Monday, June 26, 2017

Central PA Racing Scene 410 Power Rankings 6/26/17

1. Lucas Wolfe -  Leads the division with 7 wins so far in 2017. 6 of those wins have come in the past month. Is by far the hottest driver in Central PA heading into Speedweek. Has wins at Port Royal, Lincoln, and Williams Grove Speedway.

2. Danny Dietrich -
6 wins 5 of them at Lincoln Speedway including this past weekends race at Lincoln Speedway. 

Jason MCconnell photo
3. Lance Dewease - 5 wins for the "Dream Team" so far but has slowed down a bit the past month. Still the team to watch when ever they pull into a pit area at any race track in Central PA.

Jason MCconnell Photo
4. Greg Hodnett - Moves back into the top 5 with 2 big wins at Susquehanna and Port Royal earlier this month. Trying to find that magic the team had the past 2 years in Central PA.
Jason MCconnell photo

 5. Freddie Rahmer - 2 wins at Williams Grove and 1 at Lincoln so far in 2017. Still the point leader at Williams Grove Speedway.

Just missing the top 5...

Doug Esh - On the shelf right now with an arm injury. Clings to the top 10 only on the strength of his 2 early season wins.

Brock Zearfoss - 1 win early in the season at Port but is still steady at every track he runs.

Brian Montieth - Almost to the mid point of the 2017 season and still only has 1 win at Lincoln Speedway. No driver has passed more cars then "The Edge" and has shown he is fast, but its always after starting deep in the field or waiting till the last 1/3 of the race to finally get going.

Gerard McIntyre - Picked up a win earlier in the season at Lincoln Speedway. Came within 1 lap of picking up his 2nd win 2 weeks ago loosing to our #1 ranked driver Wolfe. Has shown the speed to hang with the top drivers at Lincoln Speedway after a lackluster 2016 season.

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