Sunday, August 03, 2008

An open letter from a 358 crew member

Last night at Lincoln the officials made the decision to cancel the 358 and thunder car feature's because the show was running late. With this decision the decided to run 2 358 sprint features next week. Central PA Racing Scene received this email today from a crew member of a 358 team.

This deal on making up the 358 race from tonight, next week is just a not good for the majority of the 358 teams. The Grove runs us next week as well and you both know as well as I do that we never get out of that place till long after midnight. Were not professional sprint car teams like the 410 and have very very limited amount of help to turn a car around for the next night of racing at Lincoln. There is a lot more teams that support Lincoln that run the Grove then Trail ways, as well as Trail ways is usually over before 9:30 or 10:00pm giving those teams a lot more sleep time and shop time to turn a car around. It would be better for the majority of the 358 teams to make up this race in 3 weeks when we are back at Lincoln on a weekend that the Grove doesn't run us, or even in 2 weeks when the 358s are off the entire weekend other then Selinsgrove. It's just too much to ask of us to race 3 races in 2 nights on a 3 weekend back to back stint between the Grove and Lincoln. If we should get torn up at the Grove on Friday night, we loose out on the feature we have already made and possibly the second one as well at Lincoln. Most of the 358 guys don't have the budget to have 2 complete cars setting to do this sort of thing. Please pass this on to the Lincoln officials and ask them to take a poll from the guys who made this feature to see if they want to do it like that. I know there was many, many, owners down at the pit shack voicing their displeasure with this call because of the facts I've stated and also because of a lot of teams have guys who are going to Knoxville to help 410 teams or just to watch, so that will leave teams short handed as well. I can't see adding us to the weekend we were not scheduled there or wait till the next weekend that we are would be that big of deal for the track. I thought it was an insult tonight to have to watch the 410s take an hour and 45min to run a feature, then postpone the 358s because of the stupid driving on the 410s part. I know keeping the neighbors around the track happy is important also, but don't make this injustice worse by making us run 3 shows in 2 nights. I know we don't have the $$$ to do all that in one weekend with the cost of fuel and tires for the car. Sorry to ramble on, but feel strongly against this deal, as well as do a lot of other 358 teams.

Thank you, Todd Smith

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