Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Crockett Captures ASCS National Tour Season Finale to Extend Winning Streak to 25 Years

 Inside Line Promotions - MESQUITE, Texas (Oct. 20, 2020) - Roger Crockett released a huge sigh of relief in Victory Lane on Saturday when Devil's Bowl Speedway hosted the 47th annual Winter Nationals.

Crockett captured the marquee Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour event for the second straight year, which marked his first win of the season and 10 th career with the series. That also extended his winning streak to 25 consecutive years dating back to 1996 - Crockett's second season racing a sprint car.

"It's a huge relief to finally win," he said. "It wasn't unexpected, but after we'd been so close at some big races it was like we finally did it. I never thought it'd be such a relief to win a race. It's easy to be spoiled when you've been fortunate to win a lot of races."

Crockett kicked off the final doubleheader of the ASCS National Tour season on Friday when he placed fourth in a heat race, won a B Main and advanced from 17th to 12th in the main event.

"I got a very bad start in the heat race and missed the bottom in turn one," he said. "We lost spots and just weren't great. We started in the front of the B Main. Our lap times were extremely good out in clean air, but as soon as we got in traffic again starting deep in the A Main we were not good."

Crockett changed a couple of parts for the finale on Saturday and it paid off. He advanced from fourth to second place in a heat race. He made the feature redraw and Crockett got the No. 2 to line up on the outside of the front row for the 30-lap main event.

"I got a really good start and darn near got away with the win in the heat," he said. "Then we got the good redraw and the jump early in the feature. Our car was really, really good. I came upon two lapped cars battling each other. One of them went up in front of me. I had to get off the gas a little bit and Matt (Covington) was able to capitalize."

Crockett led the first nine laps before Covington took over the top spot in traffic. The duo swapped the lead once again on Lap 17 and Crockett led the remainder of the race.

"After I had got passed we had a clear track for five or six laps," he said. "I was able to track Matt down and get to him before we got back to traffic. We got through traffic better after that. Ultimately I didn't get held up or had to slow down too much. I was able to finish the thing off.

"I also want to note our appreciation to CRC for being on the car for the weekend and we always appreciate Shelby Park Marketing for their support."

The win gave Crockett at least one ASCS National Tour triumph during each of the last four years. It also secured a career-best runner-up result in the championship standings.


Oct. 16 - Devil's Bowl Speedway in Mesquite, Texas - Heat race: 4 (3); B Main: 1 (2); Feature: 12 (17).

Oct. 17 - Devil's Bowl Speedway in Mesquite, Texas - Heat race: 2 (4); Feature: 1 (2).


29 races, 1 win, 8 top fives, 16 top 10s, 21 top 15s, 23 top 20s








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Crockett would also like to thank Tracker Native Tobacco, BC Motorsports, FK Rod Ends, Rocket Designs, Olson Custom Designs, Champion Racing Oil, Maxim Chassis, Factory Kahne, Smith Titanium, Indy Race Parts, Bell Helmets, AL Driveline, Newlin Bar Service, Rider Racing Engines and KSE Racing Products for their continued support.


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