Sunday, January 22, 2017

The United Racing Club Officially Welcomes New Title Sponsor Capital Renegade Custom Coaches and Trailers at Motorsports 2017.

The United Racing Club presented by Capital Renegade Custom Coaches and Trailers held their annual winter meeting on Saturday 1/21/17 at the 2017 Motorsports show presented by PPB. There were many drivers, crew members, and owners on hand for the annual winter meeting this past Saturday including Justin Whittall, Curt Michael, and Brett Michalski to name a few.

New URC president Rick Weller welcomed everyone in attendance before new Vice President Curt Michael went over the 2017 schedule which was recently released. New URC Board member and club treasurer Tom Whittall announced the addition 2 new product sponsors (BR Motorsports and King Racing Products) before making the official announcement that the United Racing Club has entered into an agreement with Capital Renegade Custom Coaches and Trailers as the title sponsor for 2017. Whittall turned over the microphone to Capital Renegade Custom Coaches and Trailers owner Wayne Quackenbush. Wayne expressed his excitement partnering with a long standing (70 Yrs) sprint car series and mentioned he believes this to be the beginning of a long standing partnership. Wayne also made the announcement that he purchased a new 360 for his son David to participate in multiple URC races in 2017.

Insinger Performance Inc. were also on hand for the meeting and were able to speak about the 2017 URC partnership they recently entered into. For 2017, URC members can purchase a drum of fuel for $145 and receive a $20 rebate to cash in at the end of the season.

With 1 day left before the 2017 Motorsports Show presented by PPB is over, be sure to make your way over to the URC booth to fill out your 2017 URC memberships. The United Racing Club continues to seek a Miss URC for the 2017 Racing Season. Be sure to see Jenn Michael at the Motorsports Show this weekend.

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