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Mark Smith Earns Jack Gunn Memorial Victory

SELINSGROVE, Pa. – Polesitter Mark Smith of Sunbury made up lost ground late in the race to score an exciting victory in Saturday night’s 30-lap United Racing Club-sanctioned 35th Annual Jack Gunn Memorial for 360 sprint cars at Selinsgrove Speedway.

For Smith, the $3,500 win was his third at the track and fourth overall this season in 360 sprint car competition at the wheel of the Mach 1 Chassis No. 1. Aaron Ott of East Berlin was the night’s Fast Tees Fast Qualifier over the 32-car field with a lap time of 17.308. 

Steve Campbell of Danville won his first race of the season in record-setting fashion in the 25-lap super late model feature. Campbell’s 46th career late model win at the speedway was a new track record for the distance in a time of 9:02.20. 

Kyle Bachman and Nathan Long of Selinsgrove see-sawed for the lead for several laps before Bachman came away with his first win of the year in the 15-lap pro stock feature.

Selinsgrove Speedway will hold the Max Media Pack The Track Night this Saturday, May 9, featuring $5 general admission for adults and students for a four division racing show of 360 sprints, late models, pro stocks, and roadrunners at 7 p.m. Max Media will be hosting a tailgating party 4-6 p.m. at the main gate with music, games and prizes prior to the start of the racing program.

 Second-place starter Robbie Stillwaggon drove into the lead at the start of the sprint car feature and was chased by third-place starter Josh Weller. Polesitter Mark Smith lost some ground on the start but kept the leaders in his sights.

The caution flag unfurled on lap four when Jason Shultz’s car developed a flat tire. On the restart, Stillwaggon continued to set the pace while Smith cleared Weller’s car for the second position. The race was stopped on lap eight for a four-car melee at the end of the backstretch in which Shultz’s car flipped over. Cody Keller, Ryan Kissinger, and Tyler Ross were also involved in the incident.  All drivers escaped injury.

By the midway point of the race, Stillwaggon and Smith were setting a blistering pace through traffic with Weller, eighth-place starter Davie Franek, and fourth-place starter Aaron Ott in close pursuit.

With five laps to race, Stillwaggon and Smith diced their way through traffic. Entering turn one on the 27th circuit, Smith made the winning pass using the high line. Once in front of the pack, Smith cruised to a 1.4 second margin of victory over Stillwaggon, Ott, 22nd-place starter TJ Stutts, and Franek.

 Outside front row starter Kenny Trevitz outdueled polesitter Tony Adams for the early lead in the super late model main event following three attempts to get the race started. On the second circuit, fourth-place starter Steve Campbell horsepowered his way into the second spot and started to reel in Trevitz.

Campbell made the winning pass by Trevitz using the inside lane coming off turn four on the fifth lap. By lap 10, however, sixth-place starter Matt Cochran advanced to second and started to show a lot of speed. Late in the race, Cochran closed in on Campbell at a brisk pace with last week’s winner and eighth-place starter Dave Zona racing third.

At the checkered flag, Campbell was victorious by just .96 of a second over Cochran, Zona, Trevitz, and fifth-place starter Jim Yoder.  Following the two initial caution flags, the race went non-stop for 25 laps in a record time of 9:02.203.

In the pro stock feature, third-place starter Kyle Bachman darted into the lead and was chased by polesitter Dave Brouse Jr. for the first lap until fifth-place starter Nathan Long drove into the runner-up position. Long quickly caught Bachman and made a pass for the lead on lap five when Bachman’s car drifted high in turns one and two.

Long set the pace with Bachman in striking distance until Long’s car developed a mechanical issue and rolled to a stop in turn four. Bachman inherited the lead at this point and had to fend off two-time winner and sixth-place starter Andrew Shoop as the two see-sawed for the lead lap after lap.

Bachman narrowly held off Shoop for the win by a mere .20 of a second as the two drivers raced side-by-side coming off turn four for the checked flag. AJ Stroup, Derrick Garman, and Curtis Lawton rounded out the top five.

360 Sprint Cars – 32 Entries
30-Lap A-Main:  1) 1 Mark Smith  2) 89 Robbie Stillwaggon  3) 25 Aaron Ott  4) 23 TJ Stutts  5) 28F Davie Franek  6) 1W Eric Tomecek  7) 5G Curt Michael  8) 77 Derek Locke  9) 25 Josh Weller  10) 5 Justin Barger  11) 08 Jason Claus  12) 1Z Jessica Zemken  13) 76 Larry Kelleher  14) 33W Michael Walter II  15) F5 Mark Bitner  16) 19 Colby Womer  17) 66 Ryan Kissinger  18) 22 Troy Betts  19) 39 Eric Parker  20) M16 Justin Hoffman  21) 12B Brad Franks  22) 29S Derek Steward  23) 56 Randy West  24) 25E Tyler Ross  25) 99K Cody Keller  26) 29 Jason Shultz
Heat Winner:  Davie Franek, Derek Locke, Jason Shultz, Curt Michael
B-Main Winner:  Tyler Ross

Time Trials:  1) 25O Aaron Ott 17.308 2) 25 Josh Weller 17.388  3) 89 Robbie Stillwaggon 17.439  4) 1 Mark Smith 17.498  5) 1Z Jessica Zemken 17.508  6) 98 Joe Trenca 17.540  7) 29 Jason Shultz 17.541  8) 5G Curt Michael 17.557  9) 28F Davie Franek 17.569  10) 5 Justin Barger 17.606 11) 19 Colby Womer 17.651  12) 1W Eric Tomecek 17.652  13) 23 TJ Stutts 17.667  14) 77 Derek Locke 17.675  15) 99K Cody Keller 17.681  16) 66 Ryan Kissinger 17.698  17) 33W Michael Walter II 17.733  18) 08 Jason Clauss 17.760  19) 76 Larry Kelleher 17.780  20) 49S Mallie Shuster 17.821  21) 12B Brad Franks 17.877  22) 25E Tyler Ross 17.911  23) M16 Justin Hoffman 17.945  24) 22 Troy Betts 17.977  25) 39 Eric Parker 17.978  26) 56 Randy West 17.998  27) C4 Jim Shuster 18.120  28) F5 Mark Bitner 18.191  29) 74JR Jr Berry 18.499  30)29S Derek Steward 18.635  31) 3A Kevin Albert 19.222  32) 67 Jason Cherry 19.322

Late Models – 16 Entries
25-Lap A-Main:  1) 2 Steve Campbell  2) 16 Matt Cochran  3) 99Z Dave Zona  4) 61 Ken Trevitz  5) 27 Jim Yoder  6) 2J Jeff Rine  7) 4D Chad Hollenbeck  8)7M Meade Hahn  9) 88 Tony Adams  10) 28 Jason Smith  11) 10 Dave Stamm  12) 111 Dave Shulski  13) 2D Dan Stone  14) 4S Danny Snyder  15) 88T Ernie Millon  16) 24J Jon Rohacevich
Heat Winners:  Matt Cochran, Kenny Trevitz

Pro Stocks – 16 Entries
15-Lap A-Main:  1) 99 Kyle Bachman  2) 8S Andrew Shoop  3) 26  AJ Stroup  4) 11 Derrick Garman  5) 33 Curtis Lawton  6) 28 Dan Condo  7) 14 Dave Brouse Jr.  8) 2C Adam Campbell  9) 31 Chris Snyder  10) 63 Nathan Long  11) 55 John Troxell  12) 88 Matt Hornberger  13) 26S Nate Stroup  14) 4 Jim Payne  15) 8M Brandon Moser  16) 99H Peanut Heintzelman
Heat Winners:  Dave Brouse Jr., Kyle Bachman

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