Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Central PA Racing Scene Power Rankings 6/16/15

410 Power Rankings....

1. Greg Hodnett -  By far the best driver in Central PA. 9 wins to go along with 12 top 5's and 6 top 10's. Also has 6 heat wins so far and it's only the middle of June. Look for Greg to heat up when the big money is on the line.
2. Brian Montieth -  Best driver at Lincoln Speedway. Also won 3 out of 4 at Williams Grove back in May. 10 top 5's and 3 top 10's. Needs to win at tracks other then Lincoln and Williams Grove to move past Hodnett in rankings.
3. Danny Dietrich -  5 wins, 10 top 5's and 5 top 10's. Tied for the most heat race wins with 7. Has anyone passed more cars this season then Danny? If he started closer to the front he would have a few more wins.
4. Steve Buckwalter - 2 wins at Port Royal. Came this close to pulling off the double at Williams Grove a few weeks ago. 13 top 5's and 6 top 10's.
5. Lucas Wolfe -  1 win at Port Royal to start off the season. Very consistent no matter which car he is in. 13 top 5's leads all drivers, also has 6 top 10's and 4 heat wins.
6. Aaron Ott -  1 win , 11 top 5's and 5 top 10's.
7. Brent Marks - Falls from 4th in the last power rankings. Picked up another top 5 and top 10 to give him 14 and 6. Tied for most heat race wins with 7. Made the show both nights out west with the Outlaws. Needs to pick up that 1st win to move up in the rankings.
8. Cory Haas -  7 top 5's and 8 top 10's. Jumps up 1 spot in the rankings this week by picking up 4 top 5's since the last rankings. 1st win should be right around the corner.
9. Austin Hogue -  6 top 5's and 4 top 10's. 4 heat wins as well for the 2014 National 410 rookie of the year. Jumps back into the top 10 after falling out of it the last time.
10.Alan Krimes -  Falls 2 spots to 10th in the weeks rankings. 1 win to go along with just 5 top 5's (lowest in the top 10) and 8 top 10's.

358 Power Rankings....

1. Doug Hammaker - 3 wins, 7 top 5's and 3 top 10's. 5 heat wins as well. Leads the Central PA 358 Point Series presented by Capitol Renegade point standings as well as the Lincoln Speedway points and tied for the Williams Grove Points.
2. Isaac Sneeringer - 3 wins at Trail Way Speedway to go along with 6 top 5's and 3 heat wins. Needs that breakout win at Lincoln Speedway to truly show the fans he is not just a TW driver.

3. Brad McClelland - 3 wins to go along with 3 top 5's and 3 top 10's. Made the switch back to TW after loosing 2 motors at Williams Grove Speedway. Sits 2nd in the CPA358 PS standings.
4. Jeff Halligan - Picked up his 2nd career feature win this past Saturday night at Lincoln Speedway. 5 top 5's. Is having a career season and it's just June.
5. Matt Campbell -Finally picked up hist 1st win of the season on May 30th at Lincoln. Has been the fastest car on the track almost every week. Has 7 top 5's and 4 top 10's.
6. Adrian Shaffer - 2 wins but has not won since April 25th at Lincoln. Has had a string of bad luck that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.
7. Kevin Nouse - Jumps up 1 spot on the strength of 2 more top 5's. Now has 6 top 5's on the season. Co leader at Williams Grove Speedway. Still looking for the 1st win of the season with his new team after posting 14 wins the past 2 seasons.

8. Cody Fletcher - 7 top 5's and 4 top 10's. Still looking for the 1st win, but has lead a lot of laps at Trail Way the past month, but has wrecked out of the lead twice. He wont have that happen again.
9. Jeff Rohrbaugh - 1 win, 4 top 5's and 2 top 10's. Sits 5th in the points at Lincoln Speedway. Has passed more cars then anyone come feature time.
10.Dwight Leppo - Cracks the top 10 with his win at Trail Way Speedway on May 8th. 4 top 5's and 1 top 10. Finished a very close 2nd Saturday night at Lincoln Speedway.


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