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Yoder and Moser Repeat Winners at Clinton County


MILL HALL, PA – Andrew Yoder and Brandon Moser were victorious again in the Limited Late Model and Pro Stock divisions respectively, at the Clinton County Speedway on Friday night.   “We really like racing here,” said Yoder in victory lane.  Mike “Smith gave us a really good clean race and I didn’t know if I would be able to get around him or not.”  Moser is another driver who knows his way around Clinton County and picked up another Pro Stock victory.  Mac Wert won his career first 270 Micro A-Main.  In 600 Micro completion, Dexter Strawser won the make-up event while Timmy Bittner won the regular feature.  Justin Williamson won the four cylinder event and Chelsie Harris won the four cylinder junior division. 

Nick Loffredo and Jeremy Ohl started on the front row of the 25 lap event.  Ohl led the opening laps of the event with fourth place starter Andrew Yoder in pursuit.   An accident on lap number six brought out the caution flag.   While under caution, Ohl and Yoder both went to the pits and were able to rejoin at the rear of the field.   Mike Smith inherited the lead for the lap seven restart.  Smith held onto the top spot with Loffredo, Jakob Piper, Denny Founey and Tim Luben in the top five.  

While running second Loffredo brought out the caution on lap number eight, as Yoder began to make his charge back up through the field.   Smith again executed a flawless restart while Piper ran in a close second place.   By the halfway point, Smith was leading Piper, Yoder, Luben and Kaiden Bard.   On lap number 14, Yoder moved into second, then battled Smith for the lead.  Two circuits later, Yoder made the winning pass.  A caution with four laps remaining, gave Piper the opportunity to wrestle the runner up position away from Smith, who finished third followed by Loffredo and Fourney.  Sixth through tenth were Len Stroud, Tim Luben, Kaiden Bard, Ronnie Laubcher and Joe Loffredo.  Heat races were won by Piper and Ohl.

AJ Hoffman started on the outside of the front row and out-dueled Kevin VanAmburg for the lead of the Pro Stock feature event.   Hoffman received challenges from AY Schilling and Noah Jensen as the front runners.   By lap number 5, sixth place starter Brandon Moser added his car into the mix.  Moser passed Jensen then Schilling by the midway point of the race.   Hoffman continued to lead until lap number 12 when Moser made his pass for the lead.   Hoffman battled Jensen for second, Hoffman bobbled on the final lap, allowing Jensen to claim second and Corey Long to get third.  Hoffman settled for fourth and VanAmburg was fifth.  Sixth through tenth were Robert Tressler, Rooster Peters, Schilling, Gary Mellott and Kris Orwig Sr.  Qualifying events were won by Long and Jensen.

James Bilger and Mac Wert lead the field of 270 Micro Sprints to the green flag.   Wert got the jump at the start and led fourth place starter Denny Rhinehimer by the completion of the first circuit. Wert maintained the lead even after a few restarts as a result of early race cautions.   Timmy Bittner, who started seventh moved into third by lap number seven.   The top three remained unchanged to the checkered flag,  Nick Whitsel finished fourth and Mike Schuckers was fifth.  Sixth through tenth were Skeetz Hockenbrock, Brayden Spencer, Bobby Sanso, Mitchell Holden and Doug Rhineard.

In the 600 Micro Sprints, a make up feature had  Dexter Stawser and Trevor Teats start on the front row.  Stawser took command of the field with Teats and Derek Swartz in pursuit.   Jeffrey Weaver began moving forward and eventually passed Swartz and Teats.  Stawser was too strong and held off Weaver for the win, Teats finished third, with Sierra Hauck and Cody Hauck rounding out the top five.   Sixth through tenth were Derek Swart, Dustin Roberts, Timmy Bittner, who rallied after a flip on the opening lap, Bryce Harro and Mitchell Holden.

In the regular 600 feature event, Jeff Gyunia and Dexter Strawser led the field to the green flag.  Gyunia led the opening lap with Derek Swartz, Timmy Bittner, Trevor Teats and Cody Hauck in the top five.   Gyunia tried to distance himself from the rest of the field.   A caution on lap number eleven gave Bittner the opportunity he needed.   He was able to make the pass coming out of turn number two and took the lead from Gyunia.   Hauck followed Bittner and was able to claim second. Swartz was third, Gyunia fourth and Jeffrey Weaver was fifth.  Sixth through tenth were Stawser, Josh Beamer, Sierra Hauck, Dustin Roberts and Brain Kramer. 

Jon Bower led the opening lap of the four cylinder main event.   Two early race cautions helped Justin Williamson worked his way up through the field.  Williamson who started twelfth, took the lead by the mid way point and cruised to his first win this season.   Bower settled for second, third was Blake Snyder followed by Scott Englert and Jimmy Moyer. 

In the junior division Chelsie Harris used her outside front row starting spot to lead the initial lap.  Harris led every lap of the junior division race.  Nick Snook made a last lap pass to take second away from Gavin Bilby.  Chole Smith and Dakota Hamilton completed the top five. 

The Clinton County Speedway returns this Friday with a 5 division race program, featuring double features for the sprint cars plus fireworks.   The Racesaver sprints will run a make up event plus a regular feature.  The Pro Stocks, 270s, 600s and four cylinders will be part of the program.  Gates open at 5PM, Hotlaps at 7PM.  For the latest speedway information visit us on Facebook or at



Limited Late Models: 1. Andrew Yoder 2. Jakob Piper 3. Mike Smith 4. Nick Loffredo 5. Denny Fourney 6. Len Stroud, Sr. 7. Tim Luben 8. Kaiden Bard 9. Ronnie Laubcher 10. Joe Loffredo 11. Jennae Piper 12.Jeremy Ohl 13. Jim Yoder  Heats:  Ohl and Piper

Pro Stocks: 1. Brandon Moser 2. Noah Jensen 3. Cory Long 4. AJ Hoffman 5. Kevin VanAmburg 6. Robert Tressler 7. Rooster Peters 8. AY Schilling 9. Gary Mellott 10. Kris Orwig Sr. 11. Todd Geyer Sr. DNS Logan Hile, Rich Fye  Heats:  Long and Jensen

270 Micro Sprints:  1. Mac Wert 2 Denny Rinehimer 3. Timmy Bittner 4. Nick Whitesel 5. Mike Schuckers 6. Skeetz Hockenbrock  7. Brayden Spencer 8. Bobby Sanso 9. Mitchell Holden 10. Doug Reinard 11. Tom Quiggle 12. Tyler Clowes 13. James Bilger  14. Corey Stabley 15. Gary Keister 16. Levi Brungard 17. Shawn Musser  18. Aiden Adams 19. Troy Whitsel 20. Logan Hammaker 21. Jeffrey Weaver 22. Luke Hess DNS Dan Wertman  Heats: Hockenbrock, Weaver and Wert

600 Micro Sprint (Makeup)1. Dexter Strawser 2. Jeffrey Weaver 3. Trevor Teats 4. Sierra Hauck 5. Cody Hauck 6. Derek Swartz 7. Dustin Roberts 8. Timmy Bittner 9. Bryce Harro 10. Mitchel Holden 11. Jeff Gyuina 12. John Smith 13. Eric Knopp 14. Kyle Knopp DNS Ethan Spotts, Tyson Mowery

600 Micro Feature 1. Timmy Bittner 2. Cody Hauck 3. Derek Swartz 4. Jeff Gyuina 5. Jeffrey Weaver 6. Dexter Strawser 7. Josh Beamer 8. Sierra Hauck 9. Dustin Roberts 10. Brian Kramer 11. Jomarie Gagne 12. Bryce Harro 13. Mitchell Holden 14. Kyle Knopp 15. Trevor Teats 16. Dan Tripoli DNS Eric Knopp, Johnny Smith  Heats: Strawser and Weaver

Four Cylinders: 1. Justin Williamson 2. John Bower 3. Blake Snyder 4. Scott Englert 5. Jimmy Moyer 6. Tyler Watson 7. Shawn Wise 8. Quinten Beeman 9. Alan Bruss 10. Virgil Meyer 11. Dillon Hoover 12. Noah Swank 13. Joey Snook 14. Maddox Smith 15. Tim Muthler 16. Emily Brouse 17. Sam Creveling 18. John Bainey 19. Mathew Zimmerman 20 Lee Zook 21. Skyler Witchley 22.Dillan Craft 23. Coty Maines DNS: Erik Shaffer, Justin Forbes, Kris Orwig Jr. Josh Thompson, Kyle Strouse.  Heats: Swank, Smith and Englert.

Four Cylinder Jrs: 1. Chelsea Harris 2. Nick Snook 3. Gavin Bilbay 4. Chloe Smith 5. Dakota Hamilton

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