Sunday, February 14, 2016

The winter hiatus: offseason Q&A with Central PA drivers

Although the Central PA racing offseason might feel like it drags on forever, the reality is that it only lasts around four months, give or take. This allows our drivers four months to recoup, regroup, and prepare for the start of the new season. Four months for our local tracks to do what they need to in order to be ready to open their gates come spring. Four months for fans to build up their anticipation for another nine months of dirt, competition, and adrenaline.

But just what do our local drivers occupy their time with during those free months? Good question. And we’ve got the answers. Take a look below at what some of your favorite Central PA Sprint Car drivers have been up to this offseason.

“I like to go snowmobiling, that’s pretty much all I do.” – Amy Ott, No. 52 “358” Sprint

“Bowling, spending time with friends and family, artwork, and preparing for the next season!” – Ashley Cappetta, No. 89 “358” Sprint

“I enjoy riding four-wheelers and snowmobiles with my son and spending time with my family since throughout the summer we don’t get to do much.” – Doug Hammaker, No. 66 “358” Sprint

“I spend a lot of time skiing/snowboarding, running, and going to the gym. I also take this time to spend as much time as possible relaxing with my husband and family.” – Brie Hershey, No. 97 “358” Sprint

“Mostly just go out to dinner and go out with family and friends on the weekends since we don’t do much of that all summer long.” – Kyle Moody, No. 99M “410” Sprint

“At this level of racing, we don’t really have an offseason. As soon as the season ends we normally start getting things together for the upcoming season. When I’m not working on the cars and I can get a free weekend I enjoy going to the indoor races if there’s one going on. My life basically revolves around racing!” – Tyler Ross, No. 5 “410” Sprint

“I’d have to say I just enjoy spending time with my family and being able to hang out with friends that I can’t do much with when the season is in full swing.” – Chase Dietz, Nos. 5 and 44 “358” and “410” Sprints

“I don’t have an offseason because I turned November, December, January, and February into professional drinking season! But on a serious note, just catching up and having small get-togethers with friends and family that suffer from not getting time to hangout during the summer.” – Danny Dietrich, No. 48 “410” Sprint

“I would say most of my offseason is either involving deer hunting or waterfowl hunting!” – Kyle Denmyer, No. 38D “358” Sprint

“I help coach youth basketball and travel baseball over the offseason. Keeps me pretty busy.” – Tim Wagaman, No. 1* “410” Sprint

“Plowing snow and hanging out with friends.” – Chandler Leiby, No. 119 “358” Sprint

“My offseason activity is playing hockey to stay in shape and enjoying the short offseason with friends and family.” – Brock Zearfoss, No. 3Z “410” Sprint

“During the offseason we look forward to getting projects done around the house and our yearly trip to Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall to watch the indoor race is always a fun time.” – JJ Grasso, No. 37 “410” Sprint

“Usually during the offseason you can catch me hanging with my family and friends, working in the race shop or hunting.” – Zach Euculano, No. 10 “358” and “410” Sprints

“This offseason my favorite activity has been working on my pilot’s license. It’s been a big challenge and something different. Typically I do some snowboarding but the weather hasn’t been real good so I haven’t really done any of that. Hunting in the early offseason with the family.” – Austin Hogue, No. 52 “410” Sprint

“My offseason activities are catching up on family time and working on cars. I enjoy working on our house and doing any fixer-up projects.” – Kyle Pruitt, No. 21K “410” Sprint

“I like spending time with my girlfriend and friends. It gives me time to relax and regroup for the next season.” – Robbie Kendall, No. 55K “410” Sprint

“I really like watching movies and hanging out and running calls with the East Berlin Fire Department.” – Cody Fletcher, No. 66A “358” Sprint

“My favorite activities would be going to Speedway 94 with my friends to have some fun, spending time with family and getting the race car ready for the upcoming season.” – Kody Lehman, No. 47K “358” Sprint and “410” Sprint

“I really don’t do a whole lot, enjoy time with my wife and kids. We also try to spend time with friends and vacation if we can. The offseason isn’t real long so we also spend time preparing for the next race season.” – Cory Haas, No. 11C “410” Sprint

“Honestly I think I spent the whole winter working on making the car better for this year! I do like to catch up with family and friends I don’t get to see during the season. Mainly just hang out and catch up on projects around the house.” – Chris Frank, No. 00 “358” Sprint

“Really I spend as much time as I can with my wife and now McKenna (his newborn daughter) because we race for 10 months of the year and she dedicates her time to me, so the least I can do is do what she wants to do for the short offseason.” – Brent Marks, No. 19M “410” Sprint

“We are usually like everyone else and getting ready for the next season. But I like to spend time with the team and friends of mine from school!” – Matt Campbell, No. 16 “358” and “410” Sprints

“Spending time with my family and friends who can sometimes get ‘neglected’ during the busy racing season.” – Jordan Givler, No. 90 “358” Sprint

“During the offseason I enjoy spending the extra time with my family. I also enjoy watching high school and PSU wrestling during the winter. It’s a nice break during the offseason to see what ‘normal people’ do on the weekends!” – Glenndon Forsythe, No. 2W “410” Sprint

“I’m a big Redskins fan so I watch all of their games. I went to a Garth Brooks concert in Baltimore which was awesome. And every winter we get a group of people together and take a vacation to Deep Creek Lake in Maryland. We were out there during the big snow storm.” – Alan Krimes, No. 87 “410” Sprint

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