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Shearer 12th different winner in 15 races in 358 sprints; Charlie Summers takes Dizzy Dean Memorial in Classic Cars
ABBOTTSTOWN, PA – August 5, 2017 – Freddie Rahmer has struggled at Lincoln this year, but he had ‘em covered in scoring his second win of the year in the 25-lap feature for 410 sprint cars in the Pigeon Hills Saturday night.

“I just want to win,” said Rahmer upon exiting his Leffler Energy/Miller Brothers Chevrolet/Trans East Equipment #51 in victory lane, “I want more nights like tonight.”

Saturday was night number-one of the Lincoln/Susquehanna/Trail-Way tri-track “Shootout,” and a redraw for the front 12 cars placed Rahmer sixth for the start. He drove into the top five by the end of the second lap and passed Chad Trout for fourth a lap later. In the meantime, polesitter Gerard McIntyre, Jr. was leading the field.

Rahmer hung in fourth for the next 16 laps while Chase Dietz and Glenndon Forsythe battled for position chasing McIntyre for the race lead.

Dietz struck both the turn two and turn four walls several times and slowed on lap 19, just before the red flag waved for a four-car tangle in turns one and two that saw Scott Fisher roll onto his side. Dietz went to the pits during the red and did not return.

On the subsequent restart, Rahmer and Montieth lined up second and third, with Forsythe now fourth.

That led to a three-car battle for the lead, with Rahmer driving under McIntyre when McIntyre hopped the cushion in turn four of the 19th lap, allowing both Rahmer and Montieth to slip by. A caution flag flew a lap later, as the side panel on the front wing of Montieth became dislodged and landed on the backstretch. McIntyre slid back in front of Montieth on the restart and Montieth wrestled with his ill-handling car. Forsythe reclaimed third from Montieth on lap 23.

“They started to get free and I was waiting on lapped traffic,” said Rahmer, “I made my move when I had to on that restart. We’ve been fast at the Grove and on the big tracks, but we’ve struggled here a little. I need to stop worrying about the car and just drive.”

Crossing fifth behind Rahmer, McIntyre, Forsythe, and Montieth was ninth-starting Cory Haas, with Jim Siegel, Alan Krimes, Trout, Brandon Rahmer, and Tim Wagaman finishing sixth through tenth.

Heats for the 26 “410” Sprinters were won by Tyler Ross, Haas, and Montieth, with Tim Glatfelter winning the consolation.

Brent Shearer raced to his first win of the year and second career Lincoln win in the 20-lap “358” sprint car feature. He started sixth and caught polesitter and race-long leader Kody Hartlaub for the top spot on lap 13. He led the rest of the way, with 11th-starting Doug Hammaker coming on strong at the end to finish second. Hartlaub settled for third, followed by point leader Adrian Shaffer and Cody Fletcher.

Heats for the 27 “358” Sprinters were won by Todd Gracey, Jordan Givler, and Fletcher, with Steve Wilbur winning the consolation.

Charlie Summers was the winner of the 20-lap Dizzy Dean Memorial for Classic Cars. Summers started fourth, grabbed the lead from polesitter and race-long leader Neal Reamer on lap 13, and held Reamer off over the final seven laps.

Third through fifth were Wes Brown, Joe Brown, and Ron Grove.

Heats for the 12 Classic Racing Series cars were won by Joe Brown and Reamer.

Lincoln is back in action next Saturday night, August 12th, with McSHERRYSTOWN MOOSE LODGE #720 NIGHT featuring the 410 Sprints, 358 Sprints, and All-American Outlaws. Time trials for the 410 sprinters will get underway at 7:30 PM. Gates will open at 5:30 PM.

To get all the latest news, results, schedule changes and rule changes, visit Lincoln Speedway's website at to stay up-to-date on all the action or pending weather conditions at Central Pennsylvania's "Premier" Saturday night race track - The Fabulous Lincoln Speedway.

Saturday, August 5, 2017
Abbottstown, PA

410 Sprint Feature Finish (25 Laps) – 1. 51-Freddie Rahmer ($3,200); 2. 16-Gerard McIntyre, Jr.; 3. 2W-Glenndon Forsythe; 4. 21-Brian Montieth; 5. 39-Cory Haas; 6. 59-Jim Siegel; 7. 87-Alan Krimes; 8. 1X-Chad Trout; 9. 88-Brandon Rahmer; 10. 1*-Tim Wagaman; 11. 5-Tyler Ross; 12. 99M-Kyle Moody; 13. 69-Tim Glatfelter; 14. 16C-Matt Campbell; 15. 74-Dwayne Gutshall; 16. 10-Joe Kata III; 17. 5G-Chase Dietz (DNF); 18. 21T-Scott Fisher (DNF); 19. 7K-Dan Shetler (DNF); 20. 17-Cole Young (DNF); 21. 3B-Randy Baughman (DNF); 22. 39M-Anthony Macri (DNF); 23. 55K-Robbie Kendall (DNF); 24. 27G-Jay Galloway (DNF). No Time.

Lap Leaders – Gerard McIntyre, Jr. (1-18), Freddie Rahmer (19-25)

410 Sprint Heat One Finish (10 laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 5-Tyler Ross; 2. 51-Freddie Rahmer; 3. 1*-Tim Wagaman; 4. 16-Gerard McIntyre, Jr.; 5. 10-Joe Kata, III; 6. 27G-Jay Galloway; 7. 74-Dwayne Gutshall; 8. 23K-Todd Zinn; 9. 49H-Bradley Howard. No Time

410 Sprint Heat Two Finish (10 laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 39-Cory Haas; 2. 5G-Chase Dietz; 3. 87-Alan Krimes; 4. 2W-Glenndon Forsythe; 5. 55K-Robbie Kendall; 6. 21T-Scott Fisher; 7. 69-Tim Glatfelter; 8. 39M-Anthony Macri; 9. 3B-Randy Baughman. Time – 2:29.139

410 Sprint Heat Three Finish (10 laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 21-Brian Montieth; 2. 59-Jim Siegel; 3. 1X-Chad Trout; 4. 88-Brandon Rahmer; 5. 99M-Kyle Moody; 6. 7K-Dan Shetler; 7. 17-Cole Young; 8. 16C-Matt Campbell. No Time

410 Sprint Consolation Finish (10 laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 69-Tim Glatfelter; 2. 16M-Matt Campbell; 3. 39M-Anthony Macri; 4. 74-Dwayne Gutshall; 5. 17-Cole Young; 6. 3B-Randy Baughman; 7. 49H-Bradley Howard; 8. 23-Todd Zinn. No Time

358 Sprint Feature Finish (20 Laps) – 1. 12-Brent Shearer ($1,000); 2. 66-Doug Hammaker; 3. 11D-Kody Hartlaub; 4. 27-Adrian Shaffer; 5. 66A-Cody Fletcher; 6. 41-Jeff Halligan; 7. 19-Troy Wagaman, Jr. ; 8. 9-Dalton Dietrich; 9. 89-Ashley Cappetta; 10. 119-Chandler Leiby; 11. 90-Jordan Givler; 12. 19D-Wyatt Hinkle; 13. 28-Matt Findley; 14. 59-Steve Wilbur; 15. 91-Brie Hershey; 16. 5-Phil Walter; 17. 23B-Todd Rittenhouse, Jr.; 18. 5A-Zachary Allman; 19. 59T-Tim Stallings; 20. 23J-Jake Eldreth (DNF); 21. 41B-Tyler Ross (DNF); 22. 15S-Shai Morris (DNF); DNS: 19G-Todd Gracey; 10-Mike Myers. No Time.

Lap Leaders – Kody Hartlaub (1-12), Brent Shearer (13-20)

358 Sprint Heat One Finish (10 laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 19G-Todd Gracey; 2. 41-Jeff Halligan; 3. 23-Todd Rittenhouse, Jr.; 4. 66-Doug Hammaker; 5. 19D-Wyatt Hinkle; 6. 59T-Tim Stallings; 7. 59-Steve Wilbur (DNF); 8. 13S-Jon Stewart (DNF); 9. 91-Brie Hershey. Time: 2:29:90

358 Sprint Heat Two Finish (10 laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 90-Jordan Givler; 2. 27S-Adrian Shaffer; 3. 11D-Kody Hartlaub; 4. 23J-Jake Eldreth; 5. 89-Ashley Cappetta; 6. 41B-Tyler Ross; 7. 15S-Shai Morris; 8. 51-Austen TreNuchet; 9. 5A-Zachary Allman. Time: 2:29:28

358 Sprint Heat Three Finish (10 laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 66A-Cody Fletcher; 2. 9-Dalton Dietrich; 3. 12-Brent Shearer; 4. 19-Troy Wagaman; 5. 119-Chandler Leiby; 6. 28-Matt Findley; 7. 5-Phil Walter; 8. 10-Mike Myers. DNS: 8-Kenny Kuhn. Time: 2:33:56

358 Sprint Consolation Finish (10 laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 59-Steve Wilbur; 2. 91-Brie Hershey; 3. 5-Phil Walter; 4. 15S-Shai Morris; 5. 5A-Zachary Allman; 6. 10-Mike Myers; 7. 51-Austin Treuchet. Time – 2:44.34

Classic Racing Series Feature Finish (20 Laps) – 1. 07-Charlie Summers; 2. 73-Neal Reamer; 3. 86-Wes Brown; 4. 89-Joe Brown; 5. 09-Ron Grove; 6. 100-Chad Stine; 7. 95-Sharon Unitas; 8. 117-Steve Clemo; 9. 4-Dorsey Weaver; 10. 9-Dylan Brown; 11. X-Jim Rost. No Time

Lap Leaders – Neal Reamer (1-12), Charlie Summers (13-20)

Classic Racing Series Heat One Finish (8 laps) – 1. 89-Joe Brown; 2. 86-Wes Brown; 3. 09-Ron Grove; 4. 9-Dylan Brown; 5. X-Jim Rost; DNS – 56-Lance Grove. No Time

Classic Racing Series Heat Two Finish (8 laps) – 1. 73-Neil Reamer; 2. 07-Charlie Summers; 3. 117-Steve Clemo; 4. 4-Dorsey Weaver; 5. 95-Sharon Unitas; 6. 100-Chad Stine; 7. 89-Roland Brown. No Time

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