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Mason Zeigler Earns 16th Annual Butch Renninger Victory for Super Late Models During 166th Annual Juniata County Fair Kick-Off Brent Marks, Jared Fulkroad and Gregg Satterlee Claim Victories as Well

 By- Justin Snyder

Port Royal Speedway- PORT ROYAL, Pa. (Sept. 5, 2020) Mason Zeigler held off Trevor Feathers and Gregg Satterlee to pick up the win in the 16th Annual Butch Renninger Memorial featuring the ULMS Super Late Models by a margin of 1.415 seconds.

The win was worth $5333 and was Zeigler's third career triumph at the Port Royal Speedway.

"We were good early on and I just gave it all I had out there to win this race," said Zeigler. "I never got to meet Butch, but I know he meant a lot to this place and was a great guy and it's an honor to be standing here carrying on that legacy."

Zeigler and Feathers led the field to the green flag for the 33-lap A-main and Zeigler jumped out to the early lead. However, it was third-place starter Satterlee and sixth-place starter Michael Norris on the move as the duo moved into second and third respectively at the completion of lap one.

Satterlee peaked under the leader entering turn three and pulled alongside of Zeigler coming to the line, but couldn’t make the pass. However, he was able to use that momentum to get under Zeigler in turn's one and two and pulled ahead down the backstretch to lead lap two.

By lap six Satterlee held a commanding lead in lap traffic, while Zeigler and Norris were battling side by side to track him down.

By lap 13 the two cars were closing rapidly and three laps later all three were nose to tail coming to the flag stand. Zeigler used the bottom of the speedway in one and two to regain the lead. Satterlee would fall back to third three laps later, but he put his car in overdrive and began marching back towards the front.

With ten laps remaining, Zeigler came off the top of the speedway and dove to the bottom of a lap car in turn three, allowing Satterlee to close to his bumper exiting turn four. Three laps later, Satterlee was all over Zeigler's bumper and Feathers had found something up top and regrouped to move back into third.

However the caution would fly for a slowing car on the backstretch. With the series utilizing Delaware restarts, Zeigler got a great jump on the field at the return to green-flag action and blasted out to a near 1.0 second advantage. Feathers capitalized on getting to start on the high-side and moved into second.

However Zeigler would not be denied and he took the checkered flag convincingly over Feathers, Satterlee, Norris and Kyle Lee.

"I would've have liked to have been a little better earlier, but ultimately we were good when we needed to be and capitalized on clean air," said Zeigler. "It’s been a pretty good weekend so far for us and hopefully this leads to even more wins."

For Feathers, he wasn't good enough early on and knew it be tough to catch Zeigler in clean air.

"Last time we had this car here we finished third, but we hadn't used it in a while and really had no notes to work off of coming in tonight," said Feathers. "We were pretty good there late and I hated to see that caution because who knows what we could've done in lap traffic. But second is not a bad showing at all."

Heat races earlier in the night paid $333 courtesy of Ted Reitz, while second place finishers paid $50 courtesy of David Bower. There was also a $133 hard luck award for the first non-qualifier courtesy of Pellman Trade and Gullwing Aviation and Reitz offered up $33 to the B-Main winner. Gene Knaub earned the $333 hard charger award courtesy of Brown's Automotive. Norris set quick time earlier in the night and earned $466 courtesy of Barron's Racing Engines and Del Shank.

There was a second ULMS Late Model feature  event that was a make-up feature from earlier this season and Gregg Satterlee led all 25 laps from the pole to earn the victory for his fifth Port Royal Speedway victory of the season.

Satterlee bested Michael Norris, Mason Zeigler, Max Blair and Andy Huas. The win was worth $3000 and came by an advantage of 1.102 seconds.

"I knew after that first feature that I'd need to be really aggressive in lap traffic as I felt being patient cost us a bit in the first one," said Satterlee. "It's always great to be in victory lane and two podiums on one night is pretty good."

Super Late Model Results- 1. Mason Zeigler 2. Trevor Feathers 3. Gregg Satterlee 4. Michael Norris 5. Kyle Lee 6. Andy Haus 7. Max Blair 8. Dylan Yoder 9. Jared Miley 10. Marvin Winters 11. Gene Knaub 12. Wyatt Scott 13. Hayes Mattern 14. Bryan Bernheisel 15. Jeff Rine 16. Colton Flinner 17. Gary Stuhler 18. Mike Lupfer 19. Nick Dickson 20.Donald Lingo Jr. 21. Dillan Stake 22. Shaun Jones 23. Nathan Long 24. David Scott 25. Scott Flickinger

DNS- Matt Cosner, Justin Weaver, Tim Wilson, Chad Julius, Chad Myers, Roy Deese, Larry Neiderer, Kody Lyter, Dace Brouse Jr., Jim Yoder, Rick Eckert, Austin Berry

Super Late Model Make-Up Feature- 1. Gregg Satterlee 2. Michael Norris 3. Mason Zeigler 4. Max Blair 5. Andy Haus 6.Dylan Yoder 7. Kyle Lee 8. Jeff Rine 9. Gary Stuhler 10. Bryan Berheisel 11. Gene Knaub 12.Scott Flickinger 13. Hayes Mattern 14. Colton Flinner 15. David Scott 16. Dillan Stake 17. Chad Myers 18. Nathan Long 19. Dave Brouse Jr. 20. Nick Dickson 21. Mike Lupfer 22. Chad Julius 23. Austin Berry 24. Wyatt Scott

DNS- Trent Brenneman, Andrew Yoder, Deshawn Gingerich, Kody Lyter

Sprint Cars

Brent Marks held off a hard charging Anthony Macri and Lance Dewease to pick up his second win of the season during the 166th Annual Juniata County Fair opener at Port Royal Speedway.

The win was worth $4000 and required a little luck. Macri passed Marks in lap traffic coming to the flagstand, only for the pass to be negated as the caution flag waved before the lap could be completed.

"We were pretty fortunate to get that caution just in time or I don’t know if we'd have been able to get Anthony back," said Marks. "That allowed us to get back in clean air and out there I felt like we had the best car and that definitely helped us."

Western Pa. invader Sye Lynch and Justin Whittall led the field to the green flag and Whittall got the early jump on the field to lead lap one. George Hobaugh settled into second, while Ryan Smith moved into the third spot as well.

By lap five, Whittall was cruising as he held a nearly 1.1 second advantage over the field, but Marks, who started ninth, was coming fast. He got by Smith exiting turn four on lap six and three laps later he used a run coming off the top of the speedway exiting turn two to get by Hobaugh for second.

One lap later Dewease followed suit by taking the third spot and with Whittall in heavy lap traffic, Marks was gaining fast and he made his move for the lead with a slider in turn's three and four to take the top spot with 11 to go. 

"I knew we had to get to the front as quick as possible as those guys behind me were coming fast as well," said Marks. "Sometimes running second is better then running out front, but I knew with how it's been here this year and I knew I wanted the field chasing me."

Meanwhile, Anthony Macri was making his presence known as he screamed around the top of turn's one and two to move into the third spot. One lap later he disposed of Whittall for the runner up position and he brought Dewease along as well.

Macri was all over Marks on lap 17 and the two swapped positions in turn's three and four. Marks led by  mere inches the following circuit, while Dewease was lurking on the bottom waiting for either driver to make a mistake. 

With Macri running the top, Marks positioned firmly in the middle and Dewease on the bottom, the three drivers raced to the start/finish line the following lap and it appeared Macri had the momentum as he inched ahead coming to the line, but the caution flew just in the nick of time when Logan Wagner got into the inside gaurdrail on the backstretch to negate the pass.

"It was a hard to know where to go as I know how good Lance is on the bottom and Anthony was great up top, so I tried to go to the bottom there  exiting four to try and get a run on Macri," said Marks. "Ultimately he beat me off the corner, but luckily that caution came out and it definitely saved me."

With clean air ahead of him, Marks blasted out to the lead at the return to green-flag racing and he held a nearly 1.5 second advantage with five laps remaining. However the red flag flew on lap 22 for a multi-car incident in which Tyler Reeser needed to be transported to the hospital. He was alert and is currently being treated for multiple injuries.

The final restart was all Marks and he again blasted out to a nearly 1.2 second lead and he took the checkered flag by a 1.173 advantage over Macri, Dewease, Mike Wagner and Whittall.

"I just felt really comfortable in clean air and I think we had a great car all race long," said Marks. "I was trying to do some different stuff on the restarts to keep them guessing and it seemed to work tonight."

For Macri, he knew his best opportunity was in lap traffic and he felt like one may have gotten away from him with that late caution.

"We got behind at the start and let Brent and Lance get by us and I started driving harder than I really should have," said Macri. "That caution came out about two seconds too early and I knew we weren't going to catch Brent in clean air. We'll take what we got and move onto the next one."

Jeff Halligan, Smith, Brian Brown, Blane Heimbach and AJ Flick rounded out the top ten. Heimbach was the night's hard charger award winner courtesy of Valley Supply.

410 Sprint Car Results- 1. Brent Marks 2. Anthony Macri 3. Lance Dewease 4. Mike Wagner 5. Justin Whittall 6. Jeff Halligan 7. Ryan Smith 8. Brian Brown 9.Blane Heimbach 10. AJ Flick 11. George Hibaugh 12. TJ Stuts 13. Jared Esh 14. Dylan Cisney 15. Paulie Colagiovanni 16. Robert Ballou 17. Sye Lynch 18. Kyle Reinhardt 19. Jeff Miller 20. Kyle Smith 21. Brock Zearfioss 22. Tyler Reeser 23. Logan Wagner 24. Tyler Bear


Limited Late Models

Jared Fulkroad bested Devin Hart and Devin Weyandt to pick up the Selinsgrove Ford Limited Late Model portion of the 16th Annual Butch Renninger Memorial to claim his first career victory at the Port Royal Speedway.

The win was worth $1333 and came after a late race pass with nine laps to go.

"My tires really starting coming in there late and I just committed to the bottom and figured if they were going to get around me, it need to be up top," said Fulkroad. "The track was awesome and we had an awesome car and I can’t thank everyone enough for getting me here."

It was a pair of 88's on the front row as Weyandt and Madeline Miller led the field to the green flag with Weyandt getting the early jump. Fulkroad was on the move early, moving from third to second on the opening lap as well.

He tried a slider in turn's one and two to take the lead on lap two, but couldn't make it stick. However, he used the momentum to pull under Weyandt exiting turn four and led lap two by a nose. Weyandt wouldn’t go away though and he used the outside of the track to pullback ahead the following circuit to lead lap three.

With ten laps to go, Fulkroad was all over Weyandt and using the bottom of the speedway he pulled ahead of him the following lap to lead lap 16.

Using the extreme high side of the track, sixth-place starter Matt Cochran suddenly entered the picture and he moved to fourth with seven laps to go and second with five to go. With Fulkroad struggling in lap traffic, Cochran pulled to his tail. 

However, he wasn't able to capitalize and Fulkroad pulled away to take the checkered flag. Hart made a last lap move form fourth to second to finish in the runner-up spot followed by Weyandt, Todd Snook and Cochran.

"This is just really cool and I don’t really know what to say," said Fulkroad. "I just have to thank my family and sponsors for sticking by me and this will always be a special night."

For Hart, who also earned the hard charger award, it was just an example of too little, too late.

"We were pretty good there, but it just took us too long to get to second," said Hart. "One of these years we'll end up in victory lane, but tonight we'll just be happy with second."

Heat winners earned $100 earlier in the night courtesy of Garman Concrete & Construction, while second earned $33 courtesy of Bill and Kay Weimer. Gullwing Aviation presented a $133 hard luck award, while Zimmerman Truck Repair offered up a $233 hard charger award. Finally Pellman Trade paid $33 to the highest finishing Juniata County driver.

Limited Late Model Results- 1. Jared Fulkroad 2. Devin Hart 3. Devin Weyandt 4. Todd Snook 5. Matt Cochran 6. Ryan Zook 7. Andrew Yoder 8. Matt Parks 9. Dillan Stake 10. Brad McGinnis 11. Derick Garman 12. Shawn Shioemaker 13. Derick Quade 14. Kevin Probst 15. Jonathan Raley 16. Madeline Miller 17. David Latsha 18. Trent Brenneman 19. Donnie Farling 20. Kenny Yoder 21. JR Toner 22. Mike Smith 23. Zach Kauffman 24, Curt Dunn 25. Dave Bowsman 26. Jim McBee 27. Harold Ranck

DNS- Eddie Cornett, Carl Biddle, Scott Landis, Daniel Garett, Cayden Ranck, Ethan Beasom, Greg Moore, Kyle Bachman, Greg Moore, Robbie Black, Rodney Walls, John Schoch, Eric Hohol, Shaun Lawton, Chase Bowsman

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