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SELINSGROVE, Pa. -- Dylan Cisney towed up Route 35 from Port Royal to take his first career win at Selinsgrove Speedway Sunday night in round three of the nine-race Pennsylvania Sprint Car Speedweek Series.

The victory in the 30-lap Opperman/Bogar Memorial was worth $5,000 at the wheel of the Valley Supply No. 5.

Danny Dietrich of Gettysburg was the Fast Tees Fast Qualifier over the 26-car field with a lap time of 18.057.

Ken Duke of Selinsgrove powered to his first career win on the half-mile track in the 20-lap 305 sprint car main event.

Both winners of the open wheel doubleheader Sunday night got their racing starts in go karts and micro sprint cars on the speedway’s smaller one-fifth mile track.

Selinsgrove Speedway will be back in action at 7:30 p.m. this Thursday, July 4, with a special mid-week show featuring Firecracker 30-lap features for both the 360 sprint cars and super late models paying $3,000 to win. The pro stocks and roadrunners will also be on the holiday racing card. Track gates will open at 5 p.m.

There will be no racing at the track on Saturday, July 6.

Track officials made a huge announcement Sunday night that the Jim Nace Memorial 37th Annual National Open for the 410 sprint cars on Saturday, Sept. 14, will pay $20,000 to win.

A multi-car melee unfolded as the field charged off the fourth turn to take the green flag at the start of the 410 sprint car feature, collecting Danny Dietrich, Ryan Smith, Freddie Rahmer, Mike Walter and Kyle Moody with all but Dietrich able to rejoin the race.

Polesitter Blane Heimbach shot to the front when the race got restarted.  He was followed by Dylan Cisney, Kyle Reinhardt, Lucas Wolfe and Tony Stewart.

Reinhardt smacked the second turn wall on lap three bringing out the caution flag.

Heimbach opened a lead while the battle on the track was for third between defending race winner Wolfe and Stewart. Heimbach had built up a three-second lead by the time he drove into lapped traffic and by the midway point Stewart had started to make a charge to the front and was dogging Cisney for second.

Stewart shot into second on lap 17 coming off the fourth turn but Cisney battled back for the position.

The red flag came out when Ryan Smith, who had returned to the field after the first lap crash, lost his top wing and crashed hard into the first turn fence.  A palpable silence hung over the speedway until it was announced the popular Smith was all right and a loud cheer from the fans broke the silence.

A lengthy break was needed to clean up the fuel that was spilled. During the stop, Heimbach changed his wing and was sent to the back of the pack, handing the lead to Cisney.

Wolfe used the outside lane on the restart to get by Stewart for the runner up position while Brock Zearfoss took over third.  He and Stewart performed a high-speed dance around the speedway as Cisney drove away.

“That race belonged to Heimbach and it’s too bad what happened but I’d rather be lucky than good.” Cisney said. “Back in 2002 my dad and I stood here after my first kart win so this is unbelievable.  I got some new sponsors this year and it has allowed us to travel a little bit but I’m still not good on little tracks so it feels good to get back here.”

Cisney beat Stewart by 1.5 seconds followed by Wolfe, Zearfoss and Anthony Macri.

Macri, Cisney and Heimbach won the 410 sprint car heats. Jared Esh won the B-Main.

Ken Duke blasted to the lead in the 305 sprint car feature and was followed by Cale Reigle, Larry McVay, Jake Waters, and Kruz Kepner.   Kepner spun on the first lap, bringing out the yellow flag.  Ryan Lynn started his charge up through the field and on the sixth lap had second spot in his pocket.  Taking the long way around, Lynn started to close on Duke.

Landon Wood spun and slowly rolled on his side to bring out the red on lap 10.

In the waning laps as Duke drove away Dave Grube and Cale Reigle battled for third with Devin Adams soon joining the fray.

After wining many kart and micro races at Raceway Park, Duke claimed his first Selinsgrove big track win over Adams, Reigel, Grube and Rumsey.

305 sprint car heats were won by Larry McVay, Christian Ramsey and Zach Newlin.  The B-Main went to Kenny Heffner.

410 Sprint Cars – 26 Entries
30-Lap A-Main:  1) 5 Dylan Cisney ($5,000)  2) 14 Tony Stewart  3) 24 Lucas Wolfe  4) 70 Brock Zearfoss 5) 39 Anthony Macri  6) 75 Chase Dietz  7) 29 Jason Shultz  8) 51 Freddie Rahmer  9) 5B Justin Barger  10) 12 Blane Heimbach  11) 11 TJ Stutts  12) 99M Kyle Moody  13) 17B Steve Buckwalter  14) 99 Cody Keller  15) 33 Jared Esh  16) 38 Mark Smith  17) 33W Michael Walter  18) 98 Dave Blaney  19) 72 Ryan Smith  20) 53 Jessie Attard  21) 9 Ryan Linder  22) 52 Darren Mollenouyx  23) 91 Kyle Reinhardt  24) 48 Danny Dietrich

Heat Winners:  Anthony Macri, Dylan Cisney, Blane Heimbach
B-Main Winner:  Jared Esh

Time Trials:  1) 48 Danny Dietrich 18.057  2) 24  Lucas Wolfe 18.116  3) 51 Freddie Rahmer 18.138  4) 39 Anthony Macri 18.230  5) 5 Dylan Cisney 18.346  6) 12 Blane Heimbach 18.365   7) 72 Ryan Smith 18.391  8) 17B Steve Buckwalter 18.460  9) 70 Brock Zearfoss 18.465  10) 91 Kyle Reinhardt  11) 98 Dave Blaney 18.584  12) 14 Tony Stewart 18.676  13) 33 Jared Esh 18.707  14) 11 TJ Stutts 18.748  15) 99 Cody Keller  18.749  16) 5B Justin Barger  18.762  17) 29 Jason Shultz 18.819  18) 99M Kyle Moody 18.837  19) 75 Nicole Bower 18.886  20) 75 Chase Dietz 18.945  21) 9 Ryan Linder 19.010  22) 38 Mark Smith 19.060  23) 24 Dustin Baney  24) 33W Michael Walter 19.422  25) 53 Jessie Attard 19.433  26) 52AU Darren Mollenouyx 19.731

305 Sprint Cars – 30 Entries
20-Lap A-Main:  1) 67 Ken Duke  2) 99 Devin Adams  3) 99 Cale Reigle  4) 3D Dave Grube  5) 1R Christian Rumsey  6) 92 Dylan Proctor  7) 83 Larry McVay  8) 33 Scott Lutz  9) 11 Zach Newlin  10) 10 Jake Waters  11) 51 Dave Graber  12) 5 John Walp  13) 2 Erin Statler  14) 97 Kenny Heffner  15) 88 Fred Arnold  16) 6R Reed Thompson  17) 00S Randy Sterling  18) 5 Wally Eshenhaur  19) 17K Kyle Keen  20) 26 Ryan Lynn  21) 69 Landon Price  22) 23 Nathan Gramley  23) 19 Kruz Kepner  24) 71 Josh Spicer

Heat Winners:  Larry McVay, Christian Rumsey, Zach Newlin
B-Main Winner:  Kenny Heffner

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