Saturday, June 24, 2017

Tye Wolfgang Promotions to Present “Crowd Pleaser” Award in Speedweek

The 2017 Speedweek is set to be a big one. Outside invaders, local powerhouses, and lots of money are raising the hype. Tye Wolfgang Promotions is looking to throw in a little flavor.

“I wanted to do something that would build anticipation and give back to the teams while getting fans involved,” said Wolfgang of the plan. The award will be titled as the “Crowd Pleaser” award. The driver that passes the most cars combined all week long in the main events, wins. Simple, no gimmicks, no stipulations, just passing. “Basically it’s a weeklong hard charger award. You don’t have to even win a hard charger award.”

If a driver competes in less events and passes more cars then someone who raced every race, the driver who passed the most cars wins, simple. “I literally can’t make this any easier, pass more cars than anybody else, and take the prizes.”

Wolfgang is always looking for fan interaction. His non-self-profit efforts rely on support from the local scene to give back to teams. “I get nothing out of this stuff, I just do it to give back to the teams.” The fans come in in the sense of prizes. Wolfgang would like to accumulate, not only some cash, but tires and fuel for the winning team. Sprint Dudes, a website in which Wolfgang is employed by has stepped up to provide the award plaque that the winner will receive. “Fred at Sprint Dudes is an awesome guy. He stepped up and is providing us with the plaque so we didn’t have to worry about that end of things.”

So now Wolfgang is going to work trying to find the “pricey prizes.”  He is set looking for the fans help while still giving them something in return. “We are looking definitely for tires and money to give the winning team and some fuel wouldn’t hurt.” Any group or person who donates $50 or more will be listed as a full sponsor, but of course anything is a help. “All week long I will have Tye Wolfgang Promotions and special “Crowd Pleaser” decals for sale for $5 each along with some items from Sprint Dudes. “ I can’t stress enough that anything, I mean anything helps. If you walk by and dump your pocket change in the “Crowd Pleaser “Award jar we will have a little something for you. I want to please everyone.  Everyone who donates can sign the banner that will be along all week long. At the end, the banner with everyone’s signature will be given to the winning driver as well.
Wolfgang wanted to up the ante a little. “If we get three tires or $500 I’ll do a big online give away and Tye Wolfgang Promotions will buy one lucky fans way into Saturday at the National Open.” Of course he is open to expansion or suggestion. “Heck if someone comes along and wants to donate something to the raffle or whatever we’ll do that too! You just get ahold of me.”

More details will follow in the days to come; however Wolfgang needs to get a jump on things, and any pre-order for decals or pre-donations are extremely appreciated. “We got to get rolling man, it’s Speedweek. I’m going to drop a hint here, but we could use tires, there isn’t a team in the country that won’t appreciate tires.”

Wolfgang can be contacted for any reason concerning the promotion at 717-250-2602, or on twitter at @gramley23. “I want to thank everyone in advance.” – Tye  

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