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Hoffer, Pierson, Updegraff and Murphy Other Saturday Winners

By Brad Vores for Susquehanna Speedway

YORK HAVEN, PA…7/29/17
Tony Jackson and his Clair “Tripp” Finkenbinder owned team have been fast all season long at Susquehanna Speedway.

But fast doesn’t always win races.

Saturday night, the Newville, PA racer put it all together to capture his first 25-lap Credit Connection Auto Sales Super Sportsman feature win of the season.

After crashing last week and spending long hours all week in the race shop, Jackson started sixth on the grid, exchanged the lead with veteran Rich Eichelberger several times during the early laps of the feature. Jackson took control with five laps down but two late race yellows bunched the field on Jackson’s bumper.

Following a lap 23 caution, Doug Dodson was applying pressure to Jackson and as the pair raced towards the white flag, sparks flew from Dodson’s machine ending his bid as Jackson held on during the final lap to become the seventh different Super Sportsman winner this season aboard the McCoy Brothers General Construction, Liberator Performance No. 17J.

Eichelberger settled for the runner-up spot with defending track champion Russ Mitten third after starting 11th followed by Jay Fannasy and Gregg Foster with Mike Enders, track point leader Kenny Edkin, Chase Gutshall, Justin Foster and 21st starter and Hard Charger Nate Young completing the top ten.

Eichelberger, Gutshall and Justin Foster were heat winners for the 23 car field.

Adam Pierson started on the pole of the 20-lap ARDC Midget feature but would follow Brett Arndt during the first five laps before taking the lead and driving to his first Susquehanna win.

Ryan Greth finished second over Tommy Kunsman, Arndt and PJ Gargiulo with Ryan Wilson, Kenny Miller, Josh Heckman, Shawn Jackson and Jason Rice the top ten finishers.

Kunsman and Arndt were ARDC heat winners with 17 cars pitside.

Joey Hoffer raced to his second win of the season in the 20-lap Morgan Paving/Aqua Fun Pools Street Stock feature.

Starting on the pole, Hoffer led flag to flag in the caution-filled event. Despite four restarts during the final two laps of the race, Hoffer prevailed over Jim Palm, Randy Zechman, Craig Morgan and Kevin Sigler with Mike Potts, Jimmy Combs, Ryan Smith 21st starter and Artwerks Hard Charger Matt Adams and Brad Bingaman rounding out the top ten finishers.

Potts, Sigler and Hoffer won heats for the 23 street stocks.

Track point leader and leading winner Alex Updegraff scored win number nine in the 20-lap Superior Homes Extreme Stock feature that was rained out back on July 8.

Updegraffs’s win came over Patrick McClane, Michael Smith, Kyle Emig and Bill Powell.

In the regularly scheduled Extreme Stock feature, Donnie Murphy ended the Updegraff domination coming through with his first win of the season and only the third different Extreme Stock winner.

Murphy was the eighth and final leader in the 20 lap event as Travis Horan, Jed Latshaw and Patrick McClane were all scored leaders of at least one lap during the main.

Murphy took the lead on lap 15 and held back 15th starter Updegraff for the win with Kyle Emig, Jed Latshaw and Michael Smith the top five finishers.

There were 20 Extreme Stocks in competition.

Coming up Saturday night August 5th, it will be Tyson Fence Night at Susquehanna Speedway and it will also serve as Kids Night 2017 with lots of festivities and prizes for the youngsters on hand. The Credit Connection Auto Sales Super Sportsman, Bernheisel Race Cars 358 Late Models and Morgan Paving/Aqua Fun Pools Street Stocks will make up the three division program,. A makeup feature for the 358 Late Models, that was rained out on July 8 will also be on the race card which begins at 7PM with racing. Kids Night activities begin at 3PM.


1) 17J Tony Jackson, 2) 8 Rich Eichelberger, 3) 77 Russ Mitten, 4) 222 Jay Fannasy, 5) 32 Gregg Foster, 6) 3B Mike Enders, 7) 75 Kenny Edkin, 8) 1A Chase Gutshall, 9) 23 Justin Foster, 10) 14 Nate Young, 11) 77w Tom Wyckoff, 12) 54 Doug Dodson, 13) 24 Justin Williams, 14) 99 Chad Smith, 15) 58 Paul Miller, 16) 30 Scott Dellinger, 17) 83 Bruce Buckwalter, Jr., 18) 2m Matt Ondek, 19) 20w Davey Walsh, 20) 27 Troy Hockenberry.
Did Not Start: 7 Timmie Barrick, 32w Garrett Williamson, 5D Luke Deatrick

1) 21 Joey Hoffer, 2) 7P Jim Palm, 3) 2 Randy Zechman, 4) 11 Craig Morgan, 5) 7s Kevin Sigler, 6) M1 Mike Potts, 7) 37 Jimmy Combs, 8) 59 Ryan Smith, 9) 9 Matt Adams, 10) 32 Brad Bingaman, 11) 43 Eric Tripp, 12) 10c Kevin Heckman, 13) 63 Doug Barber, 14) 181 Butch Helsel, 15) 36 Gary Warehime, 16) 64 Brandon Wanner, 17) FOUR Eddie Richards, 18) 86 Kyle Saylor, 19) 20J Jamey Huls, 20) 17 Jim Rost, 21) 22 Steve Dove.
Did Not Start: 16 Ryan Rost, 8 Darin Rice

ARDC Midgets (20 Laps):
1) 76e Adam Pierson, 2) 4 Ryan Greth, 3) 21K Tommy Kunsman, 4) 46 Brett Arndt, 5) 5 PJ Gargiulo, 6) 29 Ryan Wilson, 7) 23m Kenny Miller, 8) 12 Josh Heckman, 9) 7 Shawn Jackson, 10) 57 Jason Rice, 11) 35 Andrew Layser, 12) 55 Steve Craig, 13) 21 Shannon Mausteller, 14) 14B Rohan Beasley, 15) 14 Trevor Kobylarz.
Did Not Start: 37 Tyler Rivard, 77 Alex Bright

1) 23 Donnie Murphy, 2) 1 Alex Updegraff, 3) 10 Kyle Emig, 4) 8 Jed Latshaw, 5) 76 Michael Smith, 6) 15 Jeff Gill, 7) 21H Travis Horan, 8) 55 Patrick McClane, 9) 77 Jeff Waltz, 10) 37 Mallory Duvall, 11) 1A Scott Arnold, 12) 7F Jordan Fulton, 13) 97 Donnie Broderick, 14) 18 Greg Updegraff, 15) 98 Richard Daughtrey, 16) 7JR Johnny Palm, 17) 8 Will Long, 18) 41 Howard Williams, 19) 7 Bill Powell.
Did Not Start: 95 Dan Snyder

SUPERIOR HOMES EXTREME STOCKS (Make Up Feature From 7/8): (20 Laps):
1) 1 Alex Updegraff, 2) 55 Patrick McClane, 3) 76 Michael Smith, 4) 10 Kyle Emig, 5) 7 Bill Powell, 6) 97 Donnie Broderick, 7) 15 Jeff Gill, 8) 77 Jeff Waltz, 9) 8 Jed Latshaw, 10) 7F Jordan Fulton, 11) 95 Dan Snyder, 12) 41 Howard Williams, 13) 1A Scott Arnold, 14) 8 Will Long.

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