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Trail Way Speedway winner Tim McClelland at Lincoln Speedway
Josie McIntyre photo

HANOVER, Pa.: Tim McClelland was taking evasive action as he speeded down the frontstretch at Trail-Way Speedway Friday night.

The way McClelland was wheeling his car, he looked more like a boxer ducking and weaving while trying not to get hit than a Sprint Car driver. But that’s what happens when there is debris all over the track.

Steve Owings was leading the 25-lap main event when he shredded a right rear tire on the 22nd circuit. He hit the wall, and pieces scattered everywhere, which forced McClelland to pick-and-choose his spots wisely.

McClelland made it through the debris with no issues and took over the lead. When the race went back to green, the Westminster, Md., ace drove away and took his second career win at the speedway.

“It shocked the hell out of me when that happened down the frontstretch, because I was like, ‘Holy cow,’” McClelland said. “Literally, it was like a million pieces down the fronstretch, so you’re like weaving and diving. I was like, ‘Holy, my God.’ All I kept seeing riding around was the fans along the frontstretch telling me what to do.

“I want to thank everybody, because everybody was like, ‘Go to the bottom.’ I was very frustrated, because I could not get through Turns 3 and 4 to save me.”

Joe Trone started on the outside pole and led down the backstretch on the opening circuit before slowing. He pulled into the infield, which handed the lead to third-place starter Steve Owings.

Owings opened up a .910-second lead over McClelland, who started on the pole, by the completion of Lap 3. Four laps later, the lead ballooned to 1.622 seconds, as Owings set a blistering pace.

The red flag flew on Lap 15. Nat Tuckey clipped Steven Kisamore’s machine and got upside down coming out of Turn 4. Kisamore pulled to the infield.

Owings pulled away on the restart. McClelland switched lines and was able to close on the leader as the laps clipped by.

“When Steve is out front, he’s nice and smooth,” McClelland said. “Every time I go down the backstretch under caution, I’d look over at my dad, and he’s got the flashlight going, and I’m like, ‘What do you want me to do?’ He’s like, ‘Use your head, get to the bottom, pull your wing back, and do everything you possibly can, stay calm, and that’s what I did.

“Next thing you know, I’m right there with him, and I mean, Steve’s the fastest guy here. He’s just crazy, but me with him, neck and neck, it would’ve felt great to me just to finish second.”

That wasn’t how it played out.

Owings was leading by .445 seconds on the 22nd circuit when he blew a tire. After the extensive clean-up, McClelland took over and marched to the victory by .758 seconds at the stripe.

“I don’t want to see that happen to any competitor, not just Steve, but anybody,” McClelland said. “Like you say, it’s the right time and the right place, and I couldn’t be there without my family, the sponsors, and the fans in the stands.

“Granted, I don’t like racing these 5x5 wings, but I’ve got to thank Top Flight/Jesse Snyder for building a great wing.”

Dylan Norris came from ninth to second. David Holbrook, Cody Fletcher, and Kyle Rohrbaugh completed the top five in the main event.

Brian Kramer started on the pole and wired the field in the 20-lap 600 Micro Sprint main event. It was his second career win in a Micro Sprint. His other victory came at Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway in the 270 division.

By the time the checkered flew on the feature, the Lititz, Pa., driver had a 5.732-second advantage over second-place finisher Trent Yoder. Travis Keiser, Jesse Snyder, and Randy Kunkle completing the top five.

In Street Stock competition, Will Walls rebounded from last week’s near miss in the Brian Blank Jr. Memorial and won this week’s 20-lap event. It was his fifth career Street Stock win at Trail-Way.

Walls caught Chris Transeau for second on Lap 5. The Gettysburg driver was battling with Aaron Beard for the top spot on the same lap, when Beard hit the wall in Turn 3.

When the race went back to green, Walls maintained the point. He led the rest of the way to take the win over Transeau, Russell Shoop, Jimmy Combs, and Jamie Zentmyer.

Matt Worley stormed from fifth to the top of the podium in the 15-lap Limited Stock main event. It was his fourth career win at the speedway and first this season.

Ricky Weaver Jr. led the first 10 circuits. Worley raced side-by-side with the leader before taking over the point on Lap 11.

Terry Hartlaub lost a tire in Turn 2 to tighten up the field. Robbie Carroll was looking for two in a row in the division and was side-by-side with Worley coming to the finish.

Worley had a little more speed down the frontstretch and took the victory by .006. It was his first fourth career victory at the speedway and first this season. Carroll, Justin Oberlin, Jason Chronister, and Justin Mong completed the top five.

Trail-Way Speedway
Hanover, Pa.
Friday, July 10, 2020
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Feature (25 Laps): 1. 6-Tim McClelland[1]; 2. 44-Dylan Norris[9]; 3. 77-David Holbrook[8]; 4. 66A-Cody Fletcher[10]; 5. 12K-Kyle Rohrbaugh[12]; 6. 1-Cody Phillips[5]; 7. 8CR-Mason Chaney[11]; 8. (DNF) 45R-Brett Rose[13]; 9. (DNF) 35-Steve Owings[3]; 10. (DNF) 77K-Steven Kisamore[4]; 11. (DNF) 48-Nat Tuckey[6]; 12. (DNF) 12-Mike Bittinger[7]; 13. (DNF) 99-Joe Trone Jr[2]

Lap Leaders: Joe Trone Jr. (1), Steve Owings (2-22), Tim McClelland (23-25)

358 Sprint Car Heat 1 Finish (10 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 77-David Holbrook[5]; 2. 99-Joe Trone Jr[2]; 3. 77K-Steven Kisamore[1]; 4. 48-Nat Tuckey[6]; 5. 44-Dylan Norris[4]; 6. 8CR-Mason Chaney[3]; 7. 45R-Brett Rose[7].

358 Sprint Car Heat 2 Finish (10 Laps)/All Qualify): 1. 6-Tim McClelland[2]; 2. 35-Steve Owings[6]; 3. 1-Cody Phillips[1]; 4. 12-Mike Bittinger[4]; 5. 66A-Cody Fletcher[3]; 6. 12K-Kyle Rohrbaugh[5].


Feature (20 Laps): 1. 71L-Brian Kramer[1]; 2. 66-Trent Yoder[9]; 3. 42K-Travis Keiser[10]; 4. 96-Jesse Snyder[17]; 5. 91-Randy Kunkle Jr[3]; 6. 7-Jayden Wolf[12]; 7. 29-Clayton Shaw[5]; 8. 92J-Joseph Bowling[16]; 9. 3-Connor Bollinger[7]; 10. 6-Darren Kauffman[8]; 11. 98-Keith Blumenstein Jr[4]; 12. 43-Ryan Meekins[14]; 13. (DNF) 47-Scott Gesford[2]; 14. (DNF) 17-Bradley Weber[11]; 15. (DNS) 92-Eric Paxson; 16. (DNS) 41-Logan Rumsey; 17. (DNS) 71-Tyler Leese.

Lap Leaders: Brian Kramer (1-20)

600 Micro Sprint Heat 1 Finish (8 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 42K-Travis Keiser[3]; 2. 6-Darren Kauffman[1]; 3. 92-Eric Paxson[7]; 4. 98-Keith Blumenstein Jr[9]; 5. (DNF) 47-Scott Gesford[4]; 6. (DNF) 17-Bradley Weber[2]; 7. (DNF) 41-Logan Rumsey[8]; 8. (DNS) 71-Tyler Leese; 9. (DNS) 96-Jesse Snyder.

600 Micro Sprint Heat 2 Finish (8 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 66-Trent Yoder[1]; 2. 3-Connor Bollinger[2]; 3. 29-Clayton Shaw[3]; 4. 91-Randy Kunkle Jr[5]; 5. 71L-Brian Kramer[4]; 6. 7-Jayden Wolf[6]; 7. 43-Ryan Meekins[8]; 8. (DNF) 92J-Joseph Bowling[7].


Feature (20 Laps): 1. 21W-Will Walls[6]; 2. 18-Chris Transeau[3]; 3. 72M-Russell Shoop[12]; 4. 129X-Jimmy Combs[4]; 5. 81J-Jamie Zentmyer[10]; 6. 4J-Jim Jacobs[8]; 7. 6T-Jacob Toney[7]; 8. 3D-Shane McQuay[9]; 9. (DNF) 59-Ryan Smith[5]; 10. (DNF) 94-Dalton Myers[2]; 11. (DNF) 60-Danny Beard[11]; 12. (DNF) 60A-Aaron Beard[1].

Lap Leaders: Aaron Beard (1-5), Will Walls (6-20)

Street Stock Heat 1 Finish (8 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 21W-Will Walls[2]; 2. 129X-Jimmy Combs[4]; 3. 94-Dalton Myers[3]; 4. 6T-Jacob Toney[1]; 5. 3D-Shane McQuay[5]; 6. (DNF) 60-Danny Beard[6].

Street Stock Heat 2 Finish (8 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 59-Ryan Smith[3]; 2. 18-Chris Transeau[5]; 3. 60A-Aaron Beard[4]; 4. 4J-Jim Jacobs[6]; 5. (DNF) 81J-Jamie Zentmyer[1]; 6. (DNF) 72M-Russell Shoop[2].


Feature (15 Laps): 1. 6-Matt Worley[5]; 2. 69-Robbie Carroll[12]; 3. 88-Justin Oberlin[4]; 4. 38-Jason Chronister[15]; 5. 77-Justin Mong[1]; 6. H15-AJ Hoffner[10]; 7. 17-Carl Cassell[14]; 8. 32-Jeff Foster[6]; 9. 95-Kenny Startzman[18]; 10. 30-Justin Wagaman[11]; 11. 36-Kyle Warnick[20]; 12. 2D-Brandon Beachum[13]; 13. (DNF) 92-Terry Hartlaub[7]; 14. (DNF) 18W-Robert Nicklow[8]; 15. (DNF) 18-Bailey Tolson[3]; 16. (DNF) 18T-Tyler Denike[16]; 17. (DNF) 509-Trenton Fitz[19]; 18. (DNF) 01-Marlyn Runk[21]; 19. (DNS) 77J-Jeff Erb; 20. (DNS) 81-Matt Chronister; 21. (DQ) 21-Ricky Weaver Jr[2].

Lap Leaders: Ricky Weaver Jr. (1-10), Matt Worley (11-15)

Limited Stock Heat 1 Finish (6 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 77-Justin Mong[3]; 2. 18-Bailey Tolson[2]; 3. 32-Jeff Foster[5]; 4. 77J-Jeff Erb[7]; 5. 2D-Brandon Beachum[1]; 6. 18T-Tyler Denike[6]; 7. (DNS) 509-Trenton Fitz.

Limited Stock Heat 2 Finish (6 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 69-Robbie Carroll[3]; 2. 88-Justin Oberlin[1]; 3. 92-Terry Hartlaub[4]; 4. H15-AJ Hoffner[5]; 5. 17-Carl Cassell[6]; 6. 81-Matt Chronister[2]; 7. 36-Kyle Warnick[7].

Limited Stock Heat 3 Finish (6 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 21-Ricky Weaver Jr[1]; 2. 6-Matt Worley[2]; 3. 18W-Robert Nicklow[4]; 4. 30-Justin Wagaman[3]; 5. 38-Jason Chronister[5]; 6. 95-Kenny Startzman[6]; 7. 01-Marlyn Runk[7].

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