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Predictions for 2017....And a few random thoughts......

Hello and welcome back to another round of my thoughts.....
This week I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone who took the time to check out my last column, My Thoughts on Summer Fundraisers. To all of those that shared their opinions whether it was on twitter or on the sites Face Book page, THANK YOU. To the drivers, crew members, and families who sent me messages or went the old fashion way and actually gave me a call, THANK YOU. Remember folks, before you get all upset and start sending me death threats, these are just my opinions that I share on the site from time to time. NEVER have I claimed to know everything, or hell even be right in my opinions. To those that agreed with what I said lat time, Awesome !!!! To those that didn't agree, Awesome !!!! What kind of world would we be living in if we all looked at the same things and thought the same thoughts. Would be quite a boring world would it not?

Before I get into the meat of my article this week....PREDICTIONS FOR 2017 I wanted to give a shout out to Beer Hill Gang Live and PA Sprint Car Live show. For those that don't know Earl Hoon Jr, Bert Wojcik, and Justin Snyder from PA have gotten together and have a live interview show every Thursday night RIGHT HERE. They also do live interviews with drivers after the races each week and special live feeds before the bigger shows around Central PA. I have been able to catch a few of the shows at different times, and I must say these guys do a great job bringing the fans up close with the best sprint car drivers in our area. I stopped by their booth at the Racing Extravaganza Show back in February and had the chance to meet the host Mr. Hoon and told him personally how much I enjoyed the show so do yourself a favor and get on Face Book and look the show up and give it a like, you wont be disappointed.

Now I'm not gonna get to carried away this week but I figured with Lincoln Speedway beating the odds and getting the Ice Breaker 30 and the start of the 2017 racing season started 2 weeks ago, and Port Royal and Williams Grove Speedway's scheduled to kick off their 2017 racing seasons this coming weekend I would attempt to make myself look even more of a fool then normal (yeah I know how the hell can I make myself look any worse right?) are my predictions for the 2017 racing season.

I want to start off with Williams Grove Speedway and the 410 division. The 410 division will see a new name etched into the record books in 2017 as track champion and my pick is non other then Brian Montieth. Brian has come close before and with the defending track champion Greg Hodnett doing some traveling in 2017 I think this will be the year that "The Edge" finally gets over the hump and makes history as the first new champion not named Hodnett, Rahmer, Dewease,Krietz, or Shaffer since 1990.
For the 358 division my pick is a guy who has been close the past 2 years only to loose it by the slimmest of margins, Doug Hammaker. Doug was edged out by Chase Dietz in 2015 and was sidelined by injury at the end of the 2016 season so Doug has something to prove this year. Look for him to finally join his father the "Godfather" as a track champion at the historic half mile.

Down at Lincoln Speedway the 410 division will also see a new 410 and 358 track champion in 2017. In the 410 division look for the new pairing of Cory Haas and Joe Trone to take the championship for the first time together in a close battle with his friend Alan Krimes. In the 358 division look for the 2016 Central PA 358 Point Series Rookie of the Year Brent Shearer to back up his strong rookie season with a track championship following the likes of Logan Schuchart and Chase Dietz in backing up his rookie of the year campaign with a track championship.

Port Royal Speedway do not look for the defending track champion Doug Esh to repeat, but you can keep it in the family so to speak. Brock Zearfoss will be crowned the 7th different track champion since 2010.

Selinsgrove Speedway will see the return of the 360's and a former track champion and a driver who dominated the track back in the early 2000's with three straight track championships "Bad" Chad Layton, BUT he will not win his 4th track championship in 2017. Look for the 2 time and defending track champion and 2 time Central PA Racing Scene 360 driver of the year Mark Smith to repeat as track champion once again. If you are looking for a dark horse look no farther then the driver from Abbottstown Pa own Erich Tomecek.

Susquehanna Speedway in its 2nd season under the ownership of Scott Gobrecht and under the watchful eye of Kolten Gouse will host the Super Sportsman division. Look for a different track champion at the Newberry Town Oval in 2017 but one who is not new to being called a champion. Scott Geesey will return to the top of the heap in 2017.

And finally.....
Down at the bullring Trail Way Speedway look for the 4th different track champion in 4 years. Look for the #4 of Dwight Leppo to have the best season of his young career and win his first ever 358 track championship at the track over 2016 track champion David Holbrook and Cody Fletcher who will keep it close all season.

And for your listening pleasure something from the band Throwdown...

Well that all for this week folks. Once again thanks for checking out the site and reading another My Thoughts on......column. If you have any thoughts or predictions on the 2017 racing season please feel free to share them as I would love to see how you all think my predictions will do.

I would love to say I will see you all this weekend but I wouldn't get to excited about the potential 3 race weekend as I would bet my paycheck we don't see any racing this weekend. Hopefully this bad weather will break soon and we can all head to the track in 2 weeks. Until then I hope you all have a safe week and your beverage of choice stays ice cold.
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