Wednesday, February 27, 2019

URC, Capitol Renegade extend series sponsorship for 2019

FEBRUARY 26, 2019 – For the third consecutive season, the United Racing Club (URC) welcomes Capitol Renegade back as the series title sponsor.

Capitol Renegade, a division of Capitol Cadillac, was formed in 2010 through the organization’s involvement in the motorsports industry. Since their inception as a renegade dealer, they have become the leader in new innovative ideas and changes to the Renegade brand.

The relationship between URC and Capitol Renegade was forged from a joint passion for the motorsports industry and a desire to give back to those who participate in the sport.

Wayne Quackenbush, general manager of Capitol Renegade, has been involved in racing for 45 years. His father raced, Quackenbush himself raced stock and sprint cars, and now Quackenbush’s son, David, races 360 sprint cars.

“I am a huge sprint car fan and know all too well the struggles it takes to bring a car to the racetrack,” Quackenbush said. “I feel like my involvement helps to give back to people that need it.”

URC president Rick Weller, whose son Josh (2018 series champion) races the full URC schedule, said the partnership is a very good fit.

“We have a traveling sprint car team with a company that sells good quality trailers and toterhomes,” Weller said. “So what we ended up having was something that just fits with us really well. We all use a product that Capitol Renegade has.”

The partnership has been beneficial for both parties over the last two seasons, leading to the extension of the series sponsorship.

“I think the benefit has been very good for both of us,” Weller commented. “I think Capitol Renegade has sold a lot of equipment and I think we’ve gotten a lot of positive exposure out of it as well.”

While Capitol Renegade’s involvement in the local racing community extends much further than the partnership with URC, Quackenbush explained that the values and nature of the club suit his company’s style.

“I like the fact that URC is a little more laid back, it isn’t quite the dog-eat-dog world of the PA 410 division, so we can have fun doing it,” he said. “It’s also just good for business. My products, in one shape or the other, are what every racer has to have to get to the track. I have the ability to get to know and interact with them and hopefully earn their trust to purchase something from us.”

The Capitol Renegade United Racing Club looks to kick off the 2019 season on April 14 at Bridgeport Speedway for their 72nd season opener. While much of the 2018 season was lost due to inclement weather, Weller said he hopes Mother Nature is kinder to the local racing community this year.

“I’m anxious for the season to begin,” Weller said. “A lot of it is more hoping for a dryer summer so maybe we can race some more. Las year was tough. We have a lot of really good tracks that look out for us and a lot of them called early so that we wouldn’t be on the road all the time. I’m very grateful to all the tracks we go to because of the fact that they did make some really good calls last year.”


The United Racing Club is a traveling 360 sprint car organization that was founded in 1947. Following the value “It’s your club, it’s racing the way you want it,” URC is governed by its own membership and runs at local dirt tracks across the northeast. For more information, please visit or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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