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YORK HAVEN, Pa.: It’s hard to believe that Scott Dellinger hasn’t won in over a year at his home track, BAPS Motor Speedway. 


Dellinger is a multi-time track champion at the facility and is near the top of the all-time win list in the Super Sportsman division. For Dellinger, it’s an oddity to not visit Victory Lane three or four times in a season, much less zero.


But the Lewisberry, Pa., ace got it out of the way early in 2021. Dellinger started sixth and found the right line to the front to collect the win in the 25-Lap BAPS Super Sportsman main event on Saturday night.


Dellinger wasn’t feeling well coming into the night, but that didn’t stop him from racking up his 18th career win at the speedway.


“I’m still not feeling that great,” Dellinger said. “We did a lot of homework over the week and did a lot of wholesale changes. So, hopefully, it’s a step in the right direction. I’ve been waiting for one of these Rock-It subs. I forgot what they tasted like.” 


It’s not like Dellinger cut through the frontrunners with ease at the start. In fact, he was back to seventh on the fifth circuit and didn’t crack the top five until Lap 8.


Once Dellinger found the right lane, he surged past his fellow competitors. He passed Tony Jackson for third on Lap 9 and slipped past Steve Fannasy for second two laps later.


“Frankie [Herr] showed me the way by slipping past me, and it worked that I got past him on a restart,” Dellinger said. “He just got caught up.”


Catching leader John Edkin wasn’t as easy. Edkin blew by Fannasy on Lap 8 and was setting a blistering pace at the front of the field.


Dellinger was able to track down the leader by Lap 19. Two laps later, he made his move and passed Edkin to take over the top spot.


“I got held up once or twice when I just about got to John, and I thought, ‘There he goes. I know what the track is like, and I got to get back to him,’” Dellinger said. “The next corner, he bobbled, and I closed back up.”


Edkin closed on Dellinger at one point, but the former track champion found another gear at the finish and took the win by 1.963 seconds.


“John ran a hell of a race with what he went through last week,” Dellinger said. “He got back into me coming off four, and it was enough to let me know that he was still there. I had to step it up a bit to close the deal.


“I have to thank my guys. Ben Engle, he puts a lot of hours in, and we bounce a lot of ideas off each other's heads. Duane Leib, Bruce, Mike Kenneday, all of the sponsors ... without them, this wouldn’t be possible.” 


John Edkin held on for second, with Steve Fannasy, Jackson, and Kenny Edkin completing the top five. Jay Fannasy was the hard charger, advancing from 16th to seventh. 


Tyler Wolford, Devin Beidel, and Timmie Barrick, who led the first lap in the A-Main, were heat winners for the 23-car field.


Chase Billet started second on the grid and led every lap to capture the Creekside Auto Sales 358 Late Model feature event. It was Billet’s second win of the season at the speedway.


The race went non-stop, with Billet taking the win by 2.098 seconds over defending track champion Troy Miller. Jed Latshaw, Devin Frey, and Ben Whitaker completed the top five.

After the event, Billet spun the Wheel of Opportunity sponsored by Hoffer Paving and Morgan Paving. The choices were an increase in winner’s share from $800 to $3,000 or increased start money for positions three through 24. Fortunately for Billet, it landed on $3,000-to-win.


Patrick McClane passed Bob Scott Jr. on Lap 8 and paced the field the rest of the way to earn the win in the Superior Homes Extreme Stock main.


Scott started on the pole and took the lead at the start. McClane, who started fifth, made his way to the front but couldn’t pull away and took the win by a mere .534 seconds.  


In Limited Stock action, AJ Hoffner won an entertaining battle over the field to claim the win in the 15-lap event.


Jeff Foster started on the pole and led the first four circuits, before Ricky Weaver Jr. took over. The two traded the lead over the first nine laps.


Justin Oberlin took his turn out front on Lap 10. Hoffner, who started 13th, grabbed the top spot on Lap 14 and led the last two laps. Oberlin, Weaver, Nick McDaniel, and Matt Worley completed the top five. 

BAPS Motor Speedway

York Haven, Pa.
Saturday, April 3, 2021

For Immediate Release


Feature (25 Laps): 1. 30-Scott Dellinger[6]; 2. 35-John Edkin[5]; 3. 383-Steve Fannasy[2]; 4. 69J-Tony Jackson[3]; 5. 75-Kenny Edkin[11]; 6. 70D-Frankie Herr[8]; 7. 360-Jay Fannasy[16]; 8. 8M-Chris Meleason[9]; 9. 77-Russ Mitten[7]; 10. 3B-Mike Enders[12]; 11. 7-Timmie Barrick[1]; 12. 2M-Matt Ondek[14]; 13. 25-Tyler Wolford[10]; 14. 10H-Dave Hollar[15]; 15. 5D-Luke Deatrick[18]; 16. 8-Rich Eichelberger[19]; 17. 22-Daniel John[17]; 18. 16R-Ryan Rutz[22]; 19. 21R-Jamie Rickert[20]; 20. (DNF) 0Z-Devin Beidel[4]; 21. (DNF) 88X-Fred Shipley[21]; 22. (DNF) 1A-Chase Gutshall[13]; 23. (DNS) 14-Nate Young. 

Lap Leaders: Timmie Barrick (1), Steve Fannasy (2-7), John Edkin (8-20), Scott Dellinger (21-25)

Super Sportsman Heat 1 Finish (10 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 25-Tyler Wolford[1]; 2. 8M-Chris Meleason[4]; 3. 75-Kenny Edkin[2]; 4. 35-John Edkin[3]; 5. 1A-Chase Gutshall[6]; 6. 360-Jay Fannasy[7]; 7. 8-Rich Eichelberger[5]; 8. 88X-Fred Shipley[8].

Super Sportsman Heat 2 Finish (10 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 0Z-Devin Beidel[1]; 2. 70D-Frankie Herr[5]; 3. 383-Steve Fannasy[3]; 4. 3B-Mike Enders[7]; 5. 2M-Matt Ondek[2]; 6. 22-Daniel John[4]; 7. 21R-Jamie Rickert[8]; 8. (DNF) 14-Nate Young[6]. 

Super Sportsman Heat 3 Finish (10 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 0Z-Devin Beidel[1]; 2. 70D-Frankie Herr[5]; 3. 383-Steve Fannasy[3]; 4. 3B-Mike Enders[7]; 5. 2M-Matt Ondek[2]; 6. 22-Daniel John[4]; 7. 21R-Jamie Rickert[8]; 8. (DNF) 14-Nate Young[6].


Feature (20 Laps): 1. 22-Chase Billet ($3,000)[2]; 2. 115-Troy Miller[8]; 3. 25-Jedadiah Latshaw[4]; 4. 97-Devin Frey[13]; 5. 13X-Ben Whitaker[3]; 6. 99-Chad Smith[5]; 7. 115S-Shaun Miller[10]; 8. NINEX-Ross Leinbach[1]; 9. 72-Wayne Pfeil[7]; 10. ONE-Chuck Schutz[20]; 11. 57T-Chase Bowsman[12]; 12. 14-Kyle Saylor[14]; 13. 711-Jennifer Lesher[9]; 14. 21M-Matt Murphy[18]; 15. (DNF) 79-Dirk Rimrott[11]; 16. (DNF) B12-Cameron Benyou[17]; 17. (DNF) 48-Kyle Nicholas[19]; 18. (DNF) 37B-Brandon Eveler[16]; 19. (DNS) 21-Joey Hoffer; 20. (DNS) NINE-Randy Stoudt.

Lap Leaders: Chase Billet (1-20)

Late Model Heat 1 Finish (8 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 22-Chase Billet[1]; 2. 13X-Ben Whitaker[2]; 3. 711-Jennifer Lesher[3]; 4. NINEX-Ross Leinbach[4]; 5. 25-Jedadiah Latshaw[8]; 6. 79-Dirk Rimrott[9]; 7. (DNF) NINE-Randy Stoudt[7]; 8. (DNF) 37B-Brandon Eveler[6]; 9. (DNS) 48-Kyle Nicholas; 10. (DNS) ONE-Chuck Schutz. 

Late Model Heat 2 Finish (8 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 72-Wayne Pfeil[5]; 2. 115-Troy Miller[8]; 3. 99-Chad Smith[2]; 4. 115S-Shaun Miller[6]; 5. 21-Joey Hoffer[4]; 6. 57T-Chase Bowsman[7]; 7. 97-Devin Frey[10]; 8. 14-Kyle Saylor[1]; 9. (DNF) B12-Cameron Benyou[9]; 10. (DNF) 21M-Matt Murphy[3]. 


Feature (15 Laps): 1. H15-AJ Hoffner[13]; 2. 88-Justin Oberlin[18]; 3. 21-Ricky Weaver Jr[5]; 4. 15-Nick McDaniel[14]; 5. 6W-Matt Worley[6]; 6. H12-Brandon Hoffner[17]; 7. 913-John Shorb Jr[4]; 8. 19-Tim Raup[11]; 9. 19K-Cameron Kohler[19]; 10. 6-Jason Jarvis[15]; 11. (DNF) 32-Jeff Foster[1]; 12. (DNF) 81-Matt Chronister[10]; 13. (DNF) 3-Joe Waters[12]; 14. (DNF) 19C-Adam Campbell[3]; 15. (DNF) 47-Travis Brown[8]; 16. (DNF) 69-Robbie Carroll[7]; 17. (DNF) 777J-Jeff Erb[2]; 18. (DNS) 19W-Ryan Welsh; 19. (DNS) 104-Jerad Gohn; 20. (DQ) 92-Terry Hartlaub[9].

Lap Leaders: Jeff Foster (1-4), Ricky Weaver Jr. (5), Foster (6), Weaver Jr. (7-9), Oberlin (10-13), AJ Hoffner (14-15)

Limited Stock Heat 1 Finish (6 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 19C-Adam Campbell[6]; 2. 69-Robbie Carroll[8]; 3. 92-Terry Hartlaub[5]; 4. 21-Ricky Weaver Jr[10]; 5. 32-Jeff Foster[7]; 6. 19-Tim Raup[1]; 7. H15-AJ Hoffner[3]; 8. 6-Jason Jarvis[4]; 9. H12-Brandon Hoffner[9]; 10. (DNS) 104-Jerad Gohn. 

Limited Stock Heat 2 Finish (6 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 6W-Matt Worley[1]; 2. 81-Matt Chronister[8]; 3. 777J-Jeff Erb[2]; 4. 47-Travis Brown[5]; 5. 913-John Shorb Jr[7]; 6. 3-Joe Waters[10]; 7. 15-Nick McDaniel[3]; 8. 19W-Ryan Welsh[4]; 9. (DNF) 88-Justin Oberlin[9]; 10. (DNF) 19K-Cameron Kohler[6].


Feature (20 Laps): 1. 79-Patrick McClane[5]; 2. 47-Bob Scott Jr[1]; 3. 11B-Keith Bissinger[8]; 4. 52-Austin Hogue[6]; 5. 33-Michael Goodwin[16]; 6. 91-Will Long[12]; 7. 7JR-Johnny Palm[3]; 8. 7J-Jordan Fulton[4]; 9. 97-Donnie Broderick[13]; 10. 97X-Paul Sylvester[10]; 11. 7-Bill Powell[11]; 12. 50-Andy Hogue[15]; 13. (DNF) 54-Chase Rehbein[7]; 14. (DNF) 7F-Hunter Fulton[2]; 15. (DNF) 25-Andrew Hogue[9]; 16. (DNS) 11-Dave Goode. 

Lap Leaders: Bob Scott Jr. (1-7), Patrick McClane (8-20)

Extreme Stock Heat 1 Finish (8 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 54-Chase Rehbein[3]; 2. 52-Austin Hogue[6]; 3. 79-Patrick McClane[7]; 4. 7F-Hunter Fulton[4]; 5. 25-Andrew Hogue[5]; 6. 7-Bill Powell[2]; 7. 97-Donnie Broderick[1]; 8. 50-Andy Hogue[8].

Extreme Stock Heat 2 Finish (8 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 11B-Keith Bissinger[8]; 2. 47-Bob Scott Jr[1]; 3. 7JR-Johnny Palm[4]; 4. 7J-Jordan Fulton[5]; 5. 97X-Paul Sylvester[6]; 6. 91-Will Long[3]; 7. 11-Dave Goode[7]; 8. (DNF) 33-Michael Goodwin[2]. 

Photo: Tim Basehore 

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