Monday, April 02, 2018

Frankie Herr takes 2018 Super Sportsman season opener at Baps Motor Speedway

YORK HAVEN, Pa.: Frankie Herr has been considered the top Super Sportsman driver in the last 15 to 20 years.

            Even when he wasn’t full time in the division, he would show up and have little trouble running near or at the front of the field.

            Herr was both Saturday night in the BAPS Motor Speedway opener for 2018. He started on the outside of the front row and won a fierce battle with Jay Fannasy to put another victory on his resume.

            “What a surface,” Herr said in Victory Lane. “These guys at BAPS … Yeah, wow, what a surface. That was fun tonight.”

            But it wasn’t easy.

Herr started on the front row and took the lead at the start. It looked like he would cruise to the win, but Fannasy pressured the leader just past the halfway point.

            The two drivers raced within a mere car-length for a five-lap stretch. Then on Lap 19, Fannasy nosed ahead at the flagstand, as the crowd cheered with excitement.

            But Herr is a veteran. Fannasy got caught behind a lapped car entering Turn 1 on Lap 20, and Herr pounced, taking the lead back and opening up a gap on second place.

            Fannasy had no answer. Herr dominated the last five circuits to add a BAPS Motor Speedway opener to his growing legacy.

            Fannasy finished second, followed by Kenny Edkin, Russ Mitten, and Doug Dodson. Scott Grace was Aero Wings Hard Charger, advancing from 23rd to 16th. Herr, Enders, and Justin Foster were heat winners for the 28-car field.

            In the 20-lap Limited Late Model Feature, Bobby Beard grabbed the lead from Randy Stoudt on Lap 14 and never looked back in claiming the win.

            Stoudt fell out of the event and had to settle for a 21st-place finish. Travis Mease, Paul Cursey, Randy Christine Jr., and early-leader Troy Miller completed the top five in the main event.

            Cursey, Brian Shuey, and Beard were heat winners for the 24-car Limited Late Model field.

            The Street Stock feature was the most entertaining one of the night, as three drivers traded the lead seven times.

            Eric Tripp came out on top of the scrum, ripping past Chris Derr on the last lap to earn the victory in the 20-Lap event.

            Tripp led the first nine circuits, before Brian Walls took over at the front to lead Lap 10. Tripp regained the top spot one lap Later and led until Derr surged out front on the 15th circuit.

            Derr and Tripp traded the lead three times over the last five laps. Finally, Tripp made it could in leading the final circuit.

            Joey Hoffer, Chad Smith, and Matt Adams completed the top five. Walls and Randy Zechman were heat winners for the 18-car field. Travis Horan won the 15-Lap Extreme Stock feature to close the night.


Super Sportsman Feature Finish, 25 Laps: 1. Frankie Herr; 2. Jay Fannasy; 3. Kenny Edkin; 4. Russ Mitten; 5. Doug Dodson; 6. Scott Dellinger; 7. Garrett Williamson; 8. Paul Miller; 9. Chase Gutshall; 10. Justin Foster; 11. Eric Walker; 12. Mike Enders; 13. Davey Walsh; 14. Todd Leonard; 15. Tom Wychoff; 16. Scott Grace; 17. Steve Whary; 18. Chuck Landis; 19. Timmie Barrick; 20. Chad Criswell; 21. Bruce Buckwalter Jr.; 22. Luke Deatrick; 23. Rich Eichelberger; 24. Lanny Hake.

Late Model Feature Finish, 20 Laps: 1. Bobby Beard; 2. Travis Mease; 3. Paul Cursey; 4. Randy Christine; 5. Troy Miller; 6. Dave Latsha; 7. Charlie Potts; 8. Sean Merkel; 9. Shaun Miller; 10. Drew Weisser; 11. Brian Shuey; 12. Byron Sipe; 13. Jake Moser; 14. Kyle Moser; 15. Randy Stoudt; 16. Chuck Cox; 17. Ross Leinbach; 18. Tim Murphy; 19. Garrett Walls; 20. Eric Hohol; 21. John Moser; 22. Matt Murphy; Jed Latshaw (DNS); Chad Earnst (DNS).

Street Stock Feature Finish, 20 Laps: 1. Eric Tripp; 2. Chris Derr; 3. Joey Hoffer; 4. Chad Smith; 5. Matt Adams; 6. Paul Morgan; 7. Jimmy Combs; 8. Josh Bloom; 9. Craig Morgan; 10. Brad Bingaman; 11. Brandon Wanner; 12. Kevin Kolaric; 13. Jim Palm; 14. Randy Zechman; 15. Brian Walls; 16. Eddie Richards.

Extreme Stock Feature Finish, 15 Laps: 1. Travis Horan; 2. Alex Updegraff; 3. Ronnie Grinestaff; 4. Jeff Gill; 5. Patrick McClane; 6. Dan Snyder; 7. Jeff Waltz; 8. Johnny Palm; 9. Richard Daughtrey; 10. Howard Williams; 11. Michael Smith; 12. Richie Dobson; 13. Brandon Staccone; 14. John Frye; 15. Donnie Broderick; 16. Scott Arnold.

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