Saturday, August 07, 2021

King Jr. Conquers BRP Modifieds; Macedo Wires Sprints; Flinner and McPherson Find Late Race Magic in Wins


Sarver, PA (August 7, 2021) Great weather, big rigs, and a very nice field of cars in the pit area greeted fans at The Action Track on Friday night and they were treated to four stout performances once the night’s features went green. The BRP Modified Tour made their first appearance of 2021 and when the 35 lap main event was complete, Rex King Jr. found himself standing in Terry Bowser Excavating Lane after surviving challenges from Chad Brachmann and Garrett Krummert. California native Cole Macedo made a special appearance and found himself on the front row in the Peoples Natural Gas Sprint Car feature and scored the feature win, leading from flag to flag while surviving a late race spin himself in the process.

Colton Flinner came up with a late race pass of Jared Miley to take the honors in the Precise Racing Products main event for his first Action Track victory of 2021 and in Millerstown Pic-A-Part Penn Ohio Pro Stock action, Corey McPherson made his way around Brian Daugherty and wound up with his 50th career Lernerville victory.

Peoples Natural Gas 410 Sprint Feature: (25 Laps)

(29X) Cole Macedo

(1H) Zeth Sabo

(11) Carl Bowser

(22) Brandon Spithaler

(12) Darin Gallagher

(29) Michael Bauer

(13) Brandon Matus

(33) Brent Matus

(27s) John Ivy

(35W) Jeremy Weaver

(08) Dan Kuriger

(11J) David Kalb Jr.

(C1) Clay Riney

(32) Rod Jones

(22R) Ryan Fredericks

(10P) Colby Wormer

(86) Michael Lutz Jr.

(880) Drew Ritchey

(76) Davey Jones

(56) Ralph Spithaler

Precise Racing Products Late Models Feature: (25 Laps)

(48) Colton Flinner

(72) Michael Norris

(10M) Jared Miley

(77) Tyler Dietz

(1Z) Logan Zarin

(1C) Alex Ferree

(29) Ken Schaltenbrand

(27W) Eric Wilson

(66) Todd Bachmann

(27) Michael Lake

(9K) Clayton Kennedy

(B1) Brandon Wearing

(10) Gary Lyle

(9) Levi Yetter

(41) Collin Burke

(14R) Clay Ruffo

(81) Mike Miller

(11) Joshua Powell

(14) Travis Hayes

(91) Tommy Beck

(23) Tony Burke- Did Not Start

Bicknell Racing Products Modified Tour Feature: (35 Laps)

(165) Rex King Jr.

(29) Garrett Krummert

(3) Chad Brachmann

(18X) Eric Gabany

(61) Dave Murdick

(4J) John Mollick

(37md) Jeremiah Shingledecker

(65) Rex King Sr.

(18) Colton Walters

(189) J.R. McGinley

(11R) Brad Rapp

(45) Steve Feder

(35) Steve Slater

(13) Rick Regalski

(25B) Steve Barr

(88) Shawn Fleeger

(3K) Shawn Kozar

(22) Kevin Long

(1X) Ryan Riffe

(03) Mark Frankhouser

(83) Brian Swartzlander

(7S) Paul Kot

(64) Rodney Beltz

(32) Jim Rasey

(74) Kevin Green

(18jr) Mike Dougherty- Did Not Start

(32R) Chris Rudolph-  Did Not Start

Millerstown Pic-A-Part Penn Ohio Pro Stocks Feature: (20 Laps)

(C33) Corey McPherson

(114) Chris Schneider

(25) Andrew Gordon

(73) Brian Daugherty

(00X) Curt Bish

(10) Nick Kocuba

(26) Mike Bordt

(66) Joe Kelley

(310) Dale Tuche

(22) Chase Lambert

(948) Joey Zambotti

(25) Brett McDonald

(81) Mike Miller

(00) Larry Kugel

(27) Jake Dietz

(54E) Tony Iarrapino

(73C) Bill Pluta Jr.

(81D) Duke Davidson

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