Monday, June 26, 2017

Darren Miller picks up Port win

Date 6/24/2017 Port Royal

Darren Miller wired the field in the 18-lap 305 sprint main for the first win of his career at Port Royal Speedway.

Jeff Miller raced into second early from the sixth starting spot and kept leader Darren Miller honest for the entire distance.

Only on the final lap however as the pair headed to the checkered flag and Darren Miller got bottled up by traffic was Jeff Miller able to challenge for the victory.

Tyler Reeser rode home third followed by Cale Reigle and Ken Duke Jr.
 305 sprints, 18 laps: 1. Darren Miller, 2. Jeff Miller, 3. Tyler Reeser, 4. Cale Reigle, 5. Ken Duke Jr., 6. Drew Ritchey, 7. Dave Guss Jr., 8. John Walp, 9. Kassidy Kreitz, 10. Kyle Ganoe, 11. Erin Statler, 12. Tom Worrick, 13. Scott Ellerman, 14. Zach Newlin, 15. Ron Aurand, 16. Reed Thompson, 17. Tyler Denochik, 18. Mike Alleman, 19. Stephanie Dodson, 20. Jay Krout, 21. Coltt Lepley, 22. Nathan Gramley, 23. Dave Grube, 24. Brian Sweitzer

DNQ: Josh Dressler, Billy Burkholder, Jim Wagner

Heats went to Kyle Ganoe, Duke Jr. and Drew Ritchey with the consolation race going to Tyler Denochik.

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