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Dietrich, Dewease and Weather Again
  The 2019 Champion Racing Oil/RM Racing Lubricants Central PA Sprint Cars were rained out for the 3rd Friday night in a row at Williams Grove Speedway. On Saturday April 20th the weather cleared enough to get some racing in. Series point leader Danny Dietrich won at Port Royal Speedway for his 4th series win of 2019. Lance Dewease ventured down to Lincoln Speedway for the Weldon Sterner Memorial on Saturday and came away with his 2nd win of the year and the $6,900 check that came with it.
The series continues this coming weekend with Williams Grove attempting again on Friday April 26th.  Lincoln and Port Royal Speedway both run Saturday April 27th. Selinsgrove Speedway will host their first Champion Racing Oil/RM Racing Lubricants Central PA Sprint Cars point race on Sunday April 28th.

Danny Dietrich leads the points over Lucas Wolfe and Ryan Smith.
  Champion Racing Oil, RM Racing Lubricants,, Maxim Chassis, Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic, ButlerBuilt Professional Seat Systems, Conroy Pneu-Control, Capitol Renegade, Fast Tees, LaSalle Racing Engines and J&S Fabrication have all provided towards this point series.
  Product discount certificates sponsors include Wings Unlimited, Panchos Racing Products, Kreitz Oval Track Parts, Keizer Aluminum Wheels,  Zemco Speed Equipment, Triple X Race Co, ATL Fuel Cells, J&J Auto Racing, Smith Titanium, Indy Race Parts, King Racing Products, Rider Racing Engines, Racing Electronics, Red Robin, DMI Inc, Kevin Nouse Designs, Caskey Group & AL Driveline. 
Without the above sponsors the point series payout would not be possible. Thank you to all of them.

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After; April 20                                 

Listing; Position, Car Number, Driver, Points, Series Wins

1.    48    Danny Deitrich    343   4
2.    24    Lucas Wolfe        243   2
3.    72    Ryan Smith        219
4.    51    Freddie Rahmer    187   2
4.    70    Brock Zearfoss    187
6.    39M    Anthony Macri    173
7.    87    Alan Krimes        166   2
8.    21    Brian Montieth    149
9.    99    Kyle Moody        131
10.    15    Adam Wilt        125
11.    69K    Lance Dewease    100   2
11.    17B    Steve Buckwalter    100
13.    59    Jim Siegel        95
14.    5    Dylan Cisney        92    1
15.    39    Cory Haas        90
16.    1x    Chad Trout        86
17.    69    Tim Glatfelter        85
18.    1    Logan Wagner    82
19.    11    Dale Blaney        75
20.    11    T J Stutts        68
21.    12    Blane Heimbach    64   1
22..    75    Chase Dietz        62
23    20    Ryan Taylor        50   1
24.    29    Dan Shetler        49
24.    40    George Hobaugh Jr    49

Champion Racing Oil/RM Racing Lubricants Central PA Point Series 2019 Up-Coming Schedule

 26th-Williams Grove
 27th-Port Royal
3rd-Williams Grove
4th-Port Royal
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    End of Season Product Sponsors: Wings Unlimited , Panchos Racing Products, Kreitz Oval Track Parts, Keizer Aluminum Wheels,  Zemco Speed Equipment, Triple X Race Co, ATL Fuel Cells,
    Caskey Group, J&J Auto Racing, Smith Titanium, Indy Race Parts,  Racing Electronics, Red Robin,  DMI Inc   Kevin Nouse Designs

 King Racing Products,  Rider Racing Engines, HotShoeRacewear,  AL Driveline

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