Saturday, November 04, 2017

Wolfe Takes Night 1 of the Big Track Classic

Lucas Wolfe about the Pabst Blue Ribbon #5w overtook Kevin Nagy on lap 12 and cruised to night 1 of the Big Track Classic at the Bridgeport Speedway.

With 28 cars signed into the pit area, 3 heat races and 1 consolation race were used to set the 24-car starting lineup for the 25-lap feature event. Heat race wins went to Robbie Stillwaggon, Curt Michael and Adam Carberry. The consolation race was won by Josh Weller.

With the redraw competed, the front row of Kevin Nagy and Curt Michael lead the 24-car field to the green flag. Nagy quickly jumped out to an early lead and with the first caution shown on lap 5 for Mark Bitner, Nagy lead over Michael, JJ Grasso, Robbie Stillwaggon and Lucas Wolfe.

On the restart, Nagy again jumped out to the lead at the strong running 45 car pulled away from 2nd place Michael, but quickly the caution flag was shown again, this time for Chris Allen whose car came to a rest in turn 3. Allen was pushed to the infield and Nagy again pulled away on the restart.

As Nagy was getting into heavy lapped traffic, a now 2nd place car of Lucas Wolfe saw his opportunity and overtook Nagy on lap 11. A lap 12 caution saw a new leader with Wolfe leading the way followed by Nagy, Michael, Grasso and Stillwaggon with Josh Weller now shown in 7th place up from his 18th starting position.

On the restart, Wolfe continued to lead and lead the final 14 laps en route to the $2,000 payday. Following Wolfe to the line was Curt Michael, Kevin Nagy, Robbie Stillwaggon and Josh Weller rounding out the top 5.

URC Tidbits: Derek Locke had a strong run in his heat race and qualified in a redraw position only to find motor trouble in the pits afterwards forcing the 77 car to scratch on the night. The rig and trailer towing Josh Weller’s 63 was late arriving due to mechanical trouble. Fellow competitor Troy Betts lent Weller a Tow Rig for the night to get the 63 to the track. Tim Higgins returned to the cockpit after a lengthy amount of time out of the driver’s seat. Higgins qualified for the feature event out of the consolation race.

Feature: 1) #5w Lucas Wolfe 2) #5g Curt Michael 3) #45 Kevin Nagy 4) #89 Robbie Stillwaggon 5) #63 Josh Weller 6) #25 JJ Grasso 7) #47 Adam Carberry 8) #7K Steve Buckwalter 9) #747 Davey Sammons 10) #22 Troy Betts 11) #4 Jimmy Stitzel 12) #56 Chris Coyle 13) #33b Bill Unglert 14) #1 Tom Carberry 15) #13 Tim Higgins 16) #83 Larry McVay 17) #669 Brandon McGough 18) #706 Mark Sasso 19) #555 JR Berry 20) #5z Zack Burd 21) #67w Justin Whittall 22) #17j John Swanson 23) #71 Chris Allen 24) #15 Mark Bitner

DNQ: #77 Derek Locke, #67c Jason Cherry, #56m Randy Wilber, #71x Chris Allen Sr