Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Central PA Racing Scene Power Rankings 7/21/15

410 Power Rankings.....
Greg Hodnett getting ready for warm ups Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway.

1. Greg Hodnett - (2nd) - Picked up his 10th win of the season Saturday night at Port Royal after finishing 2nd on Friday night. Still the best driver week in and week out in Central PA.
2. Danny Dietrich - (4th) - 7th on Friday night, then won back to back at Lincoln and Susquehanna Speedway. Undefeated at Susky in 2015.
3. Stevie Smith - (1st) - Picked off another win Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway. When TT are the order you better watch the 51s.
4. Brian Montieth - (3rd) - Looked strong the 1st half of the feature Friday night before finishing 3rd. 6th at Lincoln and almost had a win Sunday loosing to Dietrich on the last lap at Susquehanna Speedway.
5. Lucas Wolfe - (6th) - Quick time again Friday night only to finish 4th. 3rd at Port Royal Saturday night gives him 18 top 5's on the season.
6. Steve Buckwalter - (5th) - Best finish of the weekend was 7th on Saturday night at Port Royal. 
7. Alan Krimes - (7th) - Finished 6th at Williams Grove on Friday night. Picked up another win as well as 1 top 5 and 1 top 10 since last rankings.
8. Lance Dewease - (Un Ranked) - 2 top 5's this weekend. 4th at WG and 2nd at Port Royal plus a 6th at Susquehanna on Sunday night. This was the time the veteran got hot last year, could we be seeing a repeat?
9. Aaron Ott - (7th) - Did not compete this weekend.
10.Brent Marks - (9th) - Competed at the Kings Royal this weekend.

Honorable Mentions....
Bill Dietrich - Finally picked up his 1st victory of the season at Dog Hollow Sunday night.
Brandon Rahmer - Almost had his 1st career victory Saturday night.

358 Power Rankings....
Doug Hammaker on the gas during warm ups at Lincoln Speedway Saturday night.

1. Doug Hammaker - (2nd) Picked up a pair of top 5's this past weekend. Regained the Central PA 358 Point Series lead as well as the Lincoln points leader and is tied for the lead at Williams Grove.
2. Brad McClelland - (1st) - Picked another 2nd place finish at Trail Way Friday night. That makes 5 top 2's in the past 5 races.
3. Matt Campbell - (5th) - Had a pair of 7th place finishes this weekend. Co Leader of the points at Williams Grove, and sits 2nd in the overall 358 Point Series standings.
4. Jeff Halligan - (3rd) - Picked up a pair of top 5's since the last rankings.
5. Isaac Sneeringer - (4th) - The Trail Way Speedway point leader has cooled of a bit. Just 1 top 5 since the last rankings.
6. Chase Dietz - (Un Ranked) 2 wins and 2 second place finishes for Dietz. Running only at Williams Grove Speedway. Almost had win #3 Friday night. Sits just 20 points out of the point lead at WG.
7. Jeff Rohrbaugh - (9th) Picked up his 2nd win of the season Saturday night at Lincoln Speedway.
8. Cody Fletcher -  (7th) - Quietly picked up to 3rd place finishes this weekend. Sits 2nd in points at Trail Way, 6th at Lincoln and 5th in the over all standings. Having a career year in 2015.
9. Adrian Shaffer - (6th) - Continues to struggle after 2 quick wins to start the season. Finished 5th Saturday at Lincoln Speedway where he has had a lot of bad luck.
10.Seth Kearchner - (Un Ranked) - Finally found victory lane at Trail Way Friday night. Has 6 top 5's and is just outside the top 10 on overall 358 point standings.

Honorable Mentions....
Kody Lehman - Picked up his 1st career 358 feature win Friday night at Williams Grove then backed it up with a 8th place finish at Lincoln Saturday.
Matt Findley - Finished a career best 3rd on Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway.

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