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BECHTESLVILLE, PA (August 17, 2017) – In front of a jam-packed NAPA Auto Parts Thunder on the Hill Racing Series crowd, Freddie Rahmer of Salfordville, PA became a third-generation winner at Grandview Speedway collecting the victory in the 3rd Annual Thunder Cup presented by Levan Machine and Truck Equipment.

“My Dad won here, My Grandfather won here, I can’t begin to tell you how much it means to win here,” an elated Freddie Rahmer said in victory lane.

Mark Smith of Sunbury, PA and Ryan Smith of Kunkletown, PA led the 26 car field to the green flag. Mark Smith pulled to the lead quickly with Ryan Smith close in tow, and Freddie Rahmer powering past Swindell into the third spot.

The leaders hit heavy lapped traffic on the sixth circuit around the one-third mile – with Mark Smith weaving in and out of cars, extending his lead over the pack. Smith’s sizable lead was short lived as traffic closed the gap between the top runners giving Ryan Smith the opportunity to pounce on Mark Smith.

A Lap 13 red flag flew for Hunter Mackison, who got upside down in turn 2, clearing the boiler plate and landing off the race track. The incident that retired Mackison and Brandon Rahmer.

Mark Smith charged back to the top spot when the race resumed, while Ryan Smith fought hard for the second spot with Freddie Rahmer. Rahmer dove to the inside of the race track crossing under Ryan Smith, but Smith battled back on the inside.

The yellow flag flew on lap 21 for Brandon Spithaler. During the yellow flag, the right rear tire of leader, Mark Smith’s machine went flat sending the No. M1 pit side. Fortunately for Smith, a caution on the restart allowed him to change the tire and rejoin the field.

Ryan Smith inherited the lead and charged to the top side of turn one on the restart, maintaining control on the top side of the one-third-mile speedway. Smith held the top spot for four circuits before Rahmer was able to shoot toward the inside of the race track completing the pass on lap 25.

It was all Rahmer for the balance of the 35-lap feature event, maintaining a lead of five-car-lengths when the checkered flag flew.

Ryan Smith would settle for the second position, Spring Grove, PA’s Greg Hodnett in the third spot, St. Helena, CA’s Rico Abreu in fourth, and Phoenixville, PA’s Brian Montieth rounding out the top five.

Alan Krimes of Denver, PA took home a $150 hard-charger bonus. Chad Kemenah set Quick time of the evening with a lap of 11.545. Heat races were won by Sammy Swindell, Dale Blaney, Ryan Smith, and Mark Smith.

Minersville, PA’s Mike Lisowski scored a hard fought victory in the 25-lap Sportsman feature, collecting a $1,300 winner’s share.

Nathan Mohr and Jack Butler led the 24-car field to the green flag with Butler jumping out to the early lead and dominating the first-half of the racing event. Lisowski – from a fifth place starting position – moved into third in the early stages of the event, and despite multi-car battles took the lead just passed the halfway point.

Lisowski’s main challenge came mid-way through the race when Jordan Henn powered from a 12th place starting position to battle for the top spot. No one could dethrone Lisowski, who claimed the victory.

Ryan Higgs came home in the second position, Louden Reimert in third, Joe Funk in fourth, and current Grandview weekly point leader, Brian Hirthler.

The NAPA Auto Parts Thunder on the Hill Racing Series returns on Saturday, October 14 for Mods at the Madhouse. A Big-Block vs. Small-Block challenge event that also includes Sportsman, and MASS 305 Sprint Cars.

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Thunder Notes
– 33 410 Sprint Cars and 41 Sportsman cars were signed into attendance.
– Levan Machine and Truck Equipment of Fleetwood, PA was the presenting Sponsor of the event and displayed snow plows, tool boxes, and other commercial vehicle equipment.
– Chad Kemenah’s Quick Time of 11.545 was close to Jeff Shepard’s track record of 11.433
– Many fans in attendance were on-hand to witness three-time NASCAR Cup Champion, Tony Stewart compete against Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions. Stewart timed ninth in Time Trials, and the team changed an engine after heat race action. Stewart finished 14th in the A-Main
– Popular 410 Sprint Car ace, Rico Abreu competed for the second time of 2017 after participating in this year’s PA Speedweek event.

410 Sprint Car Time Trials — 1. Chad Kemenah – 11.545 2. JJ Grasso – 11.547 3. Freddie Rahmer – 11.558 4. Sammy Swindell – 11.569 5. Rico Abreu – 11.583 6. Greg Hodnett – 11.591 7. Brock Zearfoss – 11.598 8. Lucas Wolfe – 11.610 9. Tony Stewart – 11.655 10. Brandon Spithaler – 11.676 11. Danny Dietrich – 11.704 12. Tim Schaffer – 11.722 13. Dale Blaney – 11.740 14. Mark Smith – 11.775 15. Brian Monteith – 11.808 16. Tyler Esh – 11.825 17. Tyler Ross – 11.838 18. Alan Krimes – 11.875 19. Caleb Helms – 11.890 20. Hunter Mackison – 11.944 21. Ryan Smith – 11.960 22. TJ Michael – 11.982 23. Jordan Mackison – 11.983 24. Brandon Rahmer – 11.992 25. Robbie Stillwagon – 12.155 26. Justin Barger – 12.168 27. John Garvin – 12.188 28. Brandon Matus – 12.189 29. Max Stambaugh – 12.243 30. Joe Kata – 12.246 31. Bradley Howard – 12.481 32. Brent Matus – 12.589 33. Caleb Armstrong – 15.650

Heat 1 – 1. Sammy Swindell 2. Tim Shaffer 3. Brock Zearfoss 4. Freddie Rahmer 5. Tyler Esh
Heat 2 – 1. Dale Blaney 2. Chad Kemenah 3. Brian Montieth 4. Greg Hodnett 5. Tyler Ross
Heat 3 – 1. Mark Smith 2. Lucas Wolfe 3. Danny Dietrich 4. Tony Stewart 5. Alan Krimes
Heat 4 – 1. Ryan Smith 2. Rico Abreu 3. Caleb Helms 4. Hunter Mackison 5. Caleb Armstrong
Dash 1 – 1. Mark Smith 2. Sammy Swindell 3. Greg Hodnett 4. Rico Abreu 5. Tim Shaffer
Dash 2 – 1. Ryan Smith 2. Freddie Rahmer 3. Dale Blaney 4. Lucas Wolfe 5. Chad Kemenah
A-Main (35 Laps) – 1. Freddie Rahmer 2. Ryan Smith 3. Greg Hodnett 4. Rico Abreu 5. Brian Montieth 6. Danny Dietrich 7. Chad Kemenah 8. Dale Blaney 9. Alan Krimes 10. Lucas Wolfe 11. Sammy Swindell 12. Tim Shaffer 13. Mark Smith 14. Tony Stewart 15. Brock Zearfoss 16. Tyler Ross 17. JJ Grasso 18. Caleb Helms 19. Tyler Esh 20. Caleb Armstrong 21. Max Stambaugh 22. Brandon Sptihaler 23. TJ Michael 24. Brent Matus 25. Hunter Mackison 26. Brandon Rahmer

Heat 1 — 1. Dylan Swinehart 2. Brad Arnold 3. Mike Lisowski 4. Jim Housworth 5. Brad Grim
Heat 2 – 1. Jordan Henn 2. Ryan Higgs 3. Kyle Lillick 4. Mike Mammana 5. Ryan Beltz
Heat 3 – 1. Brian Hirthler 2. Joe Funk 3. Nathan Mohr 4. Kenny Bock 5. Brian Papiez
Heat 4 – 1. Jack Butler 2. Louden Reimert 3. Chad Kohler 4. Doug Pannepacker 5. John Gilroy
Consi 1 – 1. Matt Stangle 2. Kenny Gilmore 3. Ryan Lillick
Consi 2 – 1. Ray Woodall Jr. 2. Lex Shive 3. BJ Joly
Feature (25 Laps) – 1. Mike Lisowski 2. Ryan Higgs 3. Louden Reimert 4. Joe Funk 5. Brian Hirthler 6. Brad Arnold 7. Kyle Lillick 8. Dylan Swinehart 9. Doug Pannepacker 10. Ryan Beltz 11. Matt Stangle 12. Kenny Gilmore 13. Brian Papiez 14. Ray Woodall, Jr. 15. Kenny Bock 16. Chad Kohler 17. John Gilroy 18. Jordan Henn 19. Jack Butler 20. Nathan Mohr 21. Brad Grim 22. Mike Mammana 23. Jim Housworth 24. Lex Shive.

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