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Sweet, Pittman And Schatz Score Outlaws Sweep At To End Port Royal Season


Port Royal – Brad Sweet of Grass Valley, CA., led early and late to win the World of Outlaws sprint car feature at Port Royal Speedway on Saturday night to close the oval’s 2015 season. 

Sweet’s victory, a first career Port Royal win, came with a sweep of the podium positions by the traveling outlaws band over the local Pennsylvania Posse.

The 30-lap win was worth $10,000 for the driver of Kasey Kahne’s No. 49.

Dan Davies won the Mid Atlantic Modified feature over David Stremme to complete the first-ever show in the mid-state for the burgeoning stock car class.

The 2015 Port Royal champion, Lucas Wolfe earned the pole for the World of Outlaws feature by claiming the win in the dash.  Shane Stewart started the race in second with Danny Dietrich third and Sweet in fourth. 

Only one lap of the main was put in the books when Logan Wagner forced the first caution flag by sitting backwards, against traffic on the frontchute.

Wolfe chose the inside lane for the double file restart and got away from Stewart at the new green with tenth starter Brent Marks already up to third.

With five away Marks was doing his best to hold off Sweet and Daryn Pittman for the spot.

Wolfe entered the backmarkers on the tenth tour with Stewart and now Sweet and Pittman in pursuit as Marks slid backwards.

Sweet motored by Stewart for second with 11 away and then began his track down of the leader.

Sweet was clearly gaining speed as the leader tried to navigate through heavy traffic and he blistered by Wolfe for the lead in the first and second turns of the 14th tour.

In fact, Pittman came along for the ride when Sweet made the pass, relegating Wolfe to a sudden third.

At the halfway point the front trio had Stewart and seventh starter Donny Schatz now up to fifth.

The cream on this night clearly rose to the top during the mid stages of the race with Schatz getting around Wolfe for third to complete the outlaws assault on the front spots with 14 laps to go. 

However what had been a flawless performance by Sweet through traffic at the front turned a bit messy with about 10 laps to go and with Pittman hot on his trail and Schatz nearly as close to him, a missed entry in the third corner allowed Pittman to zip by on the inside to take control with eight laps to go.

Pittman then threatened to get away with the win but a final caution flag, again for Logan Wagner, this time with six laps to go, changed the outcome.

Prior to the caution period, Danny Dietrich who had faded from the front early, was motoring forward, threatening to catch the top three by surprise after blasting into fourth to be lined up directly behind them.

But the slowing of the pace also halted his momentum.

Pittman selected to restart on the pole of the double file new line up with Sweet to his outside.

And the restart was exactly what Sweet wanted and needed to get back out in front.

He chased Pittman through the first and second turns before sailing to his outside through the third and fourth turns to reclaim the point with five laps remaining.

Sweet then went on to post a .455 second triumph over Pittman with Schatz 1.8 seconds behind in third.

Dietrich was fourth with Marks finishing fifth.

Sixth through 10th went to 23rd starter Dale Blaney, Greg Wilson, Stewart, Greg Hodnett and Logan Schuchart.

Sweet became the 182nd different driver to win a sprint car feature in the history of Port Royal Speedway.

The entire sprint car program was completed in some 2 hours and 50 minutes. 

Fast time over the 47-car field went to Schatz with a lap of 16.199 seconds.

Heats went to Stewart, Sweet, Wolfe and Schuchart.

Wolfe won the dash while Ryan Smith took the C Main and Justin Barger claimed the B Main.

The 20-lap modified main had several caution flag periods.

Denny Perigo led the first five circuits before eighth starter Dan Davies took over to hold on for the win.

Seventh starter David Stremme took second on the seventh tour and despite a pair of restarts giving him a clear shot at the lead he was unable to get control.

Chris Arnold was third followed by Gary Long and Denny Perigo.

Twin heats went to Davies and Stremme with 17 cars in action.

Feature finishes:

World of Outlaws 410 sprints, 30 laps: 1. Brad Sweet, 2. Daryn Pittman, 3. Donny Schatz, 4. Danny Dietrich. 5. Brent Marks, 6. Dale Blaney, 7. Greg Wilson, 8. Shane Stewart, 9. Greg Hodnet, 10. Logan Schuchart, 11. Lucas Wolfe, 12. Cody Darrah, 13. Paul McMahan, 14. Doug Esh, 15. Todd Shaffer, 16. Kerry Madsen, 17. Ryan Taylor, 18. Pat Cannon, 19. Dylan Cisney, 20. Justin Barger, 21. Joey Saldana, 22. Jacob Allen, 23. David Gravel, 24. Jason Sides, 25. Michael Wagner, 26. Jason Johnson, 27. Jac Haudenschild, 28. Logan Wagner

DNQ: Joey Hershey, Trenton Shaeffer, Kyle Reinhardt, Steve Buckwalter, Tim Glatfelter, Jevon Ahner, Paige Polyak, Anthony Fiore, Mike Kuemper, Wayne Dadetto, TJ Stutts, Aaron Ott, Logan Forler, Cody Darrah, Mark Smith, Curt Stroup, Lance Dewease, Brock Zearfoss, Dustin Baney

Mid Atlantic Modifieds, 20 laps: 1. Dan Davies, 2. David Stremme, 3. Chris Arnold, 4. Gary Long, 5. Denny Perigo, 6. Brandon LaSalle, 7. Craig Ramich, 8. Adam Daniels, 9. Andy Swope, 10. Derek Deusenberry, 11. Tim Schulte, 12. Justin Milburn, 13. Mark Jones, 14. Ray McClure, 15. Rodney Morgan, 16. Alyssa Rowe

DNS: Jared Spaulding

Friday, October 16, 2015

2015 Central PA Racing Scene Award Winners

2015 410 Driver of the year Danny Dietrich

2015 358 Driver of the year Doug Hammaker
2015 360 Driver of the year Mark Smith
2015 305 Driver of the Year Tyler Reeser

2015 410 Most Improved Driver Aaron Ott
2015 358 Most Improved Driver Jeff Halligan

2015 Best Looking Sprint Car Brock Zearfoss
2015 Track of the Year Port Royal Speedway

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Central PA Racing Scene 2015 410 Driver of the Year.

Brent Marks - 3 wins at Port Royal Speedway. Won the Tuscarora 50. 25 top 5's, 17 top 10's and 18 heat wins. 

Stevie Smith - 10 wins including his 3rd career Williams Grove National Open. Won the Summer Nationals at Williams Grove Speedway in July. 2015 Pennsylvania Speed Week Champion. 5 top 5's and 6 top 10's. Won races at Williams Grove, Lincoln, Selinsgrove, Grandview, Hagerstown, Path Valley.
Greg Hodnett - Williams Grove Speedway Track Champion, leader of the Speedway Motors 410 series. 16 wins, 27 top 5's, 16 top 10's and 19 heat wins. Has wins at Lincoln (Outlaw), Williams Grove, Lincoln, Susquehanna, Port Royal, Grandview, New Egypt, Selinsgrove, Bedford,

Danny Dietrich - 15 wins in 2015. Winner at Lincoln, Williams Grove, Susquehanna, Selinsgrove and Grandview Speedway's. 28 top 5's and 11 top 10's with 11 heat wins. 2nd in points at Williams Grove Speedway and the
Speedway Motors 410 series.

Brian Montieth - 2015 Lincoln Speedway track champion. 9 wins, 23 top 5's, 11 top 10's and 11 heat wins. Winner of the 2nd annual Dirt Classic at Lincoln Speedway. Owned the month of May with 5 wins.

Lucas Wolfe - 2015 Port Royal Speedway Track Champion. 4 wins 24 top 5's, 18 top 10's along with 16 heat wins. Won races at Port Royal and Williams Grove Speedway's.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Central PA Racing Scene 2015 358 Driver of the Year

Doug Hammaker - Central PA 358 Point Series presented by Capitol Renegade Champion. Lincoln Speedway Track Champion. Nouse Signs and Graphics 358 Summer Series Champion. Lincoln/Trail Way Shoot Out winner. 6 wins , 20 top 5's and 5 top 10's. 10 heat race wins.

Matt Campbell - 3 wins in 2015. 13 top 5's and 12 top 10's and 7 heat wins. Finished 2nd in points at Lincoln Speedway, 3rd at Williams Grove Speedway, and 3rd in the Central PA 358 Point Series presented by Capitol Renegade.

Chase Dietz - Williams Grove Speedway Track Champion. 4 wins , 5 top 5's and 1 top 10. 5 heat wins all at Williams Grove Speedway.

Isaac Sneeringer - Trail Way Speedway Track Champion. 5 wins 12 top 5's,  3 top 10's and 10 heat wins. Finished 4th in the Central PA 358 Point Series presented by Capitol Renegade point standings.

Brad McClelland - 8 wins in 2015 most in the 358 division. 10 top 5's , 3 top 10's and 8 heat wins. Finished 2nd in points at Trail Way Speedway and 2nd in the Central PA 358 Point Series presented by Capitol Renegade.

Jeff Halligan - 3 wins, 10 top 5's, 3 top 10's and 4 heat wins. Winner at Trail Way Speedway and Lincoln Speedway.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Central PA Racing Scene Most Improved 410 driver of 2015.

Dylan Cisney
Aaron Ott

Steve Buckwalter
Freddie Rahmer
Tim Gladfelter

Brock Zearfoss

Monday, October 12, 2015

My Thoughts on the Racing Weekend Gone By

Hello and welcome back to another edition of a racing weekend gone by. This past weekend Mother Nature screwed us out of the last race of the season at Williams Grove Speedway, but blessed us with beautiful but chilly weather on Saturday for the last race of the season at Lincoln Speedway and the big 305 Blue Collar Classic Race at Port Royal Speedway.

Saturday night was the Hank Gentzler Memorial at Lincoln Speedway. Hank was instrumental in making Manufacturers Appreciation Night at Lincoln Speedway such a great night for the 410 teams who race here in Central PA. His wife Dennise has kept the race alive in his honor with the help of Lincoln Speedway. It's always a good thing to see race teams get free stuff and the race teams show their support by packing the pits 35 strong.

Saturday night we saw Gerard McIntyre Jr. finally found victory lane in 2015. It was G-Mac's 1st feature win since April of 2014 which came at Lincoln Speedway as well. McIntyre has struggled this season big time, but finally started to show some promise towards the last part of 2015 starting the weekend of Knoxville. He was slated to start on the front row at Lincoln that night but experienced engine trouble and had to scratch from the feature. He made the feature for the National Open last Sunday at Williams Grove Speedway and would finish a respectable 13th beating some of the very best sprint car drivers in the country in the process. Seeing a small budget one car operation get a win is a great thing to watch and to see it happen to family makes it even better. Congrats G-Mac from all of us at Central Pa Racing Scene.

Saturday also saw a few surprises in the feature event at Lincoln Speedway.

One time feature winner in 2015 at Lincoln Speedway, JJ Grasso would finish 3rd for his 4th top 5 finish of the season.
Adam Wilt who has struggled all season long finished 4th giving him his 4th top 5 finish in 2015.
Tyler Ross who is in his 2nd season in the 410 division would come home 5th giving him his 5th top 5 of the year.

All three drivers race a family owned and on a small budget so it's especially great to see them get good finishes at the end of the season. Looking at the top 10 from Saturday night saw a good mix of racing budgets in the mix. Greg Hodnett would finish 2nd, Arron Ott would finish 6th, Alan Krimes 7th, Mike Bittinger , Steve Owings and Jim Seigel would round out the top 10. Owings and Bittinger especially nice to see get some good finishes to end the season.

In the 358 division Saturday night Lincoln Speedway and Central PA 358 Point Series presented by Capitol Renegade champion Doug Hammaker would put a stamp on his 2015 racing season by winning his 6th feature event of the season. Hammaker who won everything but the Williams Grove track championship in 2015 (Hey his momma taught him how to share with people) had a breakout season in 2015. To think the son of "The GodFather" and brother to Nate didn't win his first career feature event until July of last season. So in the span of a season and a half Doug has not only won 8 career feature wins (tying him with Matt Campbell,Rick Hench,Danny Jones, Frankie Herr and Glenndon Forsythe) on the all time win list, but also won a track championship and the 358 series championship. What have I been saying for a while now? The future of our sport is where folks?

Great run for Adrian Shaffer who came home 2nd Saturday night. Really would have liked to see what Adrian could have done if he would not have had so much bad luck the mid part of the season. He started out very hot with 2 wins, then just ran into every bad thing you could think of, only to bounce back with another win and a string of top 5's late in the season. Just for future reference....a youngster made his 1st ever start Saturday night at Lincoln Speedway in the 358 division. Trey Hivner, just keep that in the back of your head......just saying.....

Now, let's head over to Port Royal Speedway where we saw... 49 yes that would be right 49 305 sprint cars load up and fill the pits for their biggest race of the year, the Blue Collar Classic and mind you the track saw a total of 120 race cars line the pits and part of the infield on the chilly night of racing. Jeff Miller Jr, whom has dominated Port Royal Speedway won the track title that night and made a bit of history in the process. The 2013 event champion, Jake Waters led the first four laps of the Blue Collar Classic before Tyler Reeser took over in an effort to record his second win of the season at the track. But....Tyler Reeser found some tough competition when Jeff Miller Jr, a two time Port Royal Track Champion, found the preferred line and passed Reeser for the lead. 

Now...back to that making history thing with Jeff Miller Jr. The 305s have made a home at Port Royal Speedway for some time now and a long time veteran Tyler Bear had housed the most wins seen at the speedway until Saturday night. Jeff Miller Jr tied Tyler's wins and took back to back championships in the series at the Speed Palace as well...looks like the kid has the Speed Palace figured out.

Need to go back to last weekend and give a huge shout out to Stevie Smith for picking up his 3rd career Williams Grove National Open Sunday night at Williams Grove Speedway. Rain forced me to miss my 4th consecutive Natty Open (after seeing 18 straight) but it's always great to wake up for work and see your favorite driver won the biggest paying race of the season in Central PA. I might be wrong on this, but I'm pretty sure Stevie was the last driver to win a 75 lap Natty Open, and won his 2nd race the year before I started my 18 yrs of going. I have seen him look good some years, and struggle others, but as a huge fan of Stevie as I am, I don't hide the fact that I scream like a woman who sees a mouse in the kitchen whenever he wins a feature event, let alone the National Open. I would still love to see just how dominant Steve and the whole 51s team could be if they actually ran for points in Central PA, but we all know that would never happen.

Well folks our season is almost over. But next weekend we do have our last 2 night race week. Saturday night the 410's are joined by the United Racing Club for a special winged double header. I plan on making the trip up north to catch it, as I do most of you. You will find no better a ride then heading up north to Port Royal Speedway in mid October. It will be beautiful with fall starting to take hold.

Sunday we will see the Scott Gobrecht era officially begin at Susquehanna Speedway when the 410's get their last chance to tune up for their big $10,000 to win feature in November. The IMCA Sprint Series (yeah I have no clue either) will be on hand as well, while Fred Rahmer productions will host their final race of 2015 at Path Valley Speedway. It is Armed Forces Appreciation Night – offering half-priced general admission tickets to U.S. Military personnel in uniform. The race will pay $6,600 to the winner.

Think its bad for Central PA to see them reschedule the race against Susquehanna Speedway next Sunday. I happen to agree with Todd Heitzelman in AARN when he said they should have found a different date for this race. It does absolutely no good to split up fans and race teams this late in the season. Funny thing is if this was any other promoter pulling this, the fans would be up in arms about it. Hell fans go ape shit when Lincoln doesn't give the 410's a night off so all the teams can go to Port Royal  that night yet not much outrage over this. I wonder how how many teams will skip out on Susquehanna and go to Path as well. Everyone wanted changes at Susky, and I bet most won't show up to show their support Sunday, and that's a shame if you ask me.

Well that's it for this week. Look for me trying to stay warm on Saturday night at Port Royal. Until then I hope everyone's work week goes extra fast, your weather stays warm, and if your beverage of choice stays ice cold, or warm in my case lol. See everyone Saturday night.

©William McIntyre & Central PA Racing Scene 2015

Central PA Racing Scene Most Improved 358 driver of 2015.

Here are the nominees for the Most Improved driver in the 358 division in 2015.

Jeff Haligan - 3 time winner in 2015 with 2 wins at Lincoln Speedway and 1 win at Trail Way Speedway. Finished 10th in the CPA358PS standings improving from 16th in 2014.

Adrian Shaffer - Had 3 wins this season 2 at Williams Grove and 1 at Lincoln Speedway. Improved on his 14th place finish in the CPA358PS standings to finish 6th in 2015.

Matt Findley - Finished 18th in the CPA358PS standings. Improved 14 spots from his 32nd spot in 2014.

Cody Fletcher - Won his first 2 career 358 feature at Trail Way Speedway in 2015. Fletcher would finish 5th in the CPA358PS Standings.

Zach Euculano - Finished 16th in the CPA358PS improving 10 spots from 2015.

Kody Lehman - Won 2 features in 2015. Won at Both Williams Grove Speedway and Lincoln Speedway. Finished 15th in the CPA358PS standings in 2015 improving 8 spots from 2014.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Miller Caps His Port Royal Season With Blue Collar RaceSaver Win & Track Title


Port Royal – Some 120 race cars packed the Port Royal Speedway pit area Saturday night to contest the 4th annual Blue Collar Classic including the Keystone RaceSaver Challenge for 305 sprint cars.

Huntingdon’s Jeff Miller put an exclamation mark on his 2015 season at the track by claiming the 25-lap Keystone RaceSaver Challenge while also taking the season point title at the oval for the 305 sprint cars.

DJ Myers scored the 20-lap limited late model main over a stellar field of limiteds while Andrew Shoop scored the xtreme stock feature event and Wayne Brenize won the four cylinder feature. 

The Founder’s Cup non-qualifiers race for the 305 sprints was taken by Jordan Thomas. 

The 2013 event champion, Mifflintown’s Jake Waters led the first four laps of the Keystone RaceSaver Challenge for the 305 sprints before Orwigsburg’s Tyler Reeser took over in an effort to record his second win of the season at the track. 

Point leader Jeff Miller started third in the field and took second from Waters on the eighth tour to begin driving down the distance Reeser had opened up. 

The leaders entered the rear of the field with 15 laps to go and Miller then made his first bid for control. 

He drove around Reeser for the lead in the first corner but Reeser used the outside to reclaim the spot as the pair raced down the backchute. 

And just after the pair completed the 11th loop, a caution flag bunched the field and slowed the pace. 

Another caution regrouped the field just a lap later and again with 11 laps to go but on all the restarts Reeser was able to get away from Miller.

While Miller’s advances seemed to stabilized during those mid-stage laps, they picked back up again during the last seven laps as he began cutting into Reeser’s lead.

And then with four laps to go Miller motored around Reeser for the lead and win, which was the sixth of his career at the track. 

It was his first win in the marquee event for the division held at the oval and in Pennsylvania each year since beginning in 2012. 

Reeser settled for second followed by 11th starter Dave Brown Jr. of Aston, Waters and Tim Tanner of Doylestown.

Sixth through 10th went to Scott Frack, Erin Statler, Nathan Gramley, Derrick Bowersox and Colby Dice.

Six heats for the 49 cars in action went to Brown Jr., Waters, Joe Kay, Miller, Statler and Reeser,

Twin consolation races went to Gramley and Scott Ellerman. 

Overall fast time was set by Karl Freyer with a lap of 18.393 seconds.

Ryan Stillwaggon led the first six laps of the 15-lap Founder’s Cup non-qualifiers race for the 305 sprints before Harding’s Jordan Thomas took over for the win, earning himself a guaranteed starting spot in next year’s main event.

John Martin rode home second followed by Stillwaggon, Dalton Hetrick and George Riden.

Travis Stickley led only the first three laps of the limited late model main before fourth starter DJ Myers took over to begin driving away from the field.

After starting eighth, Rick Singleton worked his way through the field to pull into second with nine laps left in the 20-lapper.

Singleton did run down the better part of Myer’s advantage before the finish but Myers still took the victory by 1.992 seconds.

Kyle Lee was third followed by Rance Garlock and Stickley.

Heats for the 34-car field went to Singleton, Randy Christine Jr., Troy Miller and Lee with the consolation going to Jake Jones.

Multiple caution flags hampered the pace in the 20-lap xtreme stock feature but at the helm the entire way was Andrew Shoop who started fourth.

Shoop was chased nearly the entire way by 2015 Port Royal champion Jason Zook but although Zook was able to pull alongside at one point for control, he was never able to fully get command.

Shoop was followed across the line by Zook, Bob Bussey, Walt Peters and Keith Bissinger.

Twin heats went to Jason Davis and Corey Kepner. 

Wayne Brenize won the 15-lap four cylinder main event over Lee Zook, Eric Boozel, Jeff Foster and Tim Osheehan. 

Twin heats went to Ryan Peer and Jeff Foster.

Feature finishes:

305 sprints, 25 laps: 1. Jeff Miller, 2. Tyler Reeser, 3. Dave Brown Jr., 4. Jake Waters, 5. Tim Tanner, 6. Scott Frack, 7. Erin Statler, 8. Nathan Gramley, 9. Derrick Bowersox, 10. Colby Dice, 11. Joe Kay, 12. Karl Freyer, 13. Ken Duke Jr., 14. Zach Newlin, 15. Darren Miller, 16. Drew Ritchie, 17. Scott Ellerman, 18. Samantha Lieberman, 19. Steve Kennawell, 20. Zack Burd, 21. Jeff Geiges, 22. Mike Esposito, 23. Mike Schuckers, 24. Jon Haegele

DNQ: Jordan Thomas, Dalton Hetrick, Stephanie Dodson, George Riden, Alan Kumpf, Daren Bolac, John Barnett, Randy Sterling, Dave Guss Jr., Justin Zap, Vince Snyder, John Bordlemay, Cale Reigle, Ryan Stillwaggon, John Martin, Tom Worrick, Jason Bergstresser, Ryan Lynn, Cody Hackenberry, Tyler Lebo, Nicole Walker, Mike Alleman, Tyler Bear, Eddie Strada, Adam Carberry

Limited late models 20 laps: 1. DJ Myers, 2. Rick Singleton, 3. Kyle Lee, 4. Rance Garlock, 5. Travis Stickley, 6. Troy Swindell, 7. Todd Snook, 8. Andrew Yoder, 9. Randy Christine Jr., 10. Chad Julius, 11. Eric Irvin, 12. Dan Zechman, 13. Nathan Lasalle, 14. Rodney Walls, 15. Jake Jones, 16. Travis Mease, 17. Mike Smith, 18. Larry Neiderer, 19. Kevin Palmer, 20. Garrett Gray, 21. Chase Bowsman, 22. Bernie Beard, 23. Gene Knaub, 24. Troy Miller, 24. Kenny Yoder

DNQ: Jed Latshaw, Dillan Stake, Bruce Kane, John Myers, Brad Myers, Cody Buterbaugh, Brent Adams, Lincoln Ritchey, Sanny Sollers

Xtreme stocks, 20 laps: 1. Andrew Shoop, 2. Jason Zook, 3. Bob Bussey, 4. Walt Peters, 5. Keith Bissinger, 6. Deron Henry, 7. Greg Deihl, 8. Pete Leister, 9. Jared Fulkroad, 10. Pat McClane, 11. Kris Ney, 12. Justin Palm, 13. Johnny Palm, 14. Craig Dodson, 15. Charlie Bryner, 16. Corey Kepner, 17. Joe Hower, 18. Chris Heller, 19. Rob Trego, 20. Jason Davis, 21. Daren Rice, 22. Curtis Lawton

Four cylinders, 15 laps: 1. Wayne Brenize, 2. Lee Zook, 3. Eric Boozel, 4. Jeff Foster, 5. Tim Osheehan, 6. Zach Moist, 7. Andrew Moist, 8. Nick Myers, 9. Sam Creveling, 10. Adam Morgan, 11. Noah Myers, 12. Larry Beachel, 13. Mike Hepler, 14. Ryan Peer, 15. Tyler Gastley


Oct 10, 2015, 23:07
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Hammaker ends championship season with 358 sprint win; champ Zimmerman takes All-American Outlaw feature

ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 10/10/2015 – Gerard McIntyre, Jr. certainly picked a good night to win his first race of the year. A heat win assured him of a Hank Gentzler Memorial Manufacturers Night prize package valued at more than $3,000, and the win in the season finale earned him another $4,000.

“It came down to the very last race,” said McIntyre upon exiting his family Weaver’s Body Shop/NAPA Auto Parts/William McIntyre & Sons #16 in victory lane, “It’s been such a long year. To be standing here…I can’t thank all these guys enough for hanging with me. And hopefully this will give us a boost in the off-season and get things back going for next year. At least I know we’re competitive.”

Polesitter Mike Bittinger led the first 13 laps before J.J. Grasso took the lead. But in the process, Grasso damaged the front wing of his sprinter, which finally fell off entering turn one of lap 20.

When the caution came out, fourth-starting McIntyre pulled onto his back bumper. McIntyre pulled alongside Grasso several times during the caution, and made the race-winning pass on the restart.

“I was going around him anyway,” quipped McIntyre when asked chasing the Grasso #37, “I didn’t wat to take any chances. I knew I was the better car there at the end. He was fast and got around me when I was screwing around at the beginning. Everything went our way tonight. I drew a #1 pill for the heats and drew the #1 pill for the Manufacturer’s prize package. We’ll be back at Lincoln next year.”

Tenth-starting Greg Hodnett took the runner-up spot from Grasso on the next-to-last lap, but crossed 2.25 seconds behind McIntyre, with Grasso hanging on for third. Ninth-starting Adam Wilt and Tyler Ross completed the top five, with Aaron Ott, 18th-startng Alan Krimes, Bittinger, Steve Owings, and Jim Siegel rounding out the top ten.

Heats for the 35 410’s were won by McIntyre, Kyle Moody, Grasso, and Hodnett, with Cory Haas winning the consolation despite a 360-degree spin in the middle of the event.

Carlisle’s Doug Hammaker added an exclamation point to his Central PA point series and Lincoln Speedway championships by scoring the win in the 20-lap “358” sprint car feature.

Hammaker started third and caught polesitter and race leader Brie Hershey on lap five. He held off the late-race challenges of 15th-starting Adrian Shaffer to claim his third win of the season in the Pigeon Hills. Just like McIntyre, it was his fourth career Lincoln win, and came by 1.75 seconds over Shaffer.

Third through fifth were Hershey, Matt Campbell (who came from the rear following a fourth turn spin on lap four), and Kyle Denmyer.

Heats for the 26 358’s were won by Cole Young, Denmyer, and Phil Walter, with Tyler Walton setting a new 5-lap track record in winning the consolation with a time of 1 minute, 19.25 seconds.

Kurt Zimmerman polished off a series championship season by becoming the fourth and final leader of the 20-lap All-American Outlaw feature. Zimmerman came from ninth starting spot to grab the lead from Bryan Green during a four-car battle for the lead on lap nine.

He led the rest of the way, with Randy Doty coming from 11th starting spot to finish second. Third through fifth were Justin Cullum, Hunter Nester, and Green.

The All-American Outlaw feature ended the 2015 Lincoln racing season, with annual Lincoln Race Car Flea Market coming up on Saturday, November 14th (6 a.m. to noon), followed by the 2015 Lincoln Speedway Awards Banquet on Saturday, November 21st (6 PM-12:30 AM)

To get all the latest news, results, schedule changes and rule changes, visit Lincoln Speedway's website at to stay up-to-date on all the action or pending weather conditions at Central Pennsylvania's "Premier" Saturday night race track - The Fabulous Lincoln Speedway.
Saturday, October 10, 2015
Abbottstown, PA
410 SPRINT FEATURE FINISH (25 laps) – 1. 16-Gerard McIntyre, Jr. ($4,000); 2. 27-Greg Hodnett; 3. 37-JJ Grasso; 4. 15-Adam Wilt; 5. 5-Tyler Ross; 6. 25-Aaron Ott; 7. 87-Alan Krimes; 8. 12-Mike Bittinger; 9. 35-Steve Owings; 10. 59-Jim Siegel; 11. 29-Danny Dietrich; 12. 14-Lance Dewease; 13. 52-Austin Hogue; 14. 88-Brandon Rahmer; 15. 99M-Kyle Moody; 16. 11C-Cory Haas; 17. 2W-Glenndon Forsythe; 18. 8-Billy Dietrich; 19. 1*-Tim Wagaman; 20. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss; 21. 7A-Ed Aikin (DNF); 22. 51-Freddie Rahmer (DNF); 23. 21-Brian Montieth (DNF); 24. 44-Chase Dietz (DNF). No Time

Lap Leaders – Mike Bittinger (1-13), JJ Grasso (14-19), Gerard McIntyre, Jr. (20-25)

BROWN & MILLER RACING SOLUTIONS HEAT 1 (10 laps/5 qualify) - 1. 16-Gerard McIntyre, Jr.; 2. 15-Adam Wilt; 3. 12-Mike Bittinger; 4. 2W-Glenndon Forsythe; 5. 8-Billy Dietrich; 6. 11C-Cory Haas; 7. 52-Austin Hogue; 8. 15M-Bobby Mazingo; 9. 51K-Karl Baker. Time – 2:19.568

IN MEMORY OF JIM WICKARD & HANK GENTZLER HEAT 2 (10 laps/5 qualify) - 1. 99M-Kyle Moody; 2. 1*-Tim Wagaman; 3. 35-Steve Owings; 4. 59-Jim Siegel; 5. 87-Alan Krimes; 6. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss; 7. 21T-Scott Fisher; 8. 91-David Quackenbush; 9. 3B-Randy Baughman. Time – 2:22.448

GARY KAUFFMAN RACING HEAT 3 (10 laps/5 qualify) - 1. 37-JJ Grasso; 2. 25-Aaron Ott; 3. 51-Freddie Rahmer; 4. 44-Chase Dietz; 5. 7A-Ed Aikin; 6. 56-Sam Schlosberg; 7. 74-Dwayne Gutshall; 8. 55K-Robbie Kendall (DNF). No Time

IN MEMORY OF KEVIN GOBRECHT HEAT 4 (10 laps/5 qualify) - 1. 27-Greg Hodnett; 2. 21-Brian Montieth; 3. 5-Tyler Ross; 4. 14-Lance Dewease; 5. 88-Brandon Rahmer; 6. 69-Shane Hoff; 7. 39-Tim Glatfelter; 8. 76-Davey Jones; 9. 29-Danny Dietrich (DNF). No Time

410 Sprint Consolation Finish (10 laps/4 to qualify) – 1. 11Z-Cory Haas; 2. 29-Danny Dietrich; 3. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss; 4. 52-Austin Hogue; 5. 39-Tim Glatfelter; 6. 21T-Scott Fisher; 7. 91-David Quackenbush; 8. 56-Sam Schlosberg; 9. 3B-Randy Baughman; 10. 15M-Bobby Mazingo; 11. 76-Davey Jones; 12. 51K-Karl Baker (DNF); DNS – 69-Shane Hoff, 74-Dwayne Gutshall, 55K-Robbie Kendall. Time – 2:30.519

358 SPRINT FEATURE FINISH (20 laps) – 1. 66-Doug Hammaker ($1,200); 2. 27S-Adrian Shaffer; 3. 97-Brie Hershey; 4. 16-Matt Campbell; 5. 38D-Kyle Denmyer; 6. 28-Matt Findley; 7. 19D-Wyatt Hinkle; 8. 89-Ashley Cappetta; 9. 23J-Jake Eldreth; 10. 66R-Russell Hammaker; 11. 4R-Tyler Walton; 12. 19-Troy Wagaman, Jr.; 13. 15-Lucas Montgomery; 14. 22B-Nat Tuckey; 15. 7-Trey Hivner; 16. 21X-Kyle Abrahims; 17. 5-Phil Walter; 18. 11D-Kody Hartlaub; 19. 00-Chris Frank (DNF); 20. 66A-Cody Fletcher (DNF); 21. 01-Rick Horn (DNF); 22. 4-Dwight Leppo (DNF); 23. 17-Cole Young (DNF); 24. 23-Chris Arnold (DNF). No Time

Lap Leaders – Brie Hershey (1-4), Doug Hammaker (5-20)

358 Sprint Heat One Finish (10 laps/6 qualify) - 1. 17-Cole Young; 2. 23J-Jake Eldreth; 3. 15-Lucas Montgomery; 4. 16-Matt Campbell; 5. 89-Ashley Cappetta; 6. 66R-Russell Hammaker; 7. 4R-Tyler Walton; 8. 22B-Nat Tuckey; 9. 01-Rick Horn. Time – 2:23.83

358 Sprint Heat Two Finish (10 laps/6 qualify) - 1. 38D-Kyle Denmyer; 2. 97-Brie Hershey; 3. 28-Matt Findley; 4. 19D-Wyatt Hinkle; 5. 4-Dwight Leppo; 6. 19-Troy Wagaman, Jr.; 7. 21X-Kyle Abrahims; 8. 7-Trey Hivner; 9. 119-Chandler Leiby (DNF). Time – 2:27.25

358 Sprint Heat Three Finish (10 laps/6 qualify) - 1. 5-Phil Walter; 2. 66A-Cody Fletcher; 3. 66-Doug Hammaker; 4. 23-Chris Arnold; 5. 27S-Adrian Shaffer; 6. 11D-Kody Hartlaub; 7. 56M-DJ Montgomery (DNF); DNS – 00-Chris Frank. Time – 2:27.78

358 Sprint Consolation Finish (5 laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 4R-Tyler Walten; 2. 21X-Kyle Abrahims; 3. 00-Chris Frank; 4. 7-Trey Hivner; 5. 01-Rick Horn; 6. 22B-Nat Tuckey; DNS – 56M-DJ Montgomery, 119-Chandler Leiby. TIME – 1:19.25 (NEW 5-LAP 358 SPRINT TRACK RECORD)

ALL AMERICAN OUTLAW IN MEMORY OF AL BUNKY DANIELS FEATURE FINISH (20 laps) – 1. 9A-Kurt Zimmerman; 2. 6-Randy Doty; 3. 95-Justin Cullum; 4. 1N-Hunter Nester; 5. 99-Bryan Green; 6. 100-Tim Fake; 7. 21-Steve Jorda; 8. 71-Jim Chenoweth; 9. 66-David Egge; 10. 13-Gary Moreland, Jr.; 11. 01-Brad Alexander; 12. 53-Tony Jorda; 13. 29-Phil Williams (DNF); 14. 6S-Tim Stem (DNF); 15. 8-Jeff McMauley (DNF); 16. 59-Fred Cullum (DNF); 17. 40-Rick Hulson (DNF). No Time

Lap Leaders – Rick Hulson (1-4), Justin Cullum (5-6), Bryan Green (7-8), Kurt Zimmerman (9-20)

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Central PA Racing Scene Best looking Sprint Car of 2015

Lance Dewease

Chase Dietz

Time Wagaman

Matt Campbell
Brock Zearfoss

Stevie Smith

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Central PA Racing Scene 360 Driver of the Year.

Here are the nominees for the 2015 Central PA Racing Scene 360 Driver of the Year.

 Mark Smith - 4 wins at Selinsgrove Speedway, 1 win at Williams Grove, and 2 ESS wins in 2015. Was crowned the 17th Annual King of the 360's and the 14th Annual Ronald Laney Memorial.

 TJ Stutts - Selinsgrove Speedway track Champion. 5 time winner in 2015.
 Robbie Stillwagon - 2nd in URC points. 1 win in 2015
 Curt Michael - URC point leader. 6 wins in 2015.
 Josh Weller - 3rd in URC points. 1 win in 2015.
Davie Frenek - 4th in URC points. 1 win at Selinsgrove Speedway in 2015.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Central PA Racing Scene 305 Driver of the Year

Here are the nominees for the 2015 Central PA Racing Scene 305 Driver of the Year.

 Drew Ritchey - 2015 Bedford Track Champion. 2 time winner at Bedford in 2015.
 Jeff Miller Jr. Point leader at Port Royal Speedway. 3 time winner at Port Royal in 2015.
 Zach Newlin - Pa Sprint Series Champion. 1 win at Susquehanna Speedway on April 25th.
 Tyler Reeser - 3rd in PA Sprint Series Points. Swept the Labor Day Weekend. 7 wins in 2015 at Port Royal, Big Diamond, Path Valley, Selinsgrove Speedway, and Williams Grove Speedway.
Ken Duke Jr. - 2nd in PA Sprint Series Points. 2 wins in 2015. Susquehanna Speedway and Racing for Heroes.


Pennsylvania native scores third career triumph in prestigious event, taking $50,000 ahead of outlaw Schatz

MECHANICSBURG, PA – The sun was finally out at Williams Grove Speedway, and after three days of rain, the Champion Racing Oil Williams Grove National Open was completed Sunday night with Stevie Smith earning the $50,000 win.

It was Smith’s third win in the event, but first since 1991.

Smith nearly had his third National Open win last year, but contact from eventual winner David Gravel ended his chances.

Smith, of Broken Arrow, Okla., has been dominate in his appearances at Williams Grove this season and dominated again for his third win in the event and a $50,000 payday.

“It’s amazing,” said Smith. “Twenty-four years later here we are. This all goes to Fred Rahmer and the crew. They have given me a really good racecar. I tried not to make too many mistakes. They’ve done a really good job and they’re the reason we’re standing out here.”

Two years ago, Smith’s car owner Fred Rahmer won the National Open in his final attempt before becoming a car owner.

“I’ve never won a $50,000 to win race,” said Smith. “I wanted to win it since Fred won it and I wanted to win it for Fred and I wanted to win it for me and Nikki, too. It has been a really good year and this just tops it off.”

For Rahmer, it was career win No. 100 at Williams Grove between driving and owning cars.

“It’s absolutely unbelievable,” said Rahmer. “The money’s great, but to win this race and have Donny Schatz second…. what a great job the guys did. When Donny was behind us, I didn’t have to worry like I did last year or we’d probably have three of these in a row.”

Danny Dietrich led the field to the green flag in the 40-lap Champion Racing Oil National Open. Smith fell into second and raced in Dietrich’s shadow over the opening laps.

The leaders reached lapped traffic with eight laps down. Smith was glued to Dietrich’s bumper as they raced down the frontstretch and into turn one. Smith would get by Dietrich for the lead off turn two. They swapped the lead in turns three and four, but Smith secured control off turn four to complete lap nine. Dietrich tried another slider in turns one and two, but wasn’t close enough to make the pass.

They raced in heavy lapped traffic and Smith was able to pull away slightly. Donny Schatz was back up to fifth by lap 15.

Smith made a two-car pass off turn four to get more breathing room between himself and Dietrich. Logan Schuchart was challenging Dietrich for the runner-up spot when Dietrich made contact with the lapped car of Austin Hogue in turn three. Dietrich did a 360-spin and kept going, but lost several spots, and the caution flag didn’t come out.

Schatz was now up to third and drove by Schuchart off turn two and into second. He was 2.88 seconds and three lapped cars behind Smith.

The first caution flag didn’t fly until nine laps to go when Lucas Wolfe slowed on the backstretch with a flat tire. This erased Smith’s 2.11 second lead.

Smith was able to pull away from Schatz over the next two laps, but the caution flew again as Brent Marks and Greg Hodnett slowed after their bumpers got hooked together on the backstretch. They were running eighth and ninth. This turned into an open red flag period.

Smith took the inside lane for the double-file restart giving Schatz the top. Smith went to the middle in turn one and would secure the lead from Schatz.

“I know he’s the best driver in the nation,” said Smith of Schatz. “I just drive my race. I look forward and try not to worry about whose beside me or behind me. I knew Donny was going to be tough. I ran the pace as hard as my car would let me. I eased up a little the last couple of laps knowing I needed to stay down. You don’t want to give them away, but you have to watch that you don’t get running too easy.”

Hogue hit the outside fourth turn fence and then flipped coming down the frontstretch bringing out the red flag again. Under Outlaws rules, the restart was now single-file because one more lap wasn’t completed.

Smith controlled the final laps to secure the win over Schatz, who did close over the final lap, but was 0.513 seconds behind Smith at the finish. Logan Schuchart, Justin Henderson and 12th starter Brian Montieth completed the top five.

“I did everything I could,” said Schatz. “Stevie was really good. He made all the lines on the racetrack work for him. We got ourselves buried at the beginning. We had to pass them back one by one without traffic. We got going there about the lap 20 mark, but it was almost too late. These guys gave me an awesome car.”

Dietrich, Alan Krimes, Daryn Pittman, Lance Dewease and Cory Haas rounded out the top 10.

The 49-car field was split into two groups for qualifying time trials. Stevie Smith set overall fast time with a lap of 18.461 seconds. Brian Montieth had fast time in the second group at 18.490. The one-day purse was over $130,000.

Ryan Taylor, Daryn Pittman, Brent Marks, Donny Schatz, Lance Dewease and Greg Hodnett won the eight-lap heat races. Kerry Madsen won the D-main, Aaron Ott won the C-main, Danny Dietrich the dash and Brian Montieth the B-main.

Joey Saldana and Kerry Madsen used Outlaw provisionals and Aaron Ott and Austin Hogue used track provisionals.

Champion Racing Oil Sprint Car National Open (40 laps): 1. Stevie Smith. 2. Donny Schatz. 3. Logan Schuchart. 4. Justin Henderson. 5. Brian Montieth. 6. Danny Dietrich. 7. Alan Krimes. 8. Daryn Pittman. 9. Lance Dewease. 10. Cory Haas. 11. Ryan Taylor. 12. Shane Stewart. 13. Gerard McIntyre Jr. 14. Cody Darrah. 15. Sammy Swindell. 16. Greg Hodnett. 17. Pat Cannon. 18. Brent Marks. 19. Ryan Smith. 20. Jac Haudenschild. 21. Brad Sweet. 22. Kerry Madsen. 23. Joey Saldana. 24. Aaron Ott. 25. Austin Hogue. 26. Brock Zearfoss. 27. Lucas Wolfe. 28. Doug Esh.

B-main (12 laps): 1. Brian Montieth. 2. Alan Krimes. 3. Jac Haudenschild. 4. Gerald McIntyre Jr. 5. Cody Darrah. 6. Doug Esh. 7. Jacob Allen. 8. Steve Buckwalter. 9. David Gravel. 10. Paul McMahan. 11. Kyle Moody. 12. Nicole Bower. 13. Adam Wilt. 14. Aaron Ott.

C-main (10 laps):1. Aaron Ott. 2. Paul McMahan. 3. Chase Dietz. 4. Joey Saldana. 5. Jason Sides. 6. Austin Hogue. 7. Paige Polyak. 8. Jim Siegel. 9. Kerry Madsen. 10. Rodney Westhafer. 11. J.J. Grasso. 12. Mark Smith.

D-main (8 laps): 1. Kerry Madsen. 2. J.J. Grasso. 3. Jason Johnson. 4. R.J. Johnson. 5. Glendon Forsythe. 6. Tim Shaffer. 7. Wayne Dadetto. 8. Troy Fraker. DNS – Tim Glatfelter