Saturday, July 01, 2017

Crowd Pleaser, After Night One

After the opening round of points at Williams Grove Speedway, it is Brandon Rahmer sitting in the hot seat atop the #crowdpleaser Award standings. Rahmer who has accumulated ten points, (one for each pass made during the main events) is followed by Rodney Westhaffer with eight points. Then a three way tie with Freddie Rahmer, Brian Montieth and Aaron Ott.  James McFadden, Jared Esh can be found in a tie. Eighth and ninth are occupied by Gregg Hodnett and Danny Dietrich. Anthony Macri and Rick Lafferty currently sit tied for tenth.

Something that caused some discrepancy was the fact that Lance Dewease was scheduled for the front row and dropped out before the green flag. For the purpose of the award, passes are based off the original line up therefore it was basically las if everyone was given one pass to start to main event. Then obviously some drivers fell back in the order while others progressed forward. Wolfgang wants to again remind everyone to watch his “Sponsor Spotlight” to witness the great sponsors who made this award possible.

Crowd Pleaser Points
(each pass equals a point, simple)

1. Brandon Rahmer (10 points)

2. Rodney Westhaffer (8 points)

3. (3 way tie) Freddie Rahmer, Brian Montieth, Aaron Ott (5points)

6.     (2 way tie) James McFadden, Jared Esh (4 points)

8.    (2 way tie) Greg Hodnett, Danny Dietrich (3points)

10. (2 way tie) Anthony Macri, Rick Lafferty (2 Points)

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