Monday, June 30, 2014

An Open Letter to Williams Grove Speedway

Dear Williams Grove Speedway,

 I am writing you this morning in regards to your announcer Bruce Ellis on behalf of the 358 division and all of the drivers, race teams, and sponsors in the division. I'm not sure if you realize this or not but your announcer Mr. Bruce Ellis has been disrespecting the 358 division for sometime. I noticed last year when I was there or a race with my family, (I don't get up to the track as much as I used to) , that Mr. Ellis would not announce the sponsors of the 358 division, but would tell me everything but which energy drink the drivers in the 410 division have before strapping into the car.

             Adrian Shaffer in victory lane with family and crew at Williams Grove Speedway

 Now don't get me wrong I love learning all I can about each and every 410 driver that has the guts to strap into one of those beast, I even love to hear each sponsor so I can spend my $ at the places that help drive our favorite sport. My family sponsors a 410 sprint car and love hearing that said every time the car comes out onto the track, but don't you think the sponsors of the 358 division deserve the same recognition? Those sponsors spend a lot of money to help those men and woman compete weekly at your race track, and for an employe to not have the courtesy to say their names is very disrespectful. Your track the "Historic" Williams Grove Speedway should embrace that division just like every other division big or small that races there. Why not let Mr. Ellis know that it's not right to disrespect the division just because he does not like it? Your announcer is representing your race track and by disrespecting the drivers, teams, and most importantly the Sponsors you are making it harder and harder for the teams to find people who are willing to give them money to continue to race at your race track.

I have yet to go to any other race track and not hear the announcer disrespect a division like Mr. Ellis does on a weekly basis. Do you think the announcer at Knoxville Raceway would do this to the 360 division? I doubt it. I know Wayne Harper makes sure to say the names of the sponsors at Lincoln Speedway when they race there. I would think with declining car and FAN counts the past few years you would want to keep EVERY race team happy so they want to come back and race next season. How can teams continue to gain the sponsorships to continue when they can't even get the ones they have now said so the fans can hear them and possibly spend their money at those businesses? Instead you allow the voice of the Most Historic and Famous speedway on the east coast to continue to disrespect them every chance he gets.

His latest thing to show disrespect to the hard working race teams of the 358 sprint car division is to NOT call them SPRINT CAR DRIVERS. Really? What would you call them if 358's are not sprint cars? Should we rename the 358 division the 358 Whatchamacallits? He was quoted Friday night as saying "It sure is nice to see 358 driver Adrian Shaffer back in a sprint car" What has he been racing the past few years? 358 dragsters? Does Mr. Ellis hate the top wings that much that he wont call them what they truly are? 358 SPRINT CARS?
                                  Adrian Shaffer in his 358 sprint car at Williams Grove Speedway

In closing I would just like to ask that Mrs. Huges or even Justin Loh have a talk with Mr. Ellis and explain to him that even though he might not like the division for what ever reason, it is in the best interest of the track, and every race team that chooses to compete in the 358 division, to do everything he can to ensure that car counts do not fall even more by announcing the sponsors of these teams, and showing them the respect they deserve for the time, money, and hard work that each race teams puts into it to compete at their race track.

                                                                 Thanks you very much for your time,
                     The drivers, crews, fans, and sponsors of the 358 sprint car division.