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Freddie Rahmer Impresses With Come-From-Behind Williams Grove Sprints Win Nouse grabs 358 main


Photo courtesy of Tony De Seta

Mechanicsburg – Freddie Rahmer stole the show late on Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway, coming forward from the ninth starting spot to record the 410 sprint car win over Cory Haas, who led all but the final two laps.

And in the 358 sprint car main, Kevin Nouse pulled off the same feat, leading only the last two laps, to pick up the feature event.

Cory Haas and Matt Campbell started on the front row of the 410 sprint car feature and Haas took the lead at the start, chased closely by Campbell.

Only one caution flag on the final lap would slow the hectic pace in the feature and before that, both Campbell and Lucas Wolfe took their shots at the win.

Campbell got around Haas for the lead on the third lap only to see Haas reclaim control on the next circuit.

Wolfe meanwhile had started fifth in the field and raced into third on the fifth lap just as Campbell was again mounting a bid for the lead.

But Haas would be up to the challenge and Wolfe then began working on Campbell for second.

It took several laps for Wolfe to get around Campbell for the spot, which he finally did with 11 laps to go thanks to a run in the fourth turn.

Wolfe then set his sights on leader Haas who had been unable to get away from the pack and on the 19th lap Wolfe briefly surged into the lead in the first and second turns only to watch as Haas reclaimed narrow command on the backchute.

And it was then that Rahmer entered the picture, up to fifth and mowing down the field at will.

He took fourth from Rick Lafferty with four to go and at the same time Campbell overtook Wolfe to again run second.

On the 23rd lap, Rahmer blasted from fourth to second, passing by both Campbell and a faltering Wolfe before darting around Haas for the lead in stunning fashion as the white flag unfurled.

But just then Wolfe blew a right rear tire and spun backwards on the frontstretch, causing the lone caution period of the race.

Any potential bid by Haas to regain control proved fruitless on the restart as Rahmer easily drove to the win on the final lap, taking the checkers by .334 seconds.

Campbell rode home third followed by Lafferty and 11th starter Brian Montieth.

Sixth through 10th went to Danny Dietrich, Brock Zearfoss, Greg Hodnett, Doug Esh and Alan Krimes.

Heats went to Campbell, Dietrich and Hodnett with Eric Riggins Jr. taking the consolation.

The win was the seocond of young Rahmer’s career at the oval and it was worth $4,100 including a $500 bonus for winning from the fifth row.

Photo courtesy of Tony De Seta
The 358 sprint main saw polesitter Phil Walter take the lead when the green flag came out chased by second starter Eric Parker.

Parker tried his best to get around Walter but Walter was able to thwart his advances and keep a narrow lead even as the race hit the halfway point and worked through traffic.

However third starter Kevin Nouse was racing third and began finding speed in his machine with eight laps to go, racing to the inside of Parker for second with four laps left.

As leader Walter worked traffic, Nouse drew even with him for the lead as the pair crossed the line with two laps to go and together they boldly raced side by side into the first corner, displaying great skill in not colliding.

Walter tried to use the inside lane to seize slight control as the pair raced out of the second turn and again the pair shot into a corner, this time the third turn, side by side but this time Nouse got the upper hand and took the lead with one to go.

Shortly after taking the white flag, the races only caution unfurled, clearing the track for Nouse who was able to pull away on the final lap for his first win of the year at the track.

Parker got by Walter for second on the final lap.

Jared Esh and Doug Hammaker completed the top five

Sixth through 10th went to Brie Hershey, Adrian Shaffer, Scott Fisher, Jordan Givler and Dave Thrush rounded out the top 10.

Heats went to Parker and Shaffer.

April 21, 2017
Feature Finishes

Sprint cars (25 laps): 1. Freddie Rahmer, 2. Cory Haas, 3. Matt Campbell, 4. Rick Lafferty, 5. Brian Montieth, 6. Danny Dietrich, 7. Brock Zearfoss, 8. Greg Hodnett, 9. Doug Esh, 10. Alan Krimes, 11. TJ Stutts, 12. Dale Blaney, 13. Anthony Macri, 14. Brandon Rahmer, 15. Eric Tomecek, 16. Nicole Bower, 17. Daryl Stimeling, 18. George Streaker Jr., 19. Eric Riggins Jr., 20. Lucas Wolfe, 21. Troy Fraker, 22. Mike Walter II., 23. Kyle Pruitt, 24. Aaron Ott

DNQ: George Streaker Sr.

358 Sprints (20 laps): 1. Kevin Nouse, 2. Eric Parker, 3. Phil Walter, 4. Jared Esh, 5. Doug Hammaker, 6. Brie Hershey, 7. Adrian Shaffer, 8. Scott Fisher, 9. Jordan Givler, 10. Dave Thrush, 11. Troy Wagaman Jr., 12. Chris Frank, 13. Matt Findley, 14. Brett Wanner, 15. TJ Dehaven, 16. Rich Eichelberger, 17. Jeff Halligan

DNS: Chris Arnold, Nyle Berkes, DJ Montgomery

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