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SELINSGROVE, Pa.  Ryan Kissinger of Bloomsburg found something in the top groove of the fast and smooth Selinsgrove Speedway Saturday night to win his second 360 sprint car race of the season.  Bryan Bernheisel of Lebanon found the fast lane around the top too and used it for his first win of the year in the super late model main event.

Kissinger earned $2,000 for his fifth career sprint car win at the track behind the wheel of the Sunbury Motors Ford-powered No. 66. For Bernheisel, the $2,500 victory was his ninth career at the Snyder County oval.

Middleburg drivers Brandon Moser and Will Brunson won the 15-lap pro stock and 12-lap roadrunner features, respectively.

Selinsgrove Speedway is back in action at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 10, with the Northeast Ultimate Super Late Model Series, PASS/IMCA 305 sprint cars, pro stocks, and roadrunners on Fairfield Chevrolet Night. Track gates will open at 5 p.m.

Thomas Radivoy rocketed to the lead of the sprint car race over Jake Hummel, Ryan Kissinger, Adam Carberry and Kyle Reinhardt.  On the next lap Kissinger blew by Radivoy and Carberry followed into third.  The caution flew on lap three when Mike Walter slowed on the speedway.

Carberry used the restart to take second and Jason Shultz to third.

Kissinger looked unstoppable until the final lap when the red flag came out.  David Quackenbush flipped wildly end over end and out of the speedway in turn four.  Quackenbush was uninjured.

Kissinger took off after the restart with Schultz shooting to the inside of turn one.  Shultz tried again in turn three but Kissinger held on for his second win of the season.  Reinhardt, Derek Locke and Cody Keller were the top five finishers.

“I knew I could run the top wide open with very little brake,” Kissinger said.  “When Schultz and Reinhardt are on your tail you have to hit everything just right.”

Sprint car heats were won by Carberry and Hummel.

Brett Schadel starting on the front row was the early late model feature leader.  Hayes Mattern, Bryan Bernheisel, Donnie Schick, and Kenny Trevitz followed.

Jake Buck stopped on the track on lap two and the yellow came out slowing the field.

Mattern tested Schadel on the restart trading paint in the fourth turn.  Lapped traffic soon came into play with Mattern getting beside Schadel but he was able to hold on to the lead.

Schadel again hit lapped traffic with ten to go but this time things went smoother and he cleared it quickly.

Danny Snyder slowed in turn four bringing out the caution again.

Bryan Bernheisel executed a picture perfect slide job to take the lead on the restart in turn one but the race again stalled on lap 22 when Meade Hahn, Jim Bernheisel and Trevitz got together in the first turn after Bernheisel’s engine reportedly blew and the others spun in the oil.

Mattern pulled up beside Schadel and tried to get by when the pair touched leaving Schadel backward in the fourth turn.  Schadel was able to continue.

Mattern tried a slider on the restart, got high allowing Schick and Frye to get by.  “I tried to run him clean but we may have made some contact,” Bernheisel said.  “It’s way too late for this to be the first win of the season.”

Bernheisel took his first win of the season over Schick, Frye, Trevitz and Mattern.

Late model heats went to, Bryan Bernheisel, Trevitz and Mattern.

Kyle Bachman blasted to the lead in the pro stock race followed by Shaun Lawton, Brandon Moser, Corey Long, and AJ Stroup.

Moser slid to the outside getting by Lawton and Bachman for the lead on the second lap.  As Lawton and Bachman battled for second, Moser took off.  Action slowed on lap seven when Lawton rolled to a stop on the backstretch.

Moser and Bachman took off on the restart with Bachman testing the high side of the speedway but it was Moser picking up the win. Bachman, Long, John Schoch and Jason Smith rounded out the top five.

The pro stock heat was won by Moser.

Dustin Snook led the first lap of the roadrunner race with Keith Bissinger on his tail.  Will Brunson, Smith Cope, and Brad Mitch were in tow.

Brunson took second when Bissinger tried an outside pass and slid high.  Bissinger and Snook made contact in turn four and Brunson slid through the middle for the lead.  Curtis Lawton spun and brought out the yellow.

Bissinger continued to stalk Brunson but soon had to contend with Mitch on his tail.  Smith Cope and Snook spun in turn two bringing out the caution again.

Mitch took over second on the restart and was all over Brunson. The pair exchanged slide jobs at both ends of the track.  Coming for the checkered flag Mitch’s car slowed and stopped on the speedway.

Mitch and Snook won the roadrunner heats.

360 Sprint Cars – 17 Entries
25-Lap A-Main:  1) 66 Ryan Kissiner  2) 29 Jason Shultz  3) 1W Kyle Reinhardt  4) 47 Adam Carberry  5) 99K Cody Keller  6) 77 Derek Locke  7) 19 Colby Womer  8) 1Q Thomas Radivoy  9) 76 Mallie Shuster   10) 10 Joe Kata  11) 07 Curt Stroup  12) 1 Jake Hummel  13) 91 David Quackenbush  14) 17 Jason Wagner  15) 33W Michael Walter  16) 20 Jim Shuster  17) 67 Mike Yonkoskie
Heat Winners:  Adam Carberry, Jake Hummel

Late Model – 21 Entries
25-Lap A-Main:  1) 119 Bryan Bernheisel  2) 6 Donnie Schick  3) 0 Coleby Frye  4) 61 Ken Trevitz  5) 9 Hayes Mattern  6) 24 Jim Yoder  7) 63 Nathan Long  8) 22 Brett Schadel  9) 46 Dan Green  10) 19 Drew Weiser  11) 31 Denny Superko  12) 25 Kody Lyter  13) 171 Jim Bernheisel 14) 26 Jerry Bard 15) 7M Meade Hahn 16) 21M Matt Murphy 17) 4S Danny Snyder 18) 11 Jake Buck 19) 1T Tim Murphy  20) 6 Nathan Herman  21) 14Z Dave Brouse Jr.
Heat Winners:  Bryan Bernheisel, Kenny Trevitz, Hayes Mattern

Pro Stocks – 8 Entries
15-Lap A-Main:  1) 8M Brandon Moser 2) 99B Kyle Bachman 3) 00 Cory Long  4) 89 John Schoch  5) 28 Jason Smith  6) 26 AJ Stroup  7) 92 Shaun Lawton  8) 69 Noah Kissinger
Heat Winner:  Brandon Moser

Roadrunners – 17 Entries
12-Lap A-Main:  1) 8 Will Brunson  2) 7 Jake Jones  3) 11 Keith Bissinger  4) 992 Terry Kramer  5) 14 Cory Lindenmuth  6) 2B Brian Mabus  7) 12 Tom Underwood  8) 60 Jimmy Kessler  9) 29 Josh Bender 10) 1 Smith Cope  11) 28 Miranda Minium  12) 33 Curtis Lawton  13) 77 Scott Dunham  14) 10M Brad Mitch  15) 15 Hunter Shelley  16) 15 Dustin Snook  17) 3 Tom Brunson
Heat Winners:  Brad Mitch, Dustin Snook

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