

2016 360 Driver of the Year - Mark Smith

2016 Super Sportsman Driver of the Year - Russ Mitten

2016 Most Improved 410 Driver - Brock Zearfoss

2016 Most Improved 358 Driver - Brie Hershey

2016 Best Appearing Sprint Car - Randy Baughman

2016 Track of the Year in Central PA - Port Royal Speedway

I will be handing out the awards to Lance Dewease, Doug Hammaker, Brock Zearfoss, Brie Hershey, Randy Baughman and Port Royal Speedway on November 5th at Susquehanna Speedway. Thank you to all the fans who cast your vote and to the 6 insiders who cast their vote for these incredible drivers.

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